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      I have Played all the Call of Duty games. MW3, and the original Black ops were mostly free of glitchers and hackers. Back in MW2 a large amount of COD players did the prestige hack. Nothing was done about that, and if any player played mw2 while it was in its first year they know about this this. You cant distinguish Legit from Non-Legit. I Believe that ALL PLAYERS THAT GLITCHED/HACKED MASTER PRESTIGE IN BLACK OPS 2 SHOULD BE RESET OR RECEIVE A CONSOL BAN. This worked in the original Black ops when people tried to do the 15th Prestige Hack. I Don't want to see  another good game be ruined.Every lobby I've bean getting into has a master prestige with 2 days played and a 4 K/D with all Diamond camos. there is no point in playing the game when your achievements that you have received will not look legit in the future. I Spent a lot of time to complete Diamond for my Assault Rifles. But know what looks like a 1/5 of the players have it because of the Glitch. It will be outrages if you do not do anything about this. DON'T JUST PATCH IT, IT IS TO LATE FOR THAT, TO MANY PLAYERS HAVE IT. YOU MUST GET RID OF THE GLITCHERS/HACKERS.


      Who ever Agrees with me please Comment on this, or like it so that Treyarch can see the TRUE outrage of the Community. Something needs to be done.

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