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      Amazing Spider-Man DLC Requests



      What I want:


      -Optional Day/Night Cycle

      -Unlimited Crime

      -Story DLC

      -DLC that lets you cross bridges to get to other islands in NYC (Larger Map)


      -DLC pack that adds more random crime and interactivity to New York


      Its not to late for the developers to make DLC for the game. Reply to show the developers what you want before they start developing another game and can't make DLC for ASM.


          This game is dead. Prey for the next spiderman game to have what you want, because you won't get it with this game. Beenox will be working on something new by now.




              I'm by no means disagreeing with NewsLad at ALL. However, bryndor makes a good point. One of the regular members of the board made a petition for many of those things with lots of players around the web and the world signing. Some members joined just to sign. And there was no positive ,"We're going ahead with it" response.


              That was when the game was relevant.


              Now? They'd actually probably lose money to make DLC. Activision would not risk becoming THQ over a Spider-Man game. It just seems unlikely that they'd bother. Who knows? Maybe the Wii version of the game would spark some relevance and they'd make cross platform DLC available. Though I would tell you that this is a business. It's understandable why they wouldn't. And likewise, it wouldn't be a good business practice for them to just straight up say "no". So don't wait up.


              Hi Voidy,  We don't know at this time whether there will be future DLC, but the possibility does still exist. Right now Beenox is busy working on ASM for Wii-U, we'll have more news on that soon.  We'll pass these on, as we do with all suggestions from fans!


                i would definitely dish out the cash for a DLC costume pack! this alone would make me want to go through the game again, so long as one of the suits in the pack is the one i want.


                i remember beenox saying in an interview somewhere that they wanted players to feel like they were spider-man. well, i was disappointed in this regard, as it's nearly impossible for me to feel like i'm the one behind the mask when none of the costumes in the game suit me (pun intended).


                personally, these are the suits i'd want to see in a DLC pack:


                - classic red/blue (my favorite)

                - classic black

                - classic scarlet spider

                - ben reilly

                - 2099

                - noir

                - miles morales

                - iron spider


                also, unlimited crime along with some new ones would be great.


                DLC aside, this game is in serious need of a patch to fix the frequent crashes on the PC version, along with the issues the game has with ATI cards. a few fixes and additions could go a long ways.


                  If the guys from Beenox want to improve anything in their future Spider-Man game it has to be infinite city crimes and the original red/blue costume (from Edge of Time) in first place (and a real time day-night-cycle would be cool). These were the mayor points of critism.

                  Besides that they should focus more on story DLCs instead of these mini games.



                  Btw: Are there any news about when the Lizard DLC will make it to PSN?

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                      It was mentioned that they release it for e.g. europe by the end of 2012.

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                        Hi Max,

                        It's available in the US on all platforms, RE: Europe, I'll check on that.


                        BTW - to everyone who's been talking about unlimited crime, we have been letting the higher-ups know about that and other requests (unlimited crime is the most requested, which the higher-ups also know).


                        Currently we have no news about whether ASM will receive further updates, but if it does, it'll be because of feedback from fans here and elsewhere. If it does not, all suggestions are kept in consideration for future games. So keep telling us what you'd like to see!

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                            I checked and all DLCs are available in the EU marketplace.

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                              @newsladits good to know you let the devs know about our requests. one thing i will say tho is the unlimited crime thing has been disscussed since day one and quite frankly the only update of any consequence. yes other community requests will add to the game but this is the one that would really "finish" the game off and take it to its potential. its been so long now, from release till now, that regardless of how good the game is, many gamers would have traded in now due to having nothing to do in the game world. if the game ever recieves this update, the devs should be thankfull players still have this. obv new players would benefit from said update but its those from day one that would dig it the most. if its a possability, they need to get a move on and let us now.

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                                  3 possibilities:

                                  - They cashed in and forgot about us

                                  - They push out an update once they release the WiiU Version

                                  - They simply don't care and wrote it down as a possible idea for the sequel

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                                    As far as updates go, it can be a tough process for a number of reasons. Making sure the core game stays intact is always the #1 priority: no matter how awesome a feature is, you can't put it in if it's going to screw up some other part of the game (even if it's a small part that a minority of players will experience). In the cases where a feature is greenlit, then you need to actually implement it, then bug-test it, then send it through cert. Even the best case scenarios are never like flipping a switch.  This is part of the reason why post-release updates to the core game aren't very common: if something was too risky or time-consuming to be put on the main disc, putting out as an update or including it in DLC still may be prohibitive from a risk standpoint.


                                    Additionally, there are often technical issues that may seem simple when you're playing the game, but actually have a major impact from the development side, so something that may seem easy to implement may actually cause major problems "under the hood".  Furthermore, every game is put together differently, so something that actually WAS easy to implement in one game may cause huge problems in a different game.


                                    Note: I'm not a dev at Beenox so I can't say whether or not any of this applies for ASM, I'm just providing it as background information for this and future games: if there's something that isn't in your favorite game which really seems like it should be there -- especially if a similar feature was in a previous game -- there's probably a reason for the omission.



                                    @TimFL- Honestly, I think that sort of categorization is oversimplified and frankly, a little unfair. Beenox implemented major features for Amazing Spider-Man, like Web Rush and Free Roam. If the game had been a "cash-in", they could have just relied on fans to pick it up because had the movie's name on it. But that's not what they did: this was treated in every way as a triple-A Spidey title.


                                    Second, whether or not Beenox is able to get this one particular feature into the game, rest assured they care about the quality of the game, and they certainly care about what fans think.

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                                        hey newslad.im not having a dig at the devs or yourself. the fact you are still here talking with us is appreciated. and i also understand the risks of altering the base game and i also get that these things have to be tested and then tested some more. im in no way trying to say this would be an easy implementation or demmanding they do it. what im getting at is the timescale of things. its been a while since the game came out so what im saying is if the devs are considering it, they could let us know. not even needing to know if they are or not doing it. just if its something they are looking at. other than that, even if the devs came back and said "no, afraid its not something we can do with this one" that would also be fair. its not knowing their position is what im getting at and if it is on the cards, it would do them well to let us know. even if its not a deffo thing.


                                        . thanks for your time newslad. your communications on our behalf is apprecieated.

                                        .if you could get any sort of reponse on this......"request", that would be awsome.