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      [This is for the fans and the devs. Please read through and tell me what you think, I've been thinking on this a long time. Also I give up any creative rights of these concepts to Activision, Marvel and whomever they decide will be the next developer team (be it Beenox or Shaba or whomever) if they want to use any of this. (Not that I have to clarify that, but why not?)]


      Spider-Man: Kraven's Last Hunt

      Xbox 720(Supposedly code named Kryptos/Durango)

      Playstation 4 ("Thebes")





      2----->Online (See, "Multiplayer")


      Available Characters:


      Spider-Man: Plays similar to The Amazing Spider-Man game. His default appearance is that of Shattered Dimensions Classic Red/Blue.

      Black Cat: Similar control style, but different visuals for moves. Her default appearance is that of "Evil That Men Do".


      Mysterio(Ultimate), Venom(Classic/Mcfarlene), Carnage(Classic), Hobgoblin(Green Goblin is available via a skin/palette swap. Both in their classic/80's appearances), Doppleganger, Shriek, Electro(MUA2), Rhino(classic), Kraven(classic). Kingpin and The Hand(DLC), Bullseye(DLC, classic)


      Firestar, Daredevil(DLC, classic red), Elektra(DLC, classic), Venom(if not fighting him currently in-game), Black Cat/Spider-Man (whichever one you aren't playing as.)

      ~Appearances: (characters that may be in a cutscene, or located on the map, but don't fight in-game)

      Harry Osborn(current), Mary Jane Watson(classic), Gwen Stacy(Ultimate/goth), Aunt May(Ultimate), Carlie Cooper, J. Jonah Jameson, Max Modell and The Lucky Seven, Norman Osborn, Black Widow(WOS), SHIELD Operatives, Matt Murdock





      The game has an open world/free-roaming concept. The map returns to the size of Spider-Man 2, with indoor and outdoor areas available at any time on the sandbox map. Gangs, hidden hideouts, and many of the side missions from Spider-Man 2 also make a return. Included is a special feature called Random Villain Encounters. This is where the map will show a random appearing crime marked in yellow on the map, (story missions are green, stores are blue, random crimes are red). If you go to the yellow marked location, you will find a randomly generated villain causing trouble. It could be Mysterio, Venom, Carnage, Hobgoblin (or Green Goblin really just a skin), Doppleganger, Shriek, Electro, Rhino or Kraven (once the game is beaten). These characters have increased health, and are as tough as sub-boss fights.


      To clarify about above...RVE's, Car crashes, fires, gang fights, police standoffs, children asking spider-man/Cat to do tricks, teens asking him/her to beat certain times, people needing to go to the hospital, car chases, break ins, and secret gang hideouts are some of the "Random crimes" that happen. These are generated randomly, and infinitely throughout the city. Even after beating the game you can keep going.


      Time of day passes on it's on. Also a "clockwork" feature allows weather to change based on the console's inner clock.


      The combat system is reminiscent of the Rocksteady Studios-developed Batman game series (Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City) using a freeflow design and counter attacks, with the similar controls as The Amazing Spider-Man. The aerial moves from Spider-Man 2 return!


      Depending on the mission, the player may have the option of using "Summons" like in Web of Shadows. Each Mission is available concurrently after completing Chapter 1. Chapter 0 is automatic, when the game begins. Experience points from missions,dates and from collecting spider tokens augment the upgrades purchased at stores. See below about stores.


      ~Peter Parker:

      By visiting stores, Peter Parker (and only as Parker) can buy combat moves, "Summon" Upgrades and other upgrades with cash from photo missions. As Peter Parker, you can't do story missions. You can visit comicbook stores for the above mentioned upgrades, or family/friends for help/hints.Spider-Man can change into Peter Parker and back into Spider-Man at various areas marked by a web bookback, throughout the map.

        *Dates and Mini-Games (Optional)

      The "story" is chapter based and so the continuity is up to the player. Whether it's "Ultimate", "Amazing" (current or past), or a hybrid. So that means that Peter is available to play as and can visit Horizon Labs or The Daily Bugle. You can do photo missions at the bugle or do a mini game at Horizon Labs, or both. Likewise, "dates" are available for MJ, Gwen or Carlie Cooper. As Peter, you go out to dinner and they quiz you on the Marvel Universe. MJ focuses on Spider-Man questions, Gwen on Peter and his life, and Carlie on the overall Marvel Universe.

      Like Marvel Ultimate Alliance, the correct answers award you EXP, completing a whole date with 100% accuracy awards bonus EXP. After five succesful dates, whom you've been dating becomes your girlfriend. So, for example, if you date MJ 5 times then you can no longer date Gwen or Carlie. You can however, go to visit MJ at her apartment for advice or hints. And her apartment works like your own: replay old missions, review cutscenes, look at virtual figurines, change costumes, etc.



      The game uses a unique damage system—the more damage Spider-Man takes, the more his suit is damaged; returning to his apartment or changing into Peter Parker repairs the suit. Each chapter features a specific costume to be worn that could be unlocked once that chapter is finished. Those costumes are featured below beside the chapter title. If you visit your apartment, your can change costumes and return to the chapter, if you'd like to wear a different suit or armor.


      ~Black Cat: (Note: The controls for BC work the same, but obviously she's not stick to walls, it's her nails. And instead of webs, it's a grapple hook)

      Black Cat is playable during the third chapter, and can also be unlocked as a sandbox playable character. She can't change into Felicia Hardy, but her outfit does take damage. She has to return to her apartment to repair it. The controls all work the same [Except, obviously the camera is replace with binoculars]. Black Cat can stop random crimes, and fight RVE's, however, she has her own mini-games. These take the place of jobs and dates.

        *Cops and Robbers: The player has to break into the volt before time runs out.Her cell phone has something called the "Vault Breaking App" which allows her to break into digital locks. This is a mini-game in and of itself for the player to beat. After breaking in and stealing an item, she has to race back to her apartment before Spider-Man catches up to her. If he does, you have to fight Spider-Man (with whatever upgrades you've given him).

        *Stealth: You must break into a facility and steal certain objects without being seen. (Like Chang's lab/photo missions in The Amazing Spider-Man)

        *Hero for Hire: A cutscene begins where someone explains to you a situation: House on fire, bank robbery, villain destroying an area, gang fight, etc...And offer you a certain amount of money to stop it. If you fail, you obviously get no money. If you were supposed to protect someone, a certain percentage is taken of based on how much damage they've received.


      *Black Cat has the Classic, Ultimate, Mangaverse, and Web of Shadows outfits available in comicbook shops to purchase.



      Directional Pad
      Mini-Map, Shuffle "Summons"
      Left Thumbstick
      Right Thumbstick
      Move Camera
      Click Left Thumbstick
      Back to Wall, Select Summon
      Click Right Thumbstick
      Reset Camera
      A Button
      Jump. Perform aerial moves after a swing.
      B Button (For Spider-Man)
      Web-Shot. Web-Grab (Hold). Cancel Web Rush.
      B Button (Black Cat)
      Hook-Shot.  Tether(Hold). Cancel Cat Streak
      X Button
      Y Button
      Interact. Dodge.
      Left Bumper
      Right Bumper (Spider-Man)
      Quick Web Rush. Web Rush Mode (Hold).
      Right Bumper (Black Cat)
      Quick Cat Streak. Cat Streak Mode (Hold).
      Left Trigger
      Start Button
      Pause Menu
      Right Trigger
      Web Swing/Grapple
      Back Button
      Cell Phone
      Wall Crawl (Near Flat Surface)

      Wall Run (Manhattan Only)


      The player can switch between, "Web Shooter", sticking to buildings where there is realistic physics, or "Kid Mode" where it's easier and doesn't necessarily connect. This also holds true for Black Cat's grapple. "Web Shooter" mode will shoot a double web in certain instances, to help the player stabilize the character. If playing as Black Cat, she shoots a grapple and so her "swinging" animation is different.


      Gang Tours/Multiplayer

      Online, you can play game tours which are like the Batman Arkham City/Arkham Asylum Combat Challenges. A room full of enemies, and you select either Spider-Man or Black Cat, and fight your way through.


      Story-Mode's Plot: (Each Chapter is only the synopsis of the story. The actual gameplay would be broken up into several sub chapters or parts)

      ~Chapter 0: Madame Web (*Your default costume available throughout the game is the Shattered Dimensions Classic Red/Blue)

      Parker has a lot of challenges ahead of him, and a destiny to continue doing great things for the world. He has always been the underdog, but Madame Web wants to award him for being the hero he's been. She hides spider emblems all over the city. Each one only visible to Parker. Each one he collects awards him extra experience points within the game. And when he's collect all of them he will be ready to face the challenges ahead.

      ~Chapter 1: Kraven's Last Hunt (Black Suit*)

      Broken, defeated and desperate, Kraven tries one last time to defeat Spider-Man. However, this time he's gone insane. He challenges Spider-Man to a fight in public, in Times Square, and appears to shoot him. The news report that Spider-Man is dead, The Avengers are busy, and the Fantastic Four are in another galaxy. It seems like a dark day for the city. Kraven takes the body and buries him in a special coffin. He galavants around New York City dressed as Spider-Man, fighting crimes and kidnaps Vermin. Spider-Man turned out to be drugged by the rifle, and awakes after these events, intent on finding Kraven and finishing what he started. Upon, fighting Vermin and Kraven, Kraven let's Vermin free into the city and tells Spider-Man that he's done, he already won. He shoots himself with the rifle. As the building begins to self destruct, Spider-Man is forced to leave.

      ~Chapter 2: Flowers for Rhino (Amazing Spider-Man Movie* costume)

      With the city unsure if Spider-Man's alive or not, criminals are running wild. Rhino receieves a surgery that makes him super intelligent. He is able to overthrow the criminal underworld of New York City and take control of it. When confronted by Spider-Man, Spider-Man is defeated. However, being intelligent becomes problematic because people like The Kingpin and Osborn fight Rhino for control. While the Rhino is in no danger of losing his social power, it's much more "political" than he thought it would be. It is a much more complicated life, with much more sacrifice to maintain. He opts for a surgery to return to how he was.

      ~Chapter 3: Ultimate Side (Play as Black Cat, Ultimate or Classic*)

      Kingpin killed Felicia Hardy's father and she wants revenge. She intends to kill him. Upon breaking into Wilson Fisk's building, she finds that Mysterio appears to have already done so. Mysterio leaves, but she searches through Kingpin's vaults and finds a "Zodiac Key". Taking it home, thinking that it's worth a sizeable value, she does some research and finds that it holds great power. Mysterio tries to steal it back, and they fight across the city. Near the edge of Manhattan she tries to use it's "Wishing Capabilities" to wish Mysterio away, but unable to wield it properly, she causes a huge explosion instead. Mysterio takes it from her as Spider-Man appears. It becomes a three-way battle, but eventually Spider-Man and Black Cat defeat Mysterio after teaming up. Spider-Man turns the Zodiac Key in to Black Widow and SHIELD for safety.


      ~Chapter 4:  Teamwork (Rubber/electric-proof* suit)

      Peter's having trouble emotionally after dealing with Kraven killing himself in front of him and being unable to stop it. He talks to Black Cat. Felicia had something similar happen and she's able to meet up with and console him about it. She tells him of the evil that men do, and why it's the nature of some people. Unfortunately, when they meet up, Electro is causing troubles and they have to take him down. Days later, Electro attacks Spider-Man when he's alone and makes him beg for his life in public to embarass him. Luckily, the city doesn't know if it's the real Spider-Man or still Kraven. He calls up Cat and they combine forces to take down Electro.


      ~Chapter 5: Medium Carnage (Armored Spider-Man*)

      With villains running amok and the city thinking it has no more heroes, riots break out. Cletus Kassady escapes from Ryker's Prison in the chaos and ignites more riots around the city. He gets the normal civilians to attack each other. Spider-Man finds that the source of the problems isn't just Carnage, but Doppleganger, Hobgoblin and Shriek. It's something he can't do alone and needs the help of Venom, Black Cat, and Firestar. Venom helps him, but warns that things haven't changed. The chapter ends with Kingpin making Venom a mysterious offer.

      ~Chapter 6: Destiny (This chapter is only unlocked after finishing Chapter 3 and 5, you can play as Spider-Man or Black Cat, finishing this chapter unlocks WOS Black Cat and Noir Spider-Man)

      Kingpin apparently survived Mysterio's attack, as it was all part of a much bigger plan. They needed to test the "zodiac key" and so they allowed Black Cat to fall for it and loot Kingpin's loft so that she'd think it was her idea.  The breakout at Ryker's was caused by Kingpin's goons. They needed a destraction to steal the Zodiac Key back from SHIELD. Kingpin attempts to form a new Sinister Six. Electro, Mysterio, Hobgoblin, Rhino, Venom.. and Kraven! Kraven tricked Spider-Man the way that Mysterio tricked Black Cat. He reminds Spider-Man that he shot himself with the same rifle that he shot Spider-Man with. You can play as Spider or Cat and the other is a "summon" to fight onscreen with you. The whole city is the boss field, and you're up against all six at once.

      ~Epilogue: Tomorrow..(After collecting all Spider Emblems and beating the main story, Mangaverse Black Cat and Miles Morales are unlocked)

      Black Cat and Spider-Man meet up at Felicia's place. He thanks her for all of her help, she says that's what friends are for. She makes a comment about whomever the player chose Parker to date. After talking a bit, they hear a report about gangs becoming more bold. "Gang Tours" are unlocked throughout the city. You can play as Spider-Man or Black Cat or both (with a 'Summon'). When you finish those, there would be a closing cutscene, but the world is still open for the player to play in.

        • Re: Proposal

          Why no double web swing? LB could easily be replaced with either sprinting or a second webline. The camera could be moved to the dpad.

          • Re: Proposal

            Very detailed listing. Thanks! Couple things I'd note for future feedback of this kind:



              1) The controller preferences are super helpful, what could make 'em even better is an expanded explanation as to why you decided to assign particular functions in each spot ("this is easier for me to use, I didn't like when game X did this...").  Honestly, the BEST thing in terms of interface would be to focus exclusively on setups you like and don't like rather than attempting to make everything "fit" on a single controller.


            This ties into my feedback for TimFL274: Good suggestion, though when it comes to games that you're hoping to see on next-gen consoles, I wouldn't make any assumptions about what kind of control limitations the player may or may not have. Best thing to do for a feature request would be to rank the features you really want to see.


            2) Back to the main reply: I'd put the Story stuff at the end of your summary, and would focus primarily on characters you'd like to see. I wouldn't worry as much about working them into a specific narrative (although it is great that you've put so much thought into it). 

            • Re: Proposal

              Also, one thing that I would like to hear you expand on: how important is the non-combat RPG part of the game to you compared to the action-y part?

                • Re: Proposal

                  I added double swing, Tim. And used your suggestions, NewsLad. Thank you guys!


                  To answer your question..Non-Combat Role Playing Game portion of the game would be the 'Experience Points' , 'Dates/Quiz', Character Interactions, Upgrades and shopping for them?


                  I think those are very important elements because the player needs to feel like a part of the sandbox world. Sure Spider-Man can swing around and fight random crimes, but you need a down time moment. You need slower moments with more thinking and less button mashing action.


                  Also, you are investing time and energy playing this game. Customizing your experience and powering up your Spider-Man allows for another level of replay value. It makes that time and energy worth something. No matter how many RVE's or random crimes you play, the gameplay will get old. No matter how many alternate paths you take, the city will get old. Regardless of how good the story is, you'll eventually know what's going to happen.


                  Customizing Spider-Man allows the player to have much more variance in playthroughs and try out different upgrades. They can pause from the action to do something that personally involves them. Having a choice in what to upgrade or what characters you'd like to associate with, allows the player to have much more control. Their preferences are highlighted in such a feature.

                    • Re: Proposal

                      Great answer, thanks! I was referring mostly to things like the proposed dating side-quests, although it's also good to hear your thoughts on general customization as well.

                        • Re: Proposal

                          Oh, my mistake!


                          I think the dating side quests are important for many of the same reasons. It's a moment to do something different and make the game feel more diverse.


                          Saints Row, Batman Arkham Series, GTA, all have little side quests and diversions to mix up the gameplay. The dating diversion/side-quest would be the Spider-Man version of that. He can't attack civilians or police or anything. He's not stealing cars. So what ways can the player do something different, but still do something fitting to the character? So here's an example:


                          You're given a cutscene of MJ and Peter eating at a restaraunt. MJ asks Peter/P1:

                          "Wow. Spider-Man has taken down a lot of bad guys over the years. Whom has he never actually defeated?"

                          Y) Chameleon.

                          X.) Doombot.

                          B.) Kingpin.

                          A.) Deadpool.


                          So, it's like fun trivia that the player can enjoy playing. It's a change of pace from fighting baddies or rescuing people. And it's also something to do as Peter that fits his character but could be really fun. As I said in the proposal, it would also benefit the player if they do it...but it is optional.


                          So if you're a more arcade-oriented player who likes things faster than you have every other portion of the game. You never have to be bothered. If you like to do quizes and test your comic knowledge, they ask you some really hard questions as it goes on. And DLC packs could include more dates (ie, quizes).


                          The fun factor alone, I think counts as a point of importance. The upper echelon questions would be like:

                          "Who has Spider-Man not worked with?"

                          A.) Anya Corazon

                          B.) Paladin

                          X.) Noh-Varr

                          Y.) Bullseye

                            • Re: Proposal

                              This could also get boring really quick especially for players not familiar with the comics and backstory of Spider-Man. Dating missions should not only be about quizes but also span a few different type of date missions.

                                • Re: Proposal

                                  True. Yet, it's inevitable that anything in the game would get boring. The dating mini-games/diversions are optional to begin with. With everything else I've mentioned to be in this proposed game, the game would clock at least 36+ Hours for 100%, if you rushed. If players get bored of these optional mini-games, well, they can't get everything.

                                  Though for the sake of concept ideas, here's a few:


                                  So you meet the girl at her apartment and you can talk. If she's your girlfriend, you can change costumes, review cutscenes, replay missions, etc. When you talk to her, it will say:

                                  [Hints.] (Game hints)

                                  [Chat.] (She'll just talk to you about recent missions or events)

                                  [Go on a Date.]


                                  If you chose "Go on a Date", you're given three options:

                                  [Quiz.] (what I've talked about before)

                                  [Web-Ride] (You swing the girl through heart rings, while calm music plays. Sometimes she'll ask you to do tricks for bonus points.)

                                  [Destination.] (She asks you to go to certain, specific places, in Manhattan. Like the exact top of the Empire State Building's spire, or as the levels get harder to the Statue of Liberty in a specific amount of time. If you ge there before time runs out, not only do you get points, but the visual of fireworks over the skyline.)

                        • Re: Proposal


                          [I hate to double post, but this is where I can explain the controls.]


                          Directional Pad: Mini-Map, Shuffle "Summons"

                          I placed the Mini-Map with the D-Pad because I found that I personally don't use the D-Pad much when playing a third person sandbox game. The Mini-Map can be useful, but is more often that not, going to be ignored while the player uses other functions or explores. For this reason, the D-Pad is a good place for the map, likewise for summoning other heroes or support characters.


                          Left and Right Thumbsticks: Movement and Camera

                          These are staples of the genre.


                          Click Left Thumbstick: Back to Wall, Select Summon

                          The left thumbstick would mostly go unnoticed in gameplay because, unclicked, it is the movement controls. The face buttons need to be the most vital of moves or abilities and the triggers are needed to swing and use the camera/binoculars. The Leftstick being clicked in however allows for a very quick call to support characters or summons.

                          Placing Black Cat or Spider-Man's back to the wall when playing, allows for better camera control. So it is a necessary ability, but being placed on the Left thumbstick forces the player to summon support when not on a wall. It would be pointless to summon support when climbing a wall, so in gameplay it's one or the other. This also prevents the player from sitting back and letting a summon clear out a room.


                          Click Right Thumbstick: Reset Camera

                          Resetting the camera is one of the most necessary features in a third person game. Camera controls are necessary. With the right stick being the camera, it makes sense that the right stick is also the camera reset. Simple ease of access.


                          Face Buttons:

                          A Button: Jump. Perform aerial moves after a swing.

                          The A button being jump is a very comfortable place for the jump button, that is why it is the common default place for it in most games. Likewise, when jumping from a webline, it is fitting that the aerial moves and aerial trick combos would be performed via tapping the A-Button.

                          B Button: Web-Shot. Web-Grab (Hold). Cancel Web Rush.

                          An important face button, it is the perfect place for Spider-Man's offensive webbing attacks. Also, it is a common cancel default. This makes it perfect for canceling Web Rush and Cat Streak.

                          X Button: Attack

                          A common attack default. It seems like a perfect location because when a player holds the control, the placement of one's hands would make them naturally press the X Button first.

                          Y Button: Interact Dodge

                          A critical placement for dodging attacks from enemies, or interacting with objects or items.

                          Left Bumper: Web Retreat

                          Again, due to the shape of the controller the left bumper is a perfect place for the web retreat. The web retreat is a great addition to the Spider-Man moveset in videogames and needs to be included in future games.

                          Right Bumper: Quick Web Rush/Cat Streak. Web Rush/Cat Streak Mode (Hold).

                          Web Rush is a wonderful addition to the Spider-Man moveset and makes sense given Spider-Man's spider sense. Black Cat does not have a spider-sense, but she does have hightened reflexes over a normal person. I would imagine that Spider-Man's Web Rush is longer than Black Cat's Cat Streak in-game. However, the player would be able to upgrade both. EXP would naturally augment both to make the time in this mode last longer.

                          Left Trigger: Photo(Hold)/Binoculars (Hold)

                          Spider-Man's camera works like binoculars but has the added bonus of being able to take photos in-game. Black Cat's binocular's would serve a specific purpose in her levels/stages of her story chapter. For her, Spider-Man's "camera" features would be replaced with lens filters: Thermal, normal, night vision.

                          Start Button: Pause Menu

                          Gaming default. 'Nuff Said.

                          Right Trigger: Web Swing/Grapple

                          A smooth location for an imperative mobility function.

                          Back Button: Cell Phone

                          Both Black Cat and Spider-Man would have cell phones. The phone would be able to show your upgrades, what allies/summons you have available, your current EXP, messages, current photos(as Spider-Man) your current money, Vault Hacking App (as Black Cat), etc..

                          • Re: Proposal

                            Fantastic idea, though when I read the title I immediately thought of the "Spiderman Unlimited" show that used to come on where Peter traveled to counter-earth and everyone was an animal hybrid. Maybe re-name it "Spiderman:Legacy" or "Spiderman:Maximum" to avoid the confusion. Also regarding the button configuration the left trigger would seem better suited for a sprint button enabling players to parkour in conjunction to holding the right trigger to web swing. Using the left trigger for sprint would also feel natural when pressing the A button to jump or switching Spiderman's light attacks to heavier/stronger attacks (or do we call it the "strenght" trigger given that it's use would be to enhance spidermans movements/attacks?). The web retreat button on the left bumper could be used to dual web-swing by holding it down whilst holding the right trigger. Tims right that the camera/goggles can just be moved to the d-pad. Only other thing I could suggest would be for the developers to include more of their concept art and development videos, as an artist myself I personally love it when I get to see the process the developers went into making these games.

                              • Re: Proposal

                                RE: Development and concept art, oftentimes disc space issues prevent devs from putting in as much behind-the-scenes material. However, oftentimes we'll have behind-the-scenes features hosted on our YouTube channel. You can check out playlists for various HeroHQ games here (right hand column), which include both trailers and developer diaries.

                                  • Re: Proposal

                                    Yeah I know there's always the internet for viewing that kind of stuff, just a suggestion. Wouldn't mind much if it was included or not as I'd be far more concerned with how good the actual game was.

                                  • Re: Proposal

                                    I should have clarified that I imagine Spider-Man would auto-run and only "walk" as Peter. Also, I wouldn't want to sacrifice the photo camera or Cat's binoculars just for a run button. Le Parkour could be achieved automatically by simply running over the landscape and bouncing off of walls or using Web Rush/Cat Streak.


                                    The photo camera and binoculars are the only way a player could get a great view of how the characters see things. As I've said many times, I believe the city is a character. So it's good to be able to take a look at it from time to time. Or if you find an easter egg or some subtle reference, you could take a photo.


                                    I personally think that Easter Eggs would be better than MORE tokens, emblems or comics. Like the ones Madam Webb has you find would make sense to story and help gameplay. After that, I imagine that throughout the city are famous locations or references that Spider-Man could find and take a photo of. He'd then maybe give a quick comment about it...


                                    "Avengers Tower. I think Ms. Marvel has a crush on me..." Or something like that.

                                      • Re: Proposal

                                        "Automatic Parkour"? No game does that, not Assassin's Creed, Prototype or Infamous and there's a reason for it. Anytime you'd move near a wall or object it would be a constant hastle as the game parkours you over things you don't want (Infamous and Assassin's Creed partially had this problem). You may accidentally turn the wrong way and all of sudden spiderman starts climbing up some wall you didn't want him to or vaulting off the edge of a building when what you really wanted to do was stand there so now you have to climb all the way back to the top. In the current spiderman games they've made it so that you have to hold forward on the left thumbstick to climb a wall, which in truth is a bit of a hastle itself because spiderman won't always climb the wall so you have to wait there until the command registers. There were times in Shattered Dimensions, Edge of Time and TASM where spiderman looks like he's just standing there hugging the wall for 5 minutes. Considering that in TASM that clicking the left thumbstick perched you on a wall, it would make sense if you could just use that whenever you wanted to wall crawl (I actually tried doing that in the game and it didn't work) and not have to hold the left thumbstick forward. Most if not all games just use the click of the right thumbstick or the directional pad for the 1st person/zoom view which is essentially what the whole camera/binocular thing is. Players won't spend most of their time in that view (especially in a spiderman game) so you'd want to place it on a button from the controller that's not continually being pressed.

                                          • Re: Proposal

                                            Okay, how about this:


                                            Right and Left bumper held down is Web Rush/Cat Streak?


                                            Right bumper on it's own is the run/parkour button. While in "running" mode the world reacts to Spidey as if he's intentionally trying to do le parkour. So that way it can't accidentally happen, because you're purposely holding the button down. So he'll hop over items you're running at, or back flip off a wall, dive over the side of a building, etc..


                                            Also, this proposal doesn't feature auto-wall crawling. I suggested above that Y-Button plus a directional would begin a wall crawl.

                                      • Re: Proposal

                                        Also, I don't actually want a double web swing, to answer the question. I'm not against it. That's why I added it into being a selectable option, but I don't think it's necessary. Of all the topics about it throughout the boards, I've not seen a valid reason of why it NEEDS to be included other than people liking how it looks.


                                        Webs can stick to buildings and have "real" physics without needing two webs the whole time. Now if he needs to slow down or stop himself, then a double web is reasonable. Though, for basic swinging? I think it would be maybe more realistic/tactical if he mainly used one arm for swinging, and saved the other for potential battle. That way he wouldn't be wasting the fluid of both web shooters.


                                        When have we seen double web swinging? For the most part? Cartoons or comics. The movies? The majority of the time it's single web.


                                        Regardless, I found that gameplay unnecessary and semi-annoying after playing the more recent games and going back to try it. I would not fully add it (ie expand upon it) to my proposal for a future game, as I do not want them to waste time developing it with other details and features readily available to discuss. That's not to say I would be mad or disappointed if they did include it in a future game, I just don't care about it.

                                          • Re: Proposal

                                            The double web swing could just be applied as it was in "Shattered Dimensions/Edge of Time" where players would hold the jump button and spiderman would fire two webs launching himself upward. Simply remove the "double jump" ability (which I don't know why they re-used rather than to continue with the "charged jump" from spiderman 2) and replace it with "double web jump". Its more realistic if spidey uses his webs to double jump rather than him all of a sudden having this new ability where he can lift himself in mid-air (and I know its a classic videogame feature but it doesn't make sense for the spiderman games anymore, not since spiderman 2).


                                            And in regards to the "web rush" being activated by holding down both left/right trigger, I think that web rush should just have its own button like the right bumper from TASM. Because using the left trigger would not only be used for parkouring through the environment it could be used when web swinging to give spiderman longer strides (similar to Spiderman 1 the movie game where you could swing faster but with less turning control). You could also use it in combat to give spiderman heavier attacks, since he only has one button to attack and it will always be a light attack when you're not holding down the left trigger as well.

                                              • Re: Proposal

                                                Am i the only one who accually liked the Shattered Dimensions/EoT combat style?....(not the web combat of Amazing...kinda lame....web-fist...seriously??)

                                                The normal combat was really enjoyable,and it let you take on a lot of enemies.....unlike TASM where this non fluid combat style,and a really heavy try to copy Batman....didnt end up (very)well,imo....


                                                A decent story,from a good Spidey writer,open world,good head artist,a known and loved voice actor and you have an enjoyable game!!


                                                P.S. We blubber about EoT....Decent story from a good Spidey writer(Peter David)=check....good head artist(Jean Christophe Gauthier)=check......a known Spidey voice actor(Josh Keaton)=check......it lacked open world....

                                                  • Re: Proposal

                                                    The combat in Shattered Dimensions/Edge of Time was as generic as it comes. Nothing about it stood out from every other action/adventure game to come out within the past decade. All you had was the 5-hit combo and "special bar" (slow down time, rage, etc.) we've come to expect from most platformers in general. Taking on multiple enemies was very clunky in those games where as in TASM it was much more fluid and dynamic performing the acrobatic wrestling-based moves (even if it is inspired by Batman which was actually inspired by Assassins Creed). As far as Edge of Time is concerned, the only redeemable aspect of that game was the story/dialogue, everything else was mediocre at best. If the game had been released before any of us played Spiderman 2 then we would be singing its praises, unfortunately its not 2004 anymore. You catch a glimmer of what that game could of been through the higher visual cutscenes. It was clear that "Edge of Time" needed more time.

                                                      • Re: Proposal

                                                        Really,it didnt bother me at all(combat..)after the combat of SM2-3-Ultimate the only combat style i liked more was the WoS one.....i(reapeat) didnt like the TASM combat because of its movement....You see AA combat and its fast,fluid beautiful....in Spidey,until you reach the awesome finishing move it was plain punches that didnt feel real....i'm trying to explain what i felt(past tence...i dont play the game anymore....i started EoT again) when batteling....also the crime thing....the only enjoyable side-mission was the Felicia one....thats what i call a side misson!!....as about the other,one/three guy roberry in a parking-lot 156232 times in a game...boring doncha think?...oh and the car-chase was an embarassment....the SAME car,numerous times in a game....just take the plates and put them in jail,for Christ's sake!!


                                                        And exacly...it isnt 2004 or 2005 anymore...when the 2 best Spider-Man games came out....its been 7 years....and we have seen NOTHING like them.....


                                                        I am bashing the game only because i want to see something A LOT better in the future....(and if i want better i look in the past....unfortunatelly....)....as about Beenox....i dont think they are the best Spidey-game developers,existed....BUT TASM is their best,from three...not my favourite(SD) but the best

                                                          • Re: Proposal

                                                            So they need to change the attack animations and add in more variety between the punches. Regardless the combat in TASM is still more fluid than the 5-hit basic combo that is seen in every other standard action/adventure game. Your attacks in Shattered Dimensions/Edge of Time didn't really feel like they connected to the person you're hitting, they seemed to phase through the characters most of the time. You could be attacking one enemy and as long as another enemy is standing moderately close to that one then they'll be damaged as well, even if the actual punches and kicks aren't connecting to that character (basically theres too much splash damage in those games). And I already get that you didn't like TASM that much.

                                                      • Re: Proposal

                                                        I believe that with enough imagination, we can find a solution for any problem or disagreement.


                                                        It seems like you guys want whole buttons dedicated to certain things. And I want photography. So it's possible for everyone to get what they want. And I'm really excited to suggest this idea: An inventory system!!


                                                        See Spider-Man wouldn't need to use parkour in "level based" or "off-map" stages/levels. That is to say if you're playing in an area that is not part of the sandbox manhattan islands, no parkour. So in stages like that, the controls would play as I've laid out above in the proposal and control outlines by default.


                                                        However in the sandbox, we could have an inventory system available through the "Back"/"Select" button on the controller.


                                                        As you'll see above in the controller outlines, I listed "Back-Button" as a cell phone. When you have equipped the "Camera" or "Binoculars", the controls would be as I've said. By default, these are auto-equipped for stages or levels where you need them. However, if you unequip them, the trigger is completely open to be the sprint button.


                                                        That way, people who want to run or parkour can do so, people who want to take photos can do so.




                                                        The inventory system could also be used for other things as well. Different weapons for Black Cat? Items that Spider-Man has to use. Etc..

                                                          • Re: Proposal

                                                            Why bother with an inventory? It's not like the d-pad is being used for anything else, aside from triggering spider-sense you have 3 free buttons there ready to be used.

                                                              • Re: Proposal

                                                                I'm confused. In my above proposal, I have not suggested that the D-Pad triggers Spider-Sense? And I have, in fact, specified that it IS being used for other features. What are you referring to?

                                                                  • Re: Proposal

                                                                    Spider-Sense would need to make some sort of return unless it's simply integrated into "web-rush" so it would logically be placed on the d-pad, the up directional to be specific (just like it was in Shattered Dimensions/Edge of Time). Shuffling through "summons" would only require the left and right directionals to still be effective. That leaves the down directional for the camera/binoculars since toggling the mini-map doesn't at all require a button, that can just be handled in the options screen if the player wants to see it or not (which I don't understand why they wouldn't when all necessary map information is down there without having to constantly switch to the full view map). An inventory just to switch between parkour and binoculars wouldn't at all be needed when you could could just place "auxillary" abilities on the d-pad which would include the spider-sense, summons, and the camera/binoculars. Players would be far more likely to press the sprint/parkour button in a spiderman game rather than the camera. In TASM I knew the camera was there on the left trigger but aside from the optional pictures you could take during the indoor missions I never pressed that button throughout the rest of the game. Honestly I didn't understand why the camera was even on the left trigger and not just the d-pad since half of those directionals never did anything in the game.

                                                                      • Re: Proposal

                                                                        Could you specify what you mean about spider-sense a bit more?


                                                                        You're right that the map could be placed elsewhere. Like maybe you get an auto-static map on screen. And then for the larger map, you'd have to go into your cell phone. So I'm not against adding something to the D-Pad in it's place, but I have the controller set-up done this way for a reason. The photography and binoculars are an intricate part of gameplay and something that IS more heavily featured in this game. Unlike parkour.


                                                                        I'm not going to get into it, but I feel as though parkour is a visual thing. It, much like dual webs, is not necessary to gameplay. I'm not going to feature that more heavily than the things I purposely included for a reason. I'm calling this a proposal for a reason. I feel as if you and others are trying to add in other things, more than you're discussing the proposal as is. It is somewhat disheartening and insulting that you guys seem to think I just threw together some ideas without any thought as to how gameplay would work.


                                                                        I have an Amazing Spider-Man(NES, where you got cash for photos) meets The Amazing Spider-Man(movie game, where it would unlock bios or figurines) type of concept about open photography in levels and across the map. As well as mission-based photos.


                                                                        And I have already laid out how I'd like the gameplay to flow in all other aspects as well. You made it seem like I would 'need' or 'have to' have the spider-sense return. Untrue. If you're referring to some sort of mode where time slows down or if everything's in black in white except for danger? No. The "Y-button dodge" will suffice.


                                                                        The Amazing Spider-Man's gameplay was a GREAT starting point for how to make a great Spider-Man game. More ideas and other concepts are great. Yet, I did think about this and I put a lot of time and hard work into a proposal just for people to start talking about features I didn't even mention.


                                                                        For the record, you'd be hard pressed to find a Spider-Man game I didn't play. From Japan only's Lethal Foes to the arcade game with Black Cat, Namor and Hawkeye to 32X's Web of Fire. I'm not like unfamiliar to how gameplay would work. I'd appreciate benefite of the doubt.


                                                                        I wish you'd guys just accept the controls the way I have them -or- ask WHY I have it a certain way instead of just trying to replace it. This is a new hypothetical game. Your previous experience is not a direct influence on how this would be....

                                                                          • Re: Proposal

                                                                            In Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time players could trigger spider-sense by pressing up on the d-pad, this would allow them to view enemies, collectibles, civilians, bosses and any markers related to the mission objective (even if those things were located halfway across the map or hidden through walls). The spider-sense worked in the same manner as detective mode for Batman, eagle sense for Assassin's Creed and many other games. It's a sort of x-ray vision that comes in very handy when players are unsure of what it is their supposed to be doing, looking for hidden tokens, or knowing the precise location of enemies. In TASM they merely integrated spider-sense in with the web rush, though it was much less "powerful" than it was in Shattered Dimensions/Edge of Time. In another post I mentioned how the first-person view should be removed from web rush, so that whenever the player triggered web-rush, time would merely slow down and the world around spiderman is filtered in nothing but blue shades allowing the gold web rush markers from TASM to show through more (I hope I made sense there). The spider-sense would return to the d-pad like it was in Shattered Dimensions/Edge of Time, only this time whenever players use it they enter into a first-person camera perspective so they can closely see what's in the world around them.

                                                                              • Re: Proposal

                                                                                For black Cat, this is the purpose of her binoculars, for that very reason. For Spider-Man, it would defeat the purpose of having hidden tokens if you could just find them. It was a good feature in Shattered Dimensions because of the level-based gameplay but not something that I think would fit with The Amazing Spider-Man's type of gameplay.


                                                                                If you start this video around 4 minutes and 38 seconds, you'll see how well Spider-sense worked in Spider-Man 3: The Movie Game. In a sandbox game, Parker can either scope out the level without drawing attention (so you don't need to see through walls), or use Web Rush, so time doesn't need to be slowed down. Web Rush even allows you to predict your attack before you do it. Having the spider-sense or spider-reflex wouldn't have changed much in gameplay.

                                                                                  • Re: Proposal

                                                                                    In SM3 the "spider-sense" if I remember was broken into two parts; slo-mo and x-ray vision. The slo-mo was decent where as the x-ray vision was for the most part pretty useless considering you couldn't use it to find mission objectives, collectibles, or much of anything. All it did was highlight enemies that were right in front of you and force you to look for "footprints" in some of the missions. Not to mention that filtering everything out in gray didn't look very good. Try searching for the SM3 lizard missions gameplay on youtube, you may find it.