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    The Scorestreak reward system is a failure.

      When I first heard about this Scorestreak system, I was disappointed and said it wouldn't work.  Sure you get extra points for objective pursuits, but the major issue is how the streak itself resets upon death, which will lead people to avoid objectives more often.

      The whole system, despite extra points given for objectives, is still too lenient towards the slayers.  For example, an objective player in Kill Confirmed went 24-18, but accumulated 35 confirms and 12 denies.  Meanwhile, another player goes 64-2, but only accumulated 3 confirms and 0 denies.

      Guess who earns more rewards?  The guy who avoided tags and didn't die.  How does this make sense?  At least MW3 had a better reward system, despite how it was far from perfect.

      P.S. where did the support rewards go in Black Ops 2?  I only see 5 of them (UAV, CUAV, Guardian, VSAT, EMP) while the rest are assualt based.  Not to mention how specialist is MIA which was a total drag.


      We need a new system that is meant to "properly" reward players based on their merits toward winning the match.


      For example, a reward system that gives you points that don't reset upon death.  Next, you spend these points like money on the reward you want to use.  The skill and consistency of pursued objectives will grant the player even more points.


      Enough of this "don't die, get rewarded" crap.  Too long have us objective players suffered because we had more heart to capture that flag, or plant that bomb.



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