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        10. Re: TCP UDP and SpeedTest/PingTest

        Some good points but not all correct.  It matters how many HOPS you have and junctions.  This is the most important area.  Internet is designed to give, not take.  Video games give more than they take.  Download is not as important unless your the host.  Upload speeds are most important.  Unfortunately upload is reserved for what this OP mentioned.  The biggest problem is matchmaking.  When you have a room of 6 players and they are all from different regions or time zones, you CANNOT possinly get a good connection.  Then you join a team of 6 other connections.  No telling what region of the world they are from.  The match making and deciding who is host, is bad.  The connections are dumbed down to the least common denominator.  Who ever has the slowest ping, everyone gets compinsated to that speed.  If they didnt do this, the host woud own everyone.  The host sometimes still does, but not as bad as in the past.  2 years ago my connection worked better than it does now.  I have never changed the speeds and have the best equipment you need.  Im up to date as far as router, moddem ect.....The game never lagged until this version of black ops....There is more to the lag compensation than anyone marketing this game will admit. 

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          11. Re: TCP UDP and SpeedTest/PingTest

          I prefer to use "magicjack connection" you know the one from the infomercials

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            12. Re: TCP UDP and SpeedTest/PingTest

            TSD if you're going to spend saturday night writing an essay on how useless these tests are would it not be a better written essay if you provided some reliable tests to balance the essay?


            BTW how is forza horizon or did you find the time to come back to cod?

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              13. Re: TCP UDP and SpeedTest/PingTest

              Another thing is, if this whole game is based on UDP packets, and having a good ping does not matter, why even show bars in the game? Why even bother matchmaking people close to each other? Maybe because the UDP packets travel faster and don't get lost because you have a GOOD PING and low jitter.

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                14. Re: TCP UDP and SpeedTest/PingTest

                The point of teh post was the fact that those tests do not really mean anything they are not justification for what your actually quality of line or connection to the game is.


                And I have stated numerous times before that elite, theater, and facebook is part of the issue. Even though we are told those connections are closed when the game is playing. Yet as your test shows they are not completely closed.


                And no the old games do not play 100% fine all the time. They still have just as bad as lag issues at times as this game. Even in MW2 I would get killed going around a corner, just you did not have theater to rewatch it and go wtf! like you do in these games.


                Even in WaW the around the corner deaths would happen, So no the old games do not play 100% better than this game does.

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                  15. Re: TCP UDP and SpeedTest/PingTest

                  Another thing everyone needs to consider.  This is a company, their only interest is sell COD.  To market this product to make money.  So far, they are a billion dollars deep.  They have a target market.  Unfortunately, that market is for the average player with average skill.  Not for the Pro's.  They make the game so noobs can pick it up and be good.  Skill does not matter anymore.  Think about it.  If they didnt market this game for new people to come in and play, they would have no future. The days of absolute domination are over.  To many people complained that it was too hard to get into it, because there are so many good players. They have to keep the avarage purchase base interested, meanwhile the lifetime CODers get screwed........

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                    16. Re: TCP UDP and SpeedTest/PingTest

                    Ive said this a few times. The majority of this Lag Comp started when theater was introduced in BO1.  Then it got even worse in MW3 with theater and the introduction of Elite. Now we have both plus CoDCast and people trying to stream videos and Can upload to Youtube straight form BO2. Its just soo many different things going on at one time. Ive always notived since BO1 that playing SnD always has the best connection. Probably for the reason there are Less Guns shooting all the time, Less scorestreaks, and NO Respawns.

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                      17. Re: TCP UDP and SpeedTest/PingTest

                      But line quality is directly related to ping. If you have a consistently low, stable ping at varied ranges with little jitter, you have a good line quality. You can not have bad line quality and low ping. They are polar opposites. Good line quality=good UDP transmission.

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                        18. Re: TCP UDP and SpeedTest/PingTest

                        Atually yes those old games do use UDP; all games on the xbox use udp, none of them use tcp for the connections and never have.

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                          19. Re: TCP UDP and SpeedTest/PingTest

                          Offlione Forza, runs like a champ. Online forza laggy as hell with players flying through the air, ghosting through the ground or other players.


                          it is funny to watch a car suddenly hop in the air fly 30 feet to the left and land on the other side of the track sometimes. Or to see it dive under the ground and then reappear somewhere 100 yards ahead of you or behind you.

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