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        The reason posting latency results from places like speedtest is pointless is not because "it uses TCP and the game uses UDP". It is because when you run a ping test you're testing how long it takes to send a packet from your computer to the speedtest server, but when you play CoD online you're not playing on that speedtest server, you're playing with another player hosting and THAT is the computer you need to test your latency to.


        All this TCP and UDP talk is pretty pointless, all FPS games in history have and will use UDP, it is simply faster than TCP.

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          UDP does not have better ping or travel faster, it has less error correction so has even more problems than tcp when ever any packets are lost.


          the console tests for udp ping when connecting to other players not tcp ping. which is why it alos varries so much during the match at times because of line quality not being nearly as stable with udp than with tcp.

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            Ok, But let me ask you this.

            Does it not help to give you a possible 'guide' to the quality of someone's Internet connection to know what their ping is capable of ?


            For instance, if someone tells me that they regularly get a pintest.net result to their local (CLOSEST) server of over 100ms That would suggest to me that they had a lower quality network, or were more likely a hell of a distance from a local telephone exchange.  Also I would expect that this person should be experiencing more lag than someone who has a regular pingtest result of less than 15ms.

            No ?


            Of course I have no way of knowing the particulars of these 2 internet connections, but I would be willing to guess that the guy with 15ms ping is much better off than the guy with a ping over 100ms.  (ignoring lag comp of course)

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              Actually udp is not faster than tcp. UDP has less error correction protocols so it takes a little less processing for the connection. the packets do not actually travel faster over upd than they do on tcp. So you are not correct on that assumption.


              UDP is not faster than TCP by any means, other tahn how the packets are processed once they arrive at the destination.

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                Yes, it gives a general idea of the quailty of the line but not an exact or accurate measurement of the quality on how the console works or uses it.


                The console does not work exactly the same as the desktop or laptop which the test was ran. So LT or DT pings are not really going to be teh same as the console ping test results would be if there was a way to really test them on the console.


                You are only getting a dt or lt overall line connection quailty result. And as another posted mentioned that is to a set place and location. where when playing the game the host is never in a set place or location all the time.


                One game you may be matched to someone as the host in CA, the next game it may be in TX for the host while you live in CO. Which is why you never take your closest ping test and use that as a comparison for anything related to games.

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                  Not true, udp does not work the same as tcp. So even if the tcp connection is good the upd connection can be not as good and those tests only test tcp and not upd.


                  Plus many isp and routers block upd to try and cut back on file sharing and torretning. So no matter if your tcp is great if your isp or one of them along the route blocks packets it causes problems along the travel path which leads to problems between the host and the player.

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                    How is what you describe NOT faster?


                    trialstardragon wrote:



                    UDP is not faster than TCP by any means, other tahn how the packets are processed once they arrive at the destination.

                    Sounds like it's faster to me. Processing of packets IS part of the equation, you can't simply ignore it.

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                      Oh and the speed increase isn't just because of "less processing" the biggest factor with UDP being faster is you don't have to receive an acknowledgement packet back for every packet sent.


                      With TCP when you send someone a packet, you wait for the other person to send you back an ACK packet saying they got it. If you don't recieve an ACK, you send the same packet again.


                      With UDP you send a packet to someone. You have no idea if they recieved it or not. But you don't have to wait for them to send you an acknowledgement packet back.


                      UDP cuts the ammount of packets sent in half. How is this not faster?

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                        Yes. Most of us are fully aware of that.

                        I'm sure there are some that don't understand but you should allow that some people like to give you those numbers as a 'guide'. Simply because the real numbers are not available.

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                          BTW when I run a ping test from the PS3 I get around 70-90 on a good day while its 30-40 from the mac. Which gives you sme idea how crap the PSN probably is. :)