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    Possible Insight on The Setting of Green Run

      maybe its just me, but I had no clue where the name Green Run came from. (this is really just random speculation btw)  but in history class the other day, we were studying the civil war, and I found out the very first battle fought in the civil war was nicknamed: "Bull Run" that didn't mean anything to me until I read in the very same line, a quote from one of the General's saying: "Everywhere you look, green" or something to that effect. Basically he said that because it was the first battle in the war and none of the soldiers or sergents had a clue about warfare. they were all "Green", or untrained. Anyway I think this may be where the zombies developers came up with the name "Green Run"


      lol, I just thought this was interesting. Who'd ever expect to learn something about zombies in history class right?


      P.S Oh, and I just thought about it and, all the buildings and landscape in Tranzit fit the description of the landscape of the area around "Bull Run". the battle took place on large fields next to a farm, hence the name. also if you guys have noticed the buildings in Tranzit all look like their Old Fashioned enough that they could be from civil war time period.


      Almost all the battles in the civil war took place in the south. . . . and much of the south was countryside and farms, and . . . . .  cornfields. Anybody else seeing the correlation here? The Four main characters in Green Run have pretty stereotypical redneck personality's. (except Marlton who's more nerdy) This would suggest that they are probably from the south, as during the civil war time period, most common folk of the south had bad grammer, and "redneck" personalities.


      My conclusion/prediction: The setting for the map "Green Run" is in North America in the south, on or near the site of an old civil war battle. The four main characters are common people who lived in the south before whatever apocalypse happened and ruined the earth. This is how they end up in the Bus Station where we first meet them. also another little thing I think would be interesting: maybe all (or at least some) of the zombies in this area are men who had fallen during the battle at Bull Run.


      There is soooo much correlation between the civil war era and Green Run in BO2. the only thing that clashes with my theory that I can think of is the Robot Bus Driver, and all the fancy weapons,(in the civil war they only had musket guns, and Rifles) but I'm pretty sure they knew the game wouldn't be nearly as fun if all anybody could use was a Rifle, and the robot was necessary to fit the gameplay. (riding the bus from area to area)


      Am I on to something here? maybe, maybe not. Tell me what you think, guys.