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    Clan Challenges

      So after paying my $50 for elite to have the fun of ranking up our clan we have to wait for over 6months before clan challenges even come live. Now rather than have a new challenge every day or even a weekly challenge they offer 3 challenges a week! Now if you dont want to contribute and just have a free elite account and play BLOPS 2 then you get to have a challenge every day. I cant believe it. Is it really that hard to set up these challenges that are already set up in the system?

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          Yeah, I know. Clan Challenges used to be everyday and Clan Ops used to be Fridays to Sundays. I'm still p*ssed off that there were none during the whole month of November due to the integration of Black Ops 2 with Elite. Had there been Clan Ops and Challenges last November my Clan would be level 41 or 42 right now.


          At this very moment, Elite is still not working properly and they reduced the number of Clan Challenges to just three per week and Clan Ops are now just Saturdays and Sundays since coming back last December.


          I can only hope that this is temporary.