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    What a Waste of Money .....

      Well loyalty certainly isn't a word that neither Activision or 3ARC understand is it? Last 3 CODs I have bought the HE editions, why I bought BO2 edition is beyond me considering the fire sale of MW3 maps which happened at the back end of the DLC calendar, but still within the timeframe you'd have thought would have been fairly exclusive to those that paid full price.


      On 17 Dec I came on this website venting as the local reset glitch happened to my when I was prestige 5, I emailed Activision, spoke at length on the phone, PMd Cutpurse, tweeted ATVIASSIST .... Yes I went through every possible channel in order to get my problem resolved.  For the first 2 weeks I accepted the "it has been escalated, blah, blah" BS that was thrown at me then in my first moment of madness I vented frustratingly on this forum, it got me a 1 month timeout, which I accepted and I moved on. Another week passed and I had heard nothing from anyone, apart from Cutpurse who sent me a "the restore tool isn't working" fob off message, also in my inbox was a message from another disgruntled customer from this very same website who offered me help and advice on a glitch that would give me resolution.  Yes I freely admit doing the Prestige glitch was not very clever, but given the lack of responses from Activision, I succumbed. 2 days later and I had a bit of a guilt trip, reset myself and thought I'd let the Activision investigation sort out why I'd been reset in the first place; several days passed, nothing, then bang, I logged in as per usual to check if they'd had any luck only to find I was 3 days into a 6 day ban! The ban passed I log in, still lost everything and now I have 10k deaths and 1k losses on my account.


      The long and the short of it, had the MoFo's sorted out my account in the first place, I wouldn't have had to take the remedial action, seems Activision/3ARC are only interested in stamping out the glitches, hackers and boosters, when quite obviously something else in the game is broken, but not one member of their staff have come on to this site to acknowledge it.


      You can have my over inflation priced PS3 season pass money, it's £41.99 well spent in my eyes, teaching me that your all a bunch of greedy C U Next Tuesdays who don't care about the community. Oh and my technical complaint for the original reset is still 'escalated' (6 weeks now) you might want to cancel that, I'm not hanging around to find out what happens. I will not be parting with another cent on this or any future COD title.


      Respawn entertainment here I come.