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        LOL all you have to do is listen you can hear george from a mile off, the astronaut makes a weird sound if you can not deal with that stick with verruct.

        • 81. Re: No Astronaut/George type of zombies.

          hah, i always lead em to the balcony side, that way if i die, the guy by the window turns on the elctroshock and revives me after i crawl through! And striker, yh sure, ill add you

          • 82. Re: No Astronaut/George type of zombies.

            We do that also, first traps then revive... the only problem is that my mates get overwhelmed when they separate between mp40 area and balcony, and sometimes they get stuck on front area that leads downstairs... it's way safer to stay all 4 players on balcony - 1 defends the windows (with double barrel, it has 200x8 damage when shooting very close, great for windows) and 3 players camp on the front close to the traps switch, but 1 player can give fire support for windows and front. After traps go off, you can throw 1 monkey and then shoot at zombies till traps recharge for 30 sec, then emmidiately activate it again. It helps alot when 3 shoot from the same position, like on catwalk in der riese. Also, all need to buy betties and place them close to the window.

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              But sometimes even if you can hear them coming, especially at moon, you have no choice but to keep running and try to get around them because you have a bunch zombies chasing you and you can't just turn around and kill them all. Although it is true that astronaut zombies teleport you away they also do the most annoying thing any zombie could ever do...TAKE YOUR PERKS!!! I think that is the most annoying thing they ever put into zombies and really the only thing I want taken out is perk stealing zombies(space monkies and cosmonauts).

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                Yeah, i always make sure my mates stay on the balcony side, i'll have one on the window, one next to the window with a weapon like a chine lake to bombard the zombies, and 2 at the front near the box spawn. I'll aim for winters howl as i get the front, before getting mule kick, then i get 2 MGs and the Howl. I encourage everyone else to get ray gun and 2 MGs, that way, we can wait for a max ammo instead of buying guns. No one gets trapped then. I get the person at the window to make 1 crawler behind the window, and while everyone else goes to get stuff, he stays and keeps him out, then he goes gets stuff while someone else boards the window.


                And Pyric, i have a zombie more annoying....the pentagon thief.....he steals guns....that is SO much more worse than stealing perks lol

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                  I only camp in an area if the whole team has that kind of strategy. I simply adapt. In Verrukt, I always want to keep one of the power doors closed, otherwise, it just makes matters harder than they should. In Kino I tend to run about alot. In Der Riese I don't tend to enjoy staying in one place for to long. As for the dog rounds, I like them not because they are too difficult, frankly, solo the round flies over, its just that they have a more eerie zombie feel, and integrating them into the later rounds certainly added to the challenge of camping. I would love a return of dogs.


                  As for maps like Moon, I just felt they jumped too far to soon. If it may have been better to remain at Area51, then doing moon in Black Ops 2. But what's done is done. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing what happens next.

                  • 86. Re: No Astronaut/George type of zombies.

                    Yea, they are annoying, but they are what make zombies fun. I'm not gonna lie, I can't stand George, mainly because of the reason that when he yells he causes you to walk slow and that is what mainly kills me on COTD, but wothout him COTD would be too easy. COTD is my favorite Black Ops zombies map and without George it would just be too easy. As for the astronaut, I hate him. They can't take out any type of zombie like him, I don't care.

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                      I agree with you Pyric. I hate those perk stealing zombies, especially those damn monkeys.

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                        They're supposed be annoying. They don't want you staying in one place camping basically. They want you to get moving, explore the map.

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                          And then they put in the Denizens!

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