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    What guns are real in black ops 2 and shock are fake/made up

      My friend says all of the guns are real but i think some are real and some are fake. He claims he saw them at the war and peace show but thats bullshit. Also treyarch wouldnt be stupid enough to put every gun in 2025 that exist now because im pretty sure in 2025 they would have invented new ones

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          Re: What guns are real in black ops 2 and shock are fake/made up

          I meant which not shock

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            Re: What guns are real in black ops 2 and shock are fake/made up

            You know that quite a few weapons in real life that are used in militaries today are things that were created back in the 80s and beyond, right? Or at least merely updated from the original version of that weapon. Like the AK-47 turning into the AKM, then the AK-108, but still the same frame and workings. The Colt M1911, while not the main US military sidearm anymore, is still used by soldiers and that was made in, as it says, 1911, over 100 years ago. The Browning M2 .50 caliber heavy machine gun was also produced back in the 1920s.


            Basically, if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it.


            In terms of JUST the multiplayer, non-Scorestreak weapons (people can feel free to correct me as I'm no weapon expert):




            Assault Rifles:



            MTAR - Just a rename of the TAR-21, which was also in MW2, and real.


            Type 25 - While there's no actual "Type 25" in real life, it was actually originally going to be the Type 95 from MW3, which is the QBZ/"Type"-95 in real life (Chinese).


            SWAT-556 - Based on the SIG SG 550


            FAL OSW - Real


            M27 - Real


            SCAR-H - Real


            SMR - Based on the Saritch 308, a Russian assault rifle in development.


            M8A1 - Based on the XM8 assault rifle that was cancelled


            AN-94 - Real




            Submachine Guns:


            MP7 - Real


            PDW-57 - No actual weapon called that, but it's usually compared to the P90.


            Vector K10 - Real


            MSMC - Real


            Chicom CQB - Based on the JS 9mm


            Skorpion EVO - Real





            Light Machine Guns:


            MK48 - Real


            QBB LSW - Real


            LSAT - Real


            HAMR - Based on the HAMR IAR (Heat Adapted Modular Rifle) (International Automatic Rifle; competition), from the SCAR family. Never made it to production.






            Remington 870 MCS - Real. Was the Stakeout in Black Ops I.


            S (Saiga) 12 - Real


            KSG - Real


            M1216 - Real




            Sniper Rifles:


            SVU-AS - Not by that particular naming, but it's based on the Dragunov SVU (Russian)


            DSR-50 - Real.


            Ballista - Real


            XPR-50 - Not real.






            Five-Seven - Real.


            Tac-45 - Not by that name, but based on the FN FNP


            B23R - Not by that name, but based on the Beretta B93R


            Executioner - Not by that name, but based on the Taurus Judge revolver.


            KAP-40 - Not by that name, but based on the KRISS KARD.









            SMAW - Real


            FHJ-18 AA - Not by that name, but just a modernized Stinger Missile Launcher.


            RPG - Modernized-looking RPG-7.

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                Re: What guns are real in black ops 2 and shock are fake/made up

                No, you are wrong, here is why:


                The MTAR isn't 'just a rename of the TAR-21' it is a completely different carbine variant: the MICRO-Travor 21.


                The Chicomb is based on the A-91 Russian SMG.

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                  Re: What guns are real in black ops 2 and shock are fake/made up

                  Just some (way too many) corrections :3


                  The MTAR is a smaller version of the TAVOR or TAR 21


                  SWAT 556 is the sig 556 only the civilian version (i believe) this is noticed due to the size of the hand guard


                  the PDW 57 is a mix of FN P90 and MagPul PDW prototype (not sure if they released it)


                  the Chicom is a "throw-together" of a bunch of guns like the MagPul FPG (FMG 9 not original name) handle and a bunch of others

                  QBB LSW does not exist however resembles the QBB 95-1

                  HAMR is literally just a decked out Scar H (heavy)  lol even the drum mag is a standard today

                  SVU-AS is a real weapon

                  DSR-50 is actually just DSR-1

                  TAC-45 i a very slightly modified version of the FN-45

                  B23R dude, seriously? im pretty sure its damn near impossible to not see the resemblance to a tactical m1911 from today? even the slide exists as well as the hammer and the mag and the silencer (osprey somthing) and the sights. the only resemblance to the M93R is the burst shots and the corny name rip off


                  The Executioner and the Taurus Judge are exactly the same except for the barrel and the grip texture (stippling, easily done at home)


                  Kap 40 is the Kriss Kard with a MagPul look to it, also wtf? Kriss Kard, more like Piss Tard lol


                  Get you facts straight little boi

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