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        50. Re: Patch Update

        nintendon\'t wrote:


        Bad players are still going to blame DA controls either way. People give aim assist more credit then it's due. Like I was playing MW3 last night and was still accurate with little to no aim assist as well as pulling similar scores to BO2.


        I'd love for aim assist to be toned down just to see what the next scapegoat will be.

        Its not just aim assist though is it. You have more of it, more control, staying on target, less recoil, faster response. All these things combined just make them superior to the wiimote. No scapegoats needed. If aim assist is toned down and ALL the wiimote issues fixed, all i'll be is just happy. No need to gloat about it, just happy..

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          51. Re: Patch Update

          Yay, I hope this fixes the last few issues with the Wiimote.

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            52. Re: Patch Update

            plus nerfing the bejesus out of shotguns and pistols which are as deadly as sniper rifles

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              53. Re: Patch Update

              A_Trey_U wrote:


              We are wrapping up work on our next patch and hope to be submitting to Nintendo in the next day or two. 


              To those questioning our ability to get these out quicker, please understand that there is a process to this.  Fixes have to be implemented by various people in the studio (all teams, not just the Wii U team), brought over to the Wii U, then tested thoroughly before the update can go to Nintendo.  At that point, Nintendo spends time testing it on their end before releasing the patch to you.


              Once Nintendo supplies us with a date that we can expect the patch to go live, I will publish another update.  Sometimes they give us a few days warning, sometimes they give us a few hours warning.  I will do the best I can to get you the information you are asking for in a timely manner.




              If only the game was "tested thoroughly" before going on sale.

              Perhaps if it had then i could go on multiplayer without getting screwed over by the lag compensation.

              How the hell am i supposed to kill any body when i get 3 seconds of lag?

              the game is unplayable with wiimote.


              It looks as if i was right, support for the wii u is a joke just like it was on the wii.

              Its no wounder the wii/u comunity gets smaller every year.


              So when can i expect to get the patch to fix the lag camp and wiimote?

              it would be nice to play the game thats cost me the best part of £400 without getting insta killed by the invisable man.

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                54. Re: Patch Update

                Hmmm...I wonder who this could be? Think your being a bit harsh in my opinion.

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                  55. Re: Patch Update

                  You can't say the community is getting smaller because of a problem that you've had alot. I rarely ever have that problem and if you do alot change the NAT settings and get better internet.

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                    56. Re: Patch Update

                    Wow, can't wait for that patch to come out even though i'm a Wii U Pro Controller Player mostly, hopefully in time we will get that COD experience that we desperately want for so long, we are getting very close though. So, hopefully in due time Wii U will be exactly the same as the PS3 or Xbox 360 counterparts.

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                      57. Re: Patch Update

                      the community is getting smaller, there are less people online compared to mw3 and blops1.


                      FYI my Nat is open and portforward has been done and i am on 100mb/10mb Internet with 5ms ping.

                      the wii u has also been tested direct to the modem and has the same problem.

                      some how don't think its my Internet or network setup.


                      I think it would be a good idea for you to do you research before commenting.

                      the fault is due to an error with the lag compensation being to high.

                      on slow broadband like 10mb you wont see it, but if you are on 100mb it will be very noticeable.

                      200ms on 10mb is ok but is the same as 2 seconds on 100mb which would screw even the best players.


                      any body that thinks lag comp is BS should watch these videos.







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                        58. Re: Patch Update

                        Or it's small because it's a new console that recently came out...

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                          59. Re: Patch Update

                          What is traditionally called your download speed (10mb or 100mb)  is hardly important.  You only need a 1mb connection to play this game without issues.  It doesn't transmit that much data.  What is important is the connection stays consistent in that speed.  What's even more important is the stability as far as ping time, packet loss, and jitter are concerned.  If you have a 100mb connection, and little Timmy has a 10mb connection, but your ping times, stability and jitter are the same, you won't see a difference.

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