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        60. Re: Patch Update

        it's def not the console.

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          61. Re: Patch Update

          Agree. People have to remember that the Wii U is brand new, in a tough economy, came out near Xmas, and is geared more towards kid titles. Plus, BO2 is a mature title (even though for some reason some parents let their squeakers play). Those getting a Wii U will most likely buy Super Mario and NintendoLand first, then get around to BO2 or AC3. Those already having PS3 or Xbox will get BO2 for those systems, not so much the Wii U due to familiar control/gameplay and allies.  Those who didn't play COD on the old Wii and got the Wii U, will get it for other titles - family friendly, etc. I don't know what it will take to get more COD on the Wii U. DLC and gameplay/connectivity/controller patches will help because I know many aren't buying it because of those things. Some stopped playing because of those things. But still, even if those holding out do buy it once issues are resolved...I don't think it's that many. I bought the Wii U because of COD and wiimote gameplay. Supposedly 23,000 Wii U copies of BO2 were sold before Christmas. Where those people are, is beyond me...but that's a really really low number. 1 in 18 Wii U owners got the game? Yikes.

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            62. Re: Patch Update

            lol omg its a new game calm down its not getting smaller if its growing everyday. And if you have low bars all the time u need to change your connection speed to best to find the better internet for you. Setting it to any will always give you ppl to play with but bad internet...which is your complaint. But like I said, personally I rarely have trouble with ppl lagging. And just an FYI: I have it on xbox and alot of ppl lag themselves on purpose in order to piss ppl like you off and get easy kills...

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              63. Re: Patch Update

              And why wouldn't there be a higher population on mw3 and b ops1 they've been out forever, and aren't even for wii u.

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                64. Re: Patch Update

                Now every time i log in I'm gonna me looking up at the top of the page ins slow motion.  Eyes widening. Jaw dropping and then into a huge smile.  Hoping the update will be there. 

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                  65. Re: Patch Update

                  Man, I feel your pain and im like you in the UK, so suffer the same BS and have been stating this since day 1 - I shelled out £350 too just to play this game.


                  The problem isnt lag comp, your way off the mark. Trust me ive researched this. OUR problem is 2 fold, firstly we are in the UK, so our internet isnt on a par with the states, and there`s not many players over our side of the pond, so we mainly play on US hosts - meaning our PING which is VERY important in FPS goes thru the roof. Basically your internet speed is from your router to your local internet station, I live in Preston and my station is in stockton on tee`s, so its miles away, but my speeds good at between 12&14 down. Your ping is the time it takes to send info from your router to another router which means it goes from your router to your station, to their station, to their router, and then back to you via the same direction.


                  Test your ping here www.pingtest.net


                  Firsty test it to a UK server, you can choose your location, and then test it to a location in the states, any big place will do, washington or wherever. And you`ll see why your at such a disadvantage. My ping to london, the other side of the country, is 45, my ping to somewhere in europe like germany/russia is around 55/60, then my ping to dallas is like 460!! THIS is the reason why I die to invisible men, and I have NO reaction time whatsoever.


                  This was proven to me yesterday, as I normaly play UK evening time due to family/work etc , so im playing in prime time amercian play time, so I play 99% on US host and this makes me suck badly. BUT yesterday I had a day off work, and played in the morning, from say 11am till 3pm on and off, and my scores resembled my MW3 and BO1 days. Every game finished with 6000/7000 xp with scores roughly 37-7,46-6, 54-12, 28-2 etc etc etc, great connection on a european host. Came back last night, needing to do level 54 and 55 to prestige, and it took me ALL night - it was same old same old, couldnt kill anyone , could cap any flags, 0.5 secs behind everyone, negative every game, bullets not working, makes me feel sooooooooooooo bad I dont want to play.


                  The problem isnt as bad on ps3/xbox, as they have a huge playerbase in the UK, so tend to play on UK hosts whatever time of day. We on the other hand, have maybe 1200 players in europe, probably 300/400 in the UK, wheras there`s 2500+ in the states, so the majority of games whenever you play , will be on a US host.  Log on now, and there`ll be 1200 online, as the US guys are at school/work . Log on tonight when they all get home, and there`ll be 3800 online.


                  I no longer know who`s any good, and who just has a good connection. Ive seen players go 84-4, and then go 8-30 in the next game.


                  Thing is , I dont recall it being this bad after the 1st hotfix, then after the 2nd hotfix it all went pear shaped.

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                    66. Re: Patch Update

                    Hi beast! your ping sucks fella. I am waiting for pauly to jump on my back here! i live in Rochdale and my internet is 3mp down and 0.37 up! thats the best i can get until March 2013 when BT lay some proper line! however I purchased a bt broadband accelerator for £7 and it increases download and ping!!


                    yeah it does pauly! but only if you have the right phone socket! if you have one that has open log it has one included! look up on google it to see if it can help you. However since fitting mine a week ago this has happened.


                    Ping UK has gone from 75 to 39 and ping to USA has gone from 290 to 120! I have seen better connection on games later at night and not having the issues of ghost players! give it a look and it may help you. Pauly is screwed as he can't have one on hos socket! so is hoping they fix lag comp etc.


                    I was surprised with your oing to USA with such good broadband speeds so I hope this might be an option for you.

                    Last Edited: Jan 24, 2013 6:03 AM
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                      67. Re: Patch Update

                      I just did a ping test, its 59 with no packet loss, 4ms jitter in the uk. Then I did one to michigan, where a friend of mine lives, it went up to 150, but with no packet loss, but with 1ms jitter. Not bad really, is it? I have roughly 3.6 down..

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                        68. Re: Patch Update

                        I think the problem is the provider who supply Sky - not sure what its called - but it says "may be at a disadvantage in online gaming".


                        The max speed we can have on our lines is 14mb, coz I looked at the sky fibre optic connection, which is like 200mb up and wasnt that much more expensive, but apparently we have old phone lines that cant handle the speed and we`d need a full phone line installation which costs a fortune, so screw that. BT fibre optic isnt available around here yet.


                        I`ll do a quick test now, i`ll post results in 2 mins.


                        PS Jitter is when your screen shakes, you want a 0 or 1

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                          69. Re: Patch Update

                          Here`s to the UK>




                          And here`s to San Francisco>




                          Jitter 31 FFS! Is it any wonder I cant get headshots

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