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    Take the franchise back to WW2 in the November 2013 release?

      Hey, it's been a while since i posted here due to the fact i haven't had much gaming time over the past 6 months. However, i put Black Ops, MW2 and WaW in the other day and had a quick spin on all of them. I found that Black Ops has become slightly more enjoyable than when i first played it, MW2 is a break away from serious gameplay and is fun, but most importantly i really enjoyed playing WaW and i found myself to be missing the times when that game was huge in numbers, with content being released and the zombie hype train really being built up. I personally feel that with all the learning curves the 2 dev's have taken with the previous 3 titles and the one to come this November, Call of Duty set in WW2 would be the right time to do it again.


      Imagine an up-to-date version of WaW, bugs fixed, more dynamic game modes, more weapons (obviously from the era), improvements on gameplay + graphics, the pro's to this would be endless. Plus i've also noticed everyone seems to be straying away from WW2 games in the past 3 years therefore i feel hitting back to this era with the new technologies that have been developed in the past 3 years would make such a title a huge success.


      This is my thoughts, go ahead and discuss what you think