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    Fresh Start 6th/.21 back to 1

      LOL I just decided to do the fresh start so I would have a reason to use two of my favorite guns in the game, the svu and mk48 well make that three if you include the mtar. I was a 6th prestige at rank 21. Playes some yseterday and made it back from 1 allready to rank 21 again still 0 prestige but that is ok, I got a nice little eraser to show for it, worth more to me than the master prestige emblem because it shows I was not afraid to give it all up and I did it at a higher prestige than most will ever do.


      Who else has reset their stats on purpose and did it at a higher prestige than just 1?

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          Re: Fresh Start 6th/.21 back to 1

          I done a fresh start a week after i prestige mastered...


          Had diamond smg's and 14 days played...the game is way too easy to unlock fully so i decided to go back and try again and improve my stats..


          I didnt do too well the first time around and didnt care much for stats and was always getting told i was crap because my K/D was around 1...so put a bit of effort in this time and now have 1.75 k/d...8 w/l....and 310 spm on HC CTF..


          Just wanted to prove a point really...on first prestige lvl55 and thinking of fresh start again but dont know if i can be bothered with it again...the game takes no skill in my opinion

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            Re: Fresh Start 6th/.21 back to 1

            I just hit Prestige Master yesterday and am getting bored. I've unlocked most of the titles that had any worth as far as in-game prestige goes, only to find that people are boosting most of them. With that being said, because my K/D and W/L went from 1.67 and 1.84 to 1.23 and .77, I'm thinking about hitting that Fresh Start button, and getting titles as I go, and focus more on things like Accuracy, W/L, K/D and manage my guns, scorestreaks, lethals, and tacticals better.


            I'm gonna pull that trigger withina  few days I'm sure. Did it in MW3, and was happy...

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