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    I was wrong

      Basically all this post is for is to admit that I was wrong in what I assumed that the peacekeeper would not be for MP. I have it and have used it, it is not OP like some cry, it is a good inbetween gun, similar to the FAD from MW3, which also was a smg/ar hybrid, though not called that by IW.


      The good of it is that there can be other guns and things added to the game now they have figured out how. The bad of it is that in order for anyone to stay competitive you will have to always get the dlc to get the new weapon/perk/streak/equipment or get left behind.


      Who knows maybe one day, they will make a game with just 4 of each type or maybe even less and the rest will have to be purchased in order to use. So only those that buy the extras will have them and thus always have an advantage over those that do not.

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          So was I . I assumed that they would just be in the DLC map sets only.


          Not many people here will admit they were wrong.

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              When clearly pointed out that I am and shown the proof I have nothing to fear in admitting it. It does nothing to hurt my self image by doing so. But getting enough proof or getting the devs to actually do something like this so I have to has not happened often in this game.


              Plus having the devs prove me wrong was actually a fun thing in its own way for me. It shows they are still trying to find new ways to change and improve the game. Not nearly as flashy as some may want, but still yet they did do something that in past games was not possible for them.


              Which proves that they do listen and try things, maybe not exactly what the community wants all the time, but then again that is not always a possible thing to do either.

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              I wish they would sell guns and camo! Gears sold animated camo online if I remember correct. I would buy new guns for sure!

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                Op. the game is Farr if from being pay to play. You don't need to purchase to stay competitive as the pk is not te god gun.


                If you are a competitive player as in you go to mlg. Ten maybe you will need to buy the maps to stay competitive but it has been that way for years.


                Funny that you make this post like anyone actually cared you were claiming it was a someone's only weapon. No need to post and pout.



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                    ** derp "zombies only weapon"


                    Why can't I edit while on iPhone grr.

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                      Yes at this current time it is far from being that. But who is to say that the next game they make and relase will not be that way? There is nothing really stoping them from doing this.


                      I was not pouting . I was one that constantly said it would not be for MP. I was simply admiting that I was wrong. You really know nothing about why I made this post it seems. If you think I am pouting than you really need to take another look.


                      For I do not pout about things like this.

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                      SSSSSSSSSHHHHHHH dammit dont give em any ideas on how to milk MORE money out of us!!!


                      Plus, being able to hold ones hands up and admit they were wrong is beneficial to self image IMO.