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    Probation Experiment



      In the above thread that was started yesterday, what causes probation was brought up and I had offered to experiment to see if I can help the community figure out the probation guidelines.


      Constants: Played Hardcore Kill Confirmed and before quiting each game, I made sure to choose my class first.


      First Experiment: I quit 3 games in a row and received probation for 5 minutes.


      Second Experiment: I quit 3 games in a row, 9 minutes apart, to come to 18 minutes and still received my probation.


      Third Experiment: I quit 3 games in a row, 14 minutes apart coming to 28 minutes, DID NOT receive probation.


      Theory: If you quit 3 games within 20 minutes, you will receive probation.


      Also, I was able to play throughout last night without probation having any effect on me including after getting kicked for accidently teamkilling 3 teammates because they ran in front of me when I was laying down gunfire with an LMG w/ FMJ through a wall.


      I could have experimented more, but that took 2 hours and quite frankly, wanted to play with my clan.


      If you want to add to this, please do. This thread is NOT about opinions of probation, but what causes it.