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    Switched from PS3 to Wii U version

      ... and it's been an interesting time, to say the least.


      I paid $59.99 (cdn) for the PS3 version, and $59.99 for the Wii U version - same price, not the same game.


      It seems that this was a quick port.  And that worked for awhile, and I think that most players were expecting the game to "catch up" gradually with the other versions found the other two big consoles.  Heck, I still hope that it will be the case.  After all the latest hoopla... I still prefer the Wii U version: better graphics, controls (IMHO) and community.


      However... at 3000 (tops) players actively using the game in multiplayer mode, versus over 300,000+ on the PS3 (not even gonna guess for Xbox 360), this version will never be a high priority.  The numbers say it all.


      While I'm sure that the people working on the Wii U version are dedicated to their tasks, their time to implement the fixes is probably limited.  And they probably don't have the ressources that they would like.


      So... we 3000 players have to wait.  And hope for the best.  Hopefully, the fix will come out soon for the last issues and that will help.


      Lastly... and I have to say this because I played it on the PS3:




      This would go a looooooong way with many frustrated players.  Just saying :-)