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    Okay Treyarch, getting quite sick of dying on the way down to the AN-94 by nothing.

      This is like the 8th time i've died on the way down, by nothing at that. This area is just in general glitchy.


      I'm not dying because a zombie hit me first or mid jump, I know this because 4 out of 8 of these are at the end of the round on my way to buy AN-94 ammo with one crawler left. I'd have noticed a zombie behind me.

      I jump to the first ledge, wait a second for my health just to be sure, and drop another time and die. Really? REALLY?

      One time I even got wedged in the last hole you fall through just before landing in front of the AN-94, I died because I couldn't move and a zombie eventually hit me.

      You can't tell me no one testing this map went down from this forcing them to try and fix it. I mean seriously...

      I don't yet know what causes you to go down but it damn sure keeps happening me over and over :l