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    Stats corrupted and rank reset from playing Local match

      System: Xbox 360


      Gamertag: Sakuya 24


      It's been a few days since I sent Cutpurse a message, tried live chat support, and nothing was fixed yet and the game is still unplayable because everything is locked or corrupted. Before this happened I was level 53, 2nd Prestige.


      - Level went down to 52, 2nd prestige

      - Unlocked a lot of titles I never had before like Mastery for guns I never use and Nuclear

      - Lost a lot of titles like Bouncing Betty Kills V

      - Lost all unlocked sights for Reflex, ACOG, and EOTech attachments

      - Lost all unlock tokens I never used

      - Lost the two extra CAC Slots I unlocked

      - Lost the permenant unlocks I got

      - Perks, Lethal, Tactical, and Wildcards all got locked again

      - Lost all Combat Knife camo, had only Skulls left before getting Gold

      - Most camo I had before this happend is still unlocked

      - Any attachments I had for guns is still unlocked

      - Stats are messed up, like a total of 1 Combat Axe used with 9 kills, to 0 Bouncing Betties used with 2.0119552e+008 kills

      - All emblems I made are still saved

      - Combat Summary shows UAV as deadliest Scorestreak, with 27983872 kills, while Scorestreaks shows 1 UAV used with 2 assists