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    Band Hero & Guitar Hero F.A.Q/Help


      It seems a lot of people bought Band hero for Christmas and I would like to help them. I'll be updating this with any more problems people have. I'm doing this mostly for PS3, so if someone can help me with compatibility with Wii/360.


      If you want to find a certain bit of information quickly, press Ctrl F


      If you are having problems with gameplay, like what is the star or purple note? How do you play with the guitar, eg. pressing buttons and strumming, please play through the Tutorials


      Guitar Hero : World Tour, Guitar Hero Metallica, Guitar Hero Smash Hits, Guitar Hero Van Halen, Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero are all part of the "Hero" Band Franchise. So these games are not in the same company as Rock Band


      Guitar Hero World Tour and Band Hero are the only 2 games which come in a "Band Bundle", which includes the game, Guitar, Mic, Drums. The Guitar and Drums in these bundles are wireless, and for the PS3 only require a Wireless Adapter which is included in the band Bundle, or with the Standalone instruments.


      All these games require different controllers to play different instruments:


      To play as Guitar or Bass you need a Guitar Peripheral, like this:

      A Bass doesn't need a specific Bass Controller.


      To use drums you need something like this:


      To use the microphone, you need to use a Normal PS3/360/Wiimote controller.


      On the Instrument controllers, Green is continue and Red is back.


      When you want to play solo, navigate the menus with your instrument.

      So if you want to play drums, control the menus with your drums, then go to Quickplay. Same for Guitar/Bass. If you want to do vocals, control the menus with your normal control. (See Above)

      For Guitar Hero : World Tour, Guitar Hero Metallica, Guitar Hero Smash Hits and Guitar Hero Van Halen to play as a Band, 2 players - 4 players. Go to Quickplay, then band. The same applies for "Career" Mode.


      For Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero you have 3 options to play as a Band.

      An easy way to choose these modes are by selecting Quickplay or Career, they will both take you to the same Lobby. In this Lobby, you can choose; you character, difficulty, mode (Quickplay, Career, Competitive) and extras (Cheats).

      If you playing by yourself, or not with a full band, then you choose hat you want the other players to look like as well, by going down to Band Lineup. To finish choosing what your band looks like, go press Red/ Circle.


      When the game starts up, there is a song playing and you can join in or skip to the main menu. This is called "Party Play". You can go to this mode by hitting the blue pad on the drums on the main menu. This mode doesn't allow you to fail, and allows anyone to join in and leave, change difficulty, hand switch without failing, stopping or pausing the song. Any instrument can join and during the song you can press Start and while the song continues, change settings, playlist or song.


      DLC/ Importing Songs

      DLC stands for Downloadable Content. These are additional songs you can buy for the game online


      Gonna add DLC/Import, E Drums, different drums, compatibility,