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    Match making and quitting problems

      So I have a few complaints about this game that make me want to rip my hair out while playing. I am playing alone, I am almost never in a party, so playing public matches can become very unbalanced very quickly.


      1. You can not tell if a group of people are in a party just by looking

          - When I join a game I'd like to know if I'm facing a big group or just two players. As I am playing by myself this information can make the difference if I want to stay in the match or look for another.


      2. The party speak sign might be up for 6 people but those people might not be together

          - Can you tell me who is in a party with who? If I see 6 people with team speak on, I am not going to play them because I know if I get an advantage and get behind them they will be calling it out, or they will be coordinating, lessoning my chances of going on a run, however if it was 3 groups of 2 people I would be less concerned, and would probably play that game.


      3. There is no way to play a game where parties are not allowed

         - This could be solved with the same game play modes that didn't allow parties


      4. When a team with a party is doing well people start to quit.

         - This only makes it worse for the other team


      5. There is no real incentive to keep someone from quitting a game.

          - If you're on a team that's doing badly the hit to your stats might not be worth the small bonus for finishing the map. So why not quit? The problem is that other people on your team might not be doing so badly so there might not be any hit to their stats other than the loss of a game. However if you're playing a 12 person game and two people quit your team, and are not replaced, the other team has a huge frustrating advantage.


      6. There is ZERO incentive to stay in a game if you are a replacement player.

          - when I come into a game I usually give it the old college try, but when my team has less than 2:00 minutes left and the other team has three kill streaks out I'm going to quit. I know I'm going to get a loss on my record either way, the match bonus at the end will be tiny, and the chances that I'll be randomly killed because of or by the killstreak (that I didn't help contribute to by my death, and probably are from the guy that I replaced) are high.




      How you could solve these problems.

      Fix it where people can see parties, color coding would be fine. All the people in one party would have their name's with a light blue, the next party light red, the next party light green, and so on. Or even that color dot by their names.


      a trackable system that allows players to to build up credits. For every game you come in as a replacement you will be garanteed 1 start in a fresh game (30 seconds or less have passed). For every game you quit you lose a credit from that pile. And a way to spend those credits (in other words I can build those up and at some point cash those in). While it might take you longer to find a game at least you'll know you'll be starting even.


      a behind the scenes system that for every game you complete it lessens the chances of you being placed as a replacement player, with something that tells the player this information so they know why they keep getting put into a half finished game over and over.


      or a combination of those last two. Or another stat that would be visible to everyone else, a shame stat of "games quit." Someone with a really high K/D might not seem as impressive if their games quit stats were 15%