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    Suicides in core TDM? Theories


      So during last nights pub stomp a guy and his buddy became so irritated on the other team they started c4ing themselves over and over again on Aftermath. We were kind of laughing but I still sit here wondering why in the world why someone would do that. Im not suggesting it matters because of stats, I just dont see how it was funny and it doesnt effect the score outside of the idea that it was like the team being down a couple guys. The one guy finished 1-87, the other 1-47. I never did find where they were doing it as I snipe on the map and dont go running around, but I'm curious as what the mentality behind doing something like this would be, as they did not dashboard. Theories?

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          To prove that they don't care.

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            TDM's SBMM is based of SPM. They have the wrong assumption that it's KDR. What they did was pointless. If they want to get matched with lesser competition then they should lower their SPM if they're primarily TDM players. 

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                Sup super, Ive never seen anything anywhere that stated it was based on SPM. Is this just a theory?

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                    It's not a theory but based on my TDM matchmaking experience. I play solo most of the time and I'm getting matched with players who have SPMs near or above my level but the KDR varies. The KDR can be higher or lower but the only constant thing on my playlist is the SPM. Almost half the people on my lobbies have similar SPM. That's what I noticed on my side of matchmaking. Three out of four of my public lobbies have this SBMM scenario where the SPM of a lot of players are almost identical.


                    Try this with your squad... make the person with the lowest SPM the party leader and you'll guys will be matched with people near the party leader's SPM. Try it with the one with the highest SPM and the competition will be tougher.


                    Oh, and I can't hear you guys the other day. I know you guys are calling plays but I can't hear you. I'm a noob when it comes to parties. Sorry. I've been playing solo since I got my XBOX years ago.

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                        I really don't think that there is a SBM system built into the public playlists.  If there is one than it does a very poor job.

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                          Its funny because they could achieve the same thing by simply finding a quiet area and just hiding there all match. Let them ruin their precious KDRs

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                            I know its been stated that MM is based on Location/ping first, and skill second, but theyve never said what they use as a skill determination. I've paid a lot of attention to the rooms and stats of the people I get put into rooms with, and we have tried having others host with different SPM and K/Ds and there really seems to be no pattern whatsoever in my opinion. 


                            What I think is that Location/ping and skill are weighted differently where as Location ping would be like 95% of the MM decision and 5% on wither SPM or K/D to the point where you wouldnt even notice.

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                                I heavily notice skillbased MM.


                                It used to be I noticed SPM...now I notice nothing but K/D MM.


                                I would say pre-revolution, it appeared it was 65% based on ping 35% based on SPM with 0 focus on k/d(maybe 5% on k/d if anything).




                                Post-revolution it seems like its 40% based on ping 10% based on SPM and 50% based on K/D. That has been my experience thus far. As a result, games are annoying, laggier as hell, and I can't get a normal non-supercamper game to save the life of me.




                                Now I'm not saying these are the actual MM programmed values...But this has been my personal evaluation of the crap I have received. I didn't mind the old MM system pre-revolution. I just didn't like the revenge spawns and certain lag issues. Those issues are now worse.

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                                Dont be afraid to talk to us BTW. We are strange but we are a tight knit group. Have been playing together since the first rainbow game for the orig xbox.

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                              Actually its the opposite.


                              It USED to be based off of SPM. When I originally played up until the patch just before DLC, the one consistent trait was that everyone had consistently good SPM...I generally saw 200-500 SPM lobbies. However, the K/D ranged...and actually had more less than 1.0 k/d players(which makes sense...as there are more players below 1.0 playing the game than any other group).


                              Usually I saw 6 players of 1.0 or less k/d. 3-4 players of 1.0 to 1.3 kd and there was me(slowly raised...but it was usually 1.4 to 1.55 at this time). and then 1 to 2 players with higher k/d which could be anything from 1.3 to 5.0.




                              After the patch happened. SPM is all over the place...but usually im 1-2 highest spots on SPM. I see more lobbies with players of LOW SPM now, rather than higher SPM.


                              However almost everyone in the lobby nowadays has over a 1.0 K/D ratio...usually averaging around 1.75, and theres ALWAYS 1-2 players with a 2.0 to 3.5 k/d ratio.


                              I'm not sure what they did, but they need to return to the old system. The lobbies don't even make sense anymore. Why is everyone in the lobby a 1.0k/d + ??????? That isn't even logically possible to maintain. All you are doing is lowering everyones K/D and SPM in the lobbies. (I will admit I am still barely raising mine...but before the patch I ended with a weekly of 400 and 4.0...and a monthly in the 300 and 3.0 range....now I have weeklies/monthly of about 270-285 SPM and 1.75 k/d. I certainly didn't get miraculously worse. All that changed is I'm now ONLY playing against good players and super campers. (And if its one thing i hate its super campers...they slow down the game for everyone and force me to move at a pace I hate.)


                              This also causes another problem. Since its focusing more on K/D than latency...games have also gotten laggier as a result.

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                                  I guess you hate me because I'm a super camper. I mean my GT is Super Camper 88 and I'm not kidding.


                                  I just don't get it why we are experiencing different results. Is this your experience on TDM or another game mode? There are days and times that the SPM is what groups me and other players and there are times where it's all whacked. Most of the time I'm getting matrched based on SPM even up to this day specially at night. Daytime gaming varies. 

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                                      I mostly play TDM. It might be different on another game mode however. It could be they set TDM to K/D basis rather than SPM. However, I would rather they kept it SPM based, because there was more variety in the games when it was like that for me.


                                      If you are playing TDM and getting a different experience...than I'm not sure what is happening. Maybe they have it set to some sort of elaborate system based on histories to determine whether they focus on PING, SPM, or KD for players in that instance.


                                      All I know is I'm getting hammered by K/D MM atm. I like playing good players sometimes. I like playing full lobbies of good players sometimes. I like playing teams sometimes. I don't like playing high K/D teams and good K/D players in a full lobby 24/7.




                                      Also I don't like camping because it slows the game down. If I want to watch the grass blow or stare, I'll look out my window. When I don't see a new player in 10 second intervals...it becomes frustrating. Also, highscore killstreaks are almost impossible to get in games where tons of players camp in TDM. You have to be so careful, that its hard to get the necessary score even with EMP. And it spreads the Kills around so even if you don't die...your unlikely to get the higher scorestreaks in camp-style games, because the game either ends just before or just as you acquire them.


                                      I like games where I can get high scorestreaks at the halfway mark in TDM if I do really well, and don't die.


                                      As it is...with the increase in K/D...I don't even see people pulling off stealth chopper or AGR let alone Lodestar, VTOL, Dogs, or swarm.


                                      I like scorestreaks. I've now switched to Care Package as a slot, that I might in rare cases get some good streaks because of the change.

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                                  I have a similar story from two nights ago. Same map: Aftermath. The exception being that the guys were on my team, not the other team.


                                  One was like 3-47 and the other seeme to be around 2-30 something.


                                  I noticed that I kept hearing a lot of explosions. I was killed once and when I respawned, I was running to my right when the guy beside me blew up, which also blew the vehicle up near me. I thought for a second someone on the other team threw a Hunter Killer. But then, I respawned again and the same thing happened. I hit Select and realized one was 1-30 something. I realized he and his buddy were killing themselves.


                                  I'm assuming they were part of the party of the other team and were trying to help them out. I guess whomever got on the other team would just mess around. I couldn't figure anything else out.


                                  The funny part is, we won. So us playing two men down didn't hurt us.


                                  I'm also assuming that they were a part of the other party because they left with the other team when the match ended.


                                  I don't know this for sure, but the evidence seems to point towards it. They could have been doing it just for kicks and giggles, but who knows. I don't find it to be common, but it does happen and when it does, it seems that they are trying to help out the other team.


                                  I mean, killing yourself 40-50 times in a row can't be fun, right?

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                                    Saw something similar, though, imo, more entertaining, on Carrier.  Two or three dudes were dolphin diving (almost synchronized) off the boat again and again.  Very amusing to watch.