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    [NZP] World's #1 ZOMBIES Clan | 1000+ Members | High Rounds



      I want to share my clan with this nice community as this site is filled with potential recruits and Zombie enthusiast.


      Are you a skilled, mature, friendly, team-oriented Zombie player in need of other players with similar skill?


      If so, let us suggest that you join the World's Number One Zombies Clan, [NZP] -- THE NAZI ZOMBIE PROS!




      Clan site:



      YouTube channel:



      Twitter account:



      Facebook page:






      The Nazi Zombie Pros [NZP] is a non-glitching/hacking/modding (excludes playing custom PC Maps/Mods) clan for Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead, Dead Island, any any other games featuring Zombies.


      We are a dedicated clan whose members are very skilled and play with teamwork and skill while overall having a fun time.


      We feature an organized, fun forum where members can sit back and chat or post in threads discussing any topics they like, so long as it conforms to the rules.


      We also feature some awesome tournaments with nice prizes. More information on this can be found below


      The Nazi Zombie Pros Clan was founded May 7th, 2011, by TECH9CIANofABQ.





      Do you want to be part of our clan? Here's the requirements you need to join:


      * Round 25 on all or MOST maps

      * Access to microphone for communication

      * Age 15+





      Past tournaments:


      "Rezurrection Tournament" -- Free Rezurrection Map Pack -- PS3 -- Ended


      "Halloween Havoc" -- Special Title & Award -- PS3 -- Ended


      "Not So Merry Christmas" -- Free Modern Warfare 3 -- Xbox 360 -- Ended


      "King of Kings Tournament" -- Free Modern Warfare 3 -- PS3 -- Ended



      Besides tourneys, we also regular have OFFICIAL clan games that are usually recorded for upload on our Clan YouTube Channel. Also, any member can plan a game at any time!





      [quote]To be honest, it was an awesome decision, I've made new friends that wants to play zombies, and the most part everyone is awesome here, I don't regret joining this clan. This is a laid back awesome community of players that want to get to high rounds and have fun with it...[/quote] -- The Bodacious


      [quote]I have so many new people I can always play zombies with and all the ones I have played with so far have lived up to the expectations of "Pro".[/quote] -- boofooman














      If you are interested in joining, please visit our site and register an account then post an application in the "New Members" board. You will be notified if you are accepted shortly.

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