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    Why Black Ops 2 is a WASTE on the PS3


      I recently just got blacks ops 2 on the PS3 and yes it is a good game but not as good as MW3. However I understand that COD games are made for the xbox 360, fine that's okay.

      Blackops 2 on the ps3 for me is an epic fail. for example:
      Bad connection (the lag in the game is just crazy)
      The game keeps freezing on my ps3. I will be lucky if i mange to play 4 bops2 straight games before it freeze.
      The game itself also freezes for about 4 to 10 seconds then carry’s on from where it froze.


      I don’t.t mean to be rude but come on. Ps3 gamers paid the same price for the game as xbox360 gamers. Probably even more by PS3 gamers. At least the best thing the developers can do is actually fix the game so that it runs smoothly on the ps3 and if you are not prepared to do these for the ps3 then next time make sure that the next cod games are half price for ps3 gamers then we won’t have to COMPLAIN because at the end of the day ps3 gamers paid a full price for the game and we are only playing half of the game because the other half does not work.


      This issue is not just about me but by a lot of ps3 gamers who are also experiencing the same problem. I seriously don't understand how you people do your job because every year we always complain about the same issue over and over and over. Mainly lag and sometimes freezing.


      So for the next cod games, don’t even bother with campaign, multiplayer, perks, guns, kill streaks or any other pointless stuff. Your next goal is to fix only 2 things which are the lags and the game consistent freezing.


      By the way i am not just some random person complaing. I play a lot of cod games and my 30+ lonewolf champion badges and over 40+ elite prizes will show for it.


      I think cod elite still owes me 1 or 2 prizes they have not delivered yet. lol