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    Looking for anyone who wants to play GH for the Wii.

      I play Guitar Hero: Legends of Rock, World Tour, and Warriors of Rock. Unfortunately, I don't have any Wii firends to start a band with, and I know I could always use my Musicians' List for WoR, but not the other 2. And I also feel I need to add that I have EST (US), so don't forget to think about your day and nighttime hours. I can usually play between 5:00-9:00 PM. (Or 17:00-21:00 if you have a 24-hour clock).


      I play Expert guitar/bass, but I do have a microphone now (never used it before though, haha). Sadly though, I don't have a drum set.


      Leave your Wii Friends' Code below if you're interested (>^-^)>


      Here's mine: 5517 8058 3626 0835


      World Tour Friends' Roster Code: 3868 4465 8230


      Legends of Rock Friends' Roster Code: 0648 2713 0688


      Skype Account: jurgencarmeitder


      NEW! Kik Messanger: Mithrim

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