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    Responsibility and Accountability are what’s missing

      I’m not sure what caused the shift in gamer style but the change is definitely for the worse. I can’t blame it solely on BO2 but I believe that it has definitely contributed to the “New” gamer style of play. This “New” style is one of selfishness and greed. There is no longer a need to accept responsibility for how you play or have any accountability for your own actions. I’ve been playing COD online since Modern Warfare and to see the playing styles and attitudes change over the years was something of the norm. But for some reason BO2 has brought out the absolute worst in a lot of people.


      I was playing HC KC yesterday and during the entire match this teenage boy was whining the whole time. At one point I seriously thought he was going to cry because he kept dying. Instead of adjusting or changing to a better setup he kept going on trying to solicit sympathy. He spent the whole match blaming the other team for cheating, glitching, lagging, etc…None of his deaths were his fault. On another match playing HC KC I ran into the “Tag Thieves”. These are the guys who can’t kill anyone so they steal your tags so they can get their Scorestreaks. Then you have the guy’s who will shoot their own teammate so they can steal their Care Package. Oh and let’s not forget about the guy who tries to rage at you because he got killed running in front of your weapon while you were putting rounds down range.


      What happened to playing towards the objective? What happened to helping your team win the match? I can’t believe how selfish and inconsiderate the new gamers have become. Don’t get me wrong, I get irritated when I get killed and it seemed a little BS but I don’t scream into the mic like a little baby. I don’t expect to win every match but when I do lose I want to adjust and figure out how to correct in order to win the next one.


      I am curious to know if any others out there notice this trend as well.