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    Prestige…a brief history of what it meant to be max Prestiged




      1. The level of respect at which one is regarded by others; standing.
      2. A person's high standing among others; honor or esteem.
      3. Widely recognized prominence, distinction, or importance:


      Long ago, well 2007, there was this game called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and in this game there was a land called Multi-player. In this land of Multi-player you were able to control your character and level this character up in rank. Once you had achieved your highest level of rank you could then and only then make the choice to Prestige or not.


      Prestige at that time meant that you were willing to sacrifice all the time you had previously invested in reaching that maximum level of rank and exchange your rank for a new emblem. This emblem would signify to all those that saw it that you were willing to sacrifice your previous levels, unlocks, challenges completed, in order to start all over again. The more you did it the higher Prestige emblem you would receive. At the time you could do this 10 times and receive a Gold Navy Cross as your final emblem.


      At the time, Prestige meant that you really had to sacrifice something for almost nothing in return. This made it a grind and a real pain for a lot of people. It was an unlock that could only be reached if you actually put in the time. It was like finding the negative world for the first time on Super Mario Brothers. Alas, now its just the norm. There's nothing difficult about reaching max Prestige anymore you just have to put in the time. Before, it was kind of a symbol that you obviously had some experience playing the game. That you actually went from Level 1 to Level 55 ten times. It didn't mean you were very good or bad, it just showed that you had experience and sometimes it gave you an edge when you got into a lobby. Now, with the Prestige glitch, and the fact that you don't really have to sacrifice anything except for the first 4 levels it's really just another emblem.


      Please don't get it all twisted...I completely understand it's a video game and not a real life accomplishment...LOL!!!


      How many remember what it was like when you reached that final Prestige and it meant something?