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    Call Of Duty : Black Ops 3 Announced

      Breaking News. The new black ops has been announced.


      Key New Features :


      • Splitscreen players will now be able to play FFA
      • Quickdraw attachment has now been made available for the snipers
      • All snipers have a one shot kill from head to toe
      • The Remington shotguns one hit kill range has been increased to 1000 metres
      • The Target Finder attachment is now available for all shotguns
      • The shock charge has now been changed to a lethal and will kill on impact
      • Ghost will not make you appear on enemies radar only when sprinting
      • The trophy system will now block ALL forms of missile scorestreaks
      • Prestige master glitchers will now get paid $50 and the legit players will have to pay
      • Extreme conditioning while equipped with an smg is now unlimited sprint
      • Matchmaking has now changed. A player with a .50 K/D will be matched with players with 2.00 K/D to make them a better player
      • Aim assist and Target Finder has been given a slight buff. While the target finder is equipped on your weapon, when you ADS it will lock on target and shoot for you
      • Tactical Insertion has been re-introduced to FFA due to popular demand
      • You can now bring a party of 8 to FFA, this is also due to popular demand



      Keep posted for more updates and info on this amazing new game and state of the art new features.

      We suspect this game will sell for $150 and the DLC will cost $70.

      We know this price is very high but this is because the amount of work gone into these amazing new features.

      More info to come. Thank you


      ~hopes everyone has a sense of humour while reading this~

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