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    The Parasite Player


      I normally play with my clan members and we all play for the win. We play HC CTF, we have members that are designated as defenders and others designated as flag runners. The majority of us are veterans and are used to working in team environments, so playing as a team and coordinating our efforts for the win is instinctive. There are times though when my teammates aren’t online and I end up in lobbies with miscellaneous players. These are the times that I get frustrated. I run into more individuals that don’t seem to understand what game mode they are playing.


      If I’m playing TDM I know that I will run into both rushers and campers. The goal at the end of the game is to have more kills than the other team.


      Kill Confirmed, it’s a free-for-all to get kills and grab tags. 


      CTF, DOM, S&D, and the rest of the objective game modes require teamwork. You can’t capture a flag if yours isn’t there. I have noticed more and more when I get thrown into CTF matches that the majority of players are either trying to farm kills or spawn trap. They put little to no effort in trying to win the match. These are some of the same players who will complain and cry during the match if they can’t get setup in their spots or they themselves get spawn trapped. Why is this?


      I understand there’s no kill limit in these modes…got it…but how can someone play a game mode just to farm kills to boost their KD and not care about the loss? Who are they really trying to impress? How can someone play and not feel the urge to want to win? I don’t get it… What’s the motivation? So, you end the match 80 and 10 but lose.  You have a 2.5 KD and W/L of .50.  I just don’t get it. These players are parasites. They feed off a game mode that has controllable spawn points.


      These parasite players add no value to the game mode. If you are one of these players could you please inform me as to your motivation? 


      To the rest of the gamers that actually play to win, what do you think of these parasite players?

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          Because for most of the Cod world K/D is everything if you have a bad K/D you, yourself is considered garbage.

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              grenadeasaurus wrote:


              Because for most of the Cod world K/D is everything if you have a bad K/D you, yourself is considered garbage.


              What I find funny about these players is the fact they will avoid game modes where their KD might actually be acknowledged i.e. TDM. The only time their KD is visible is when someone actually looks at their combat record. The rest of the time most people just look at the lobby leader board and that's filtered by SPM. TDM is the only game mode that lists KD, so not only are these types of players parasites they're also not very bright. 

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              Here is something else you don't "get" lag it happen to more people like myself.

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                Its because of the points you gain when holiding the flag.


                Also in TDM they spawns alternate, whereas in CTF they dont.


                This is a issue that needs addressed by the game developers, my own solution is to roll with a noob tube and a RPG to blast then out of the building.


                There needs to maybe be a timer on how long one person can hold onto the flag before, say, it explodes?


                Now that would be interesting and force players to run home with the flag.

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                  Yes these people suck. I totally agree with everything you have said.


                  The reason is, in TDM, everyone else is out looking for kills as well so it is more difficult for them.


                  Far easier to play a game mode that requires your opposition to be distracted by an objective so you can pick them off.


                  Don't forget though that a lot of children play this game and I can just imagine how heated the discussions become in the playground. I bet a lot of kids lie awake at night worrying about their K/D cos they will be bullied the next day for it (or not recognised by their peers, either one is terrible when you are 12 yrs old). So these kids, who have less of an understanding of morals and achievement, will do anything to get easy kills or to look good i.e. boosting, PM Glitchers and and Parasite Players (which is a great name for them!)


                  It's when you come across a 20+ yr old doing it that it is just sad.

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                    I rarely ever play objective gamemodes without a party because of all the TDM players.

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                      When I am on a team of these players, that is a scenario where I am likely to rage quit.  There is nothing worse than trying to plant a bomb or cap a flag and have zero support from your team, because they are too busy looking for kills (only)


                      I have had people watch me try a cap a flag, watch me die, watch the enemy try and cap the flag and then kill them for the extra points (avenger and killing a defender)


                      Very frustrating.


                      I refuse to be cannon fodder for these people. If it happens twice in a game I quit.


                      My fav game modes used to be DOM and HQ (solo or with friends). It is now KC because I can win even if only 2-3 people my team are actively collecting tags against a team a kill farming parasites.

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                        I almost got a VSAT yesterday in DOM with only 2 kills because I couldn't find the enemy team and just kept capping flags.  I was the top of our leaderboard because of all of the flag caps.  We won the match easily enough but I don't know what the other team was trying to do.  They couldn't have gotten many kills and they sure didn't know how to hold a flag.  There was 6 of them btw.  Talk about a boring match.  I'd much rather go up against some good killwhoring parasites than those bad ones.  DOM is much more fun when you've got people playing to win on both teams.