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    I'm REALLY TIRED of EMP grenades!! They are OP! I'd like to know what A_Trey_U thinks about them

      Ok, it's the second time that I say this and I'm really pissed off (not with A_T_U, with emp grenades I mean )

      It's not easy to get an AGR, but it's very very easy to destroy them it a stupid EMP grenade


      Same for AGR, rc-xd, guardian, and dragonfire.

      You can randomly launch them and destroy everything because their blast radius is very wide and works through every type of wall


      A_Trey_U do you think that it's normal that I have to kill 10-12 enemies to get an AGR and then enemies can destroy it in just 2 seconds with a stupid grenade? Do I have to suppose that AGR, sentry gun, guardian and so on are useless?? Is it possible that a stupid grenade that everybody can equip after few levels is more powerful than something very hard to get? You have to admit that is very frustrating to see your AGR destroyed so easily in a couple of seconds


      I think that the EMP grenades:

      • 1) Should be available at an higher level (not less than level 45)
      • 2) Should be only one and not 2
      • 3) Blast radius should be less wide
      • 4) Should be unable to work through the walls (at least big walls and metallic walls)


      You can destroy everything with missile launchers and FMJ, so why there are also EMP grenades, and most of all why they are so powerful?
      Do I have to think that Treyarch hates the killstreaks?
      I just played demolition for a couple of hours and there were so many EMPs in all the matches, nobody was able to use sentry gun, guardian, AGR, bouncing betty, claymore and so on. A lot of people used to randomly lauch them at every respawn even without reason ( I mean when there was nothing to destroy) and you know why? Because they are cheap and they are OP. You can easily reach your objective throwing them on your way


      Let's remember what a single EMP grenade can do:

      • destroys killstreaks rewards
      • destroys letal grenades (betty, c4, claymore)
      • destroys tacticals (electric, trophy sistem, tactical insertion, sensor grenade)
      • blocks every type of sight for a lot of seconds
      • makes you unable to call your killstreaks for a lot of seconds


      Don't you think this is too much power for a grenade?


      Thanks for your reply


      PS: I hope that my English is good enough to be understood

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