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    Debate: Do Campers Really Exist?

      What if campers do not exist?


      As much as the topic sounds like a troll trying to raise the hairs on the back of your neck, I am trying to make a debatable point.


      First, let's classify a camper as someone who will place themselves in a strategic position and wait for an extended period of time until a target enters his field of view. I think we can all agree this is a camper. I think we can also all agree that a camper is not someone who takes cover momentarily to kill an oncoming enemy.


      Now let's look at this game, Black Ops 2. Not that I am calling the spawns messed up, but people are able to spawn directly behind an enemy or extremely close to an enemy. Also, Ghost offers very little to protect a camper other than the short time it takes for them to run to the spot that the camper likes to hide. Enemy players are no longer able to sit behind strategically placed bettys, claymores and shock charges without alerting at least one of your teammates that there is equipment in the room and will most likely get destroyed by EMP grenades and PDA device that hacks the equipment.


      With all that going against campers, one has to ask themselves is how can a camper exist? With all that going against them, why are there so many post on the forum about campers and how “they suck” but nothing brings out more rage?


      For a camper to exist, the player must station themselves in a small enough area for them to cover all sides for an EXTENDED amount of time. Of course, we all must decide for ourselves what extended refers to. If after killing one enemy, if the player doesn't move from that spot, are they then camping or does it take 3 kills? Perhaps if they don't move from the spot for 1 minute. This is all dependent on your definition of extended amount of time, however, if you consider yourself a rusher and in your mind, use camper tactics by your own definition of extended time, then you defeat the purpose of being a rusher.


      To keep this post moving, I consider someone who stays in one area for more than 20 seconds a camper. It doesn't matter if they are laying down in a doorway, hiding in a corner or have a room to themselves for that long, I consider them a camper, even if they are holding it down strategically.


      So based on my definition, you would think I would run into a lot of campers but I don't feel I really do. I play with my clan and at least 4 of us usually have mics going. When someone gets killed, we give the normal “That's BS! Lag! Camper!” holler but we then call out where we got killed and someone goes over there to go punish the enemy player, all within a few seconds.


      What point I am getting to is that for a camper to exist, there has to be a lack of communication on your team. A team with communication is going to call out where the enemy is and then the enemy, for the most part, dies because of it. It's why people leave when they see clans in a room. They know communication is going to hand them a loss more than likely.


      This thread isn't about whether camping or rushing is a legitimate tactic. It isn't about whether campers are OP. This isn't about maps. This is about whether enemy campers can exist if there was actual teamwork on your team. 

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          1. Re: Debate: Do Campers Really Exist?

          yes campers exist

          I play with one on an occasional bases. Diamond LSAT target finder ADS at a door (any door) most of the game

          I have seen too many final kill cams that were full length ADS with target finder, no movement until enemy enters field of view only to be mowed down in the last seconds of kill cam.


          They are real and they need to be handled with care. I have no issues with this play style it is just not in me to play like that. The last challenge I needed for boot camp completion was 30 kills prone and I didn't get it until the end of my 2nd prestige because I simply don't play that style

          I have also become so focused on killing ONE camper that it affects my game play. I become so focused on flushing them out at ANY cost that  I know that the care package the enemy is calling is was because of me.

          I also LOVE the stupid campers! That little booth overlooking the stealth on carrier is not big enough for anyone when you throw a grenade in there

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            2. Re: Debate: Do Campers Really Exist?

            No campers do not exist to be a camper u need a tent a fire and some marshmallows

            There is fire in the game but no tents or marshmallows

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              3. Re: Debate: Do Campers Really Exist?

              they do


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                4. Re: Debate: Do Campers Really Exist?

                You missed the point of the thread. You said you play as a camper however would you be able to camp a team if the team worked together by using communication? 


                Full Kill Cams where the players is ADS the whole time with a TF doesn't make them a camper. The final kill cam only shows the final 5 seconds (I think) and just because someone is ADS for that long, it doesn't make them a camper.


                What I did notice though is that no where on your post did you talk about communication or teamwork. You admitted you become so focused on one camper that it affects your gameplay. It sounds like you create the camper because circumstances showed the enemy that if they stay right there, you will keep coming back to give them the kills. Do you feel that if you worked with a team or had some communications, you wouldn't have to worry about campers as they'd be taken care of before they'd be able to call in Scorestreaks or get a huge lead?

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                  5. Re: Debate: Do Campers Really Exist?

                  Camping is sitting is a corner while ADS at an entry way. Moving about inside a building while working a window and a door is just holding down that position. Regardless, rushers just selfishly want EVERYONE to run out in the open and make themselves easier to kill. lol

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                    6. Re: Debate: Do Campers Really Exist?

                    If every1 ran out in the open then u can really tell if the rushers are as good as they claim to be

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                      7. Re: Debate: Do Campers Really Exist?

                      They wook so pwecious! X3

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                        8. Re: Debate: Do Campers Really Exist?

                        That's one hard to kill scary camper

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                          9. Re: Debate: Do Campers Really Exist?

                          Dude, when the discussion loaded that pic popped up big on my screen and I think I squirted my pants a bit! LMAO!

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