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    A little help please from the Core Community

      I normally play Hardcore. I haven't played Core since Modern Warfare. For the last few weeks I've been wading into Core mode via Multi-Team because I'm working on the Operations Master Challenge.


      When I play Hardcore I play HC CTF and my normal Perk Setups are Greed 1, Greed 3, Ghost, Hardline, Cold Blooded, Dexterity, and Engineer. I normally run a Primary Weapon with 2 attachments. My controller speed is set at 8. This setup works well for me and has allowed me to acquire over 2100 Flag Captures. Unfortunately, this setup is not as effective when I play Core.


      I would like to ask the folks that have a lot of experience playing Core what your recommended setups are?


      What Perks do you use?


      What Weapons and Attachment would you recommend?


      Is there and optimum Controller Speed?


      Please keep in mind the game modes are KC, TDM, and Hard-Point.


      I appreciate any assistance you may be able to provide and thank you in advance.

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          Re: A little help please from the Core Community

          Now I don't play much Capture the Flag - if at all - but wouldn't you want "Extreme Conditioning" in there - so you can run twice as far ??  Seems like a must.


          I love Extreme Conditioning and have it on every class regardless of what game mode I'm playing.

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              Re: A little help please from the Core Community

              I've tried Extreme Conditioning but to me Engineer is more valuable because 99% of the time playing CTF I will be running into Bouncing Betty's, Claymores, Shock Grenades, not to mention the Guardians or Sentry Guns. I don't like to spam the lethal's with EMP Grenades because that tips the person that placed it that someone destroyed their equipment. Black Hats will notify them as well. So I save the EMP's for the Sentry's and Guardians. 

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