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    OFFICIAL IDEAS for add ons and new maps for ZOMBIES in the future.

      Lets make this the official ZOMBIE ideas thread, at least for the period before DLC 3 drops.



      My ideas:




      -Make a map that has special areas open up more and more after a couple of rounds,(we would have the main entire part of the map from the start) it will give us more of a desire to go for high rounds, most hight round games become run in circles, get down, get revived, get perks, run in circles again, and so on. Zombies needs to be a little less repetative in the higher rounds.


      -Maybe more things become available at higher rounds, or certain rounds. Like this door opens on round 5 than closes on round 8. I just want something that will make zombies more unique and not repetative. I think this feature would make us more eager to get to certain rounds. And their will probably be less RAGERS.


      -Multiple special rounds. I dont just want one special zombie type coming every certain amount of rounds I want different special rounds every certain amount of rounds. Like round 5, hellhounds might come, than like 5 rounds later the pentagon thief drops by, than maybe the monkeys, etc.


      -Changing time. Not activating 4 buttons to change to night I mean after certain amount of rounds it becomes night than day again. Maybe dark areas would be accessible during the day and not during the night. Maybe their would be special night zombies allowed to spawn at night and special day zombies that spawn only in day, and than the average zombies that can come whenever. A map can look so different at night and at day. It would be like 2 maps in one!


      -More objectives. Besides easter eggs are only objectives are survive, turn on the power, get perks, and get wonderweapons. What if we had mini objectives that werenent really mandatory but could make each match more fun. Like link the teleporter pads to open up a mainframe room or find all 5 keys to open the door. Buildables were a nice touch, but I wish their was more...


      -Amazing idea from SHREDDER2468- Rewards for your characters after completing certain challenges, like drinking a number of perks in a match. Possibly awards could be golden camo for guns or maybe new clothes for the ingame characters.




      I will probably post more ideas below. Or edit this post but for now post

                                                         YOUR OWN IDEAS



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          Re: OFFICIAL IDEAS for add ons and new maps for ZOMBIES in the future.

          No just no

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            Re: OFFICIAL IDEAS for add ons and new maps for ZOMBIES in the future.

            I like your ideas Group115. It would definitely add excitement to the game if they added in special content for people who reach the higher rounds. Plus it would be motivation for people who don't see the point of zombies, since its commenly described as: "running around in circles and killing endlessly"

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              Re: OFFICIAL IDEAS for add ons and new maps for ZOMBIES in the future.

              Great ideas. Maybe in-game challenges to unlock special clothing and camo for the weapons you purchase for the walls or box? Like Misty getting a scarf after obtaining 50 free perk bottles in her career stats. Or getting Gold camo for completing the Easter Egg with every character? Idk. It would be cool though. Nice thoughts.

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                Re: OFFICIAL IDEAS for add ons and new maps for ZOMBIES in the future.

                Yes! I like this. I have to tell that some things are better for a game mode, of that can be installed for a custom game.

                (For a gamemode: Every few rounds you unlock something)

                (For a Custom game: You can chose on what rounds a boss round comes, and which one)


                I like it how you should have 5 keys to open a door.

                It kinda reminds me of The Legend of Zelda.

                You have to go around the whole temple to found the Boss Key.

                Then you can go to that big door and open it and found the boss


                Or in zombie talk: You have to go trough the whole map and search for things that will open the door, and behind it will be an ultimate perk or PaP.

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                  Re: OFFICIAL IDEAS for add ons and new maps for ZOMBIES in the future.

                  I think you should be able to shut the door you just bought, be able to pack a punch twice: first time is a regular PAP gun and the second time, its gold has more ammo, you get to select which attatchment you want, maybe a lil stronger. I'd also like to see the fridge again but not as lame, i can store up to three items not just a gun, maybe i would need some monkeys in a game down the road, or and extra bowie knife. to me COD needs an upgrade for like seriously 5 years the multiplayer hasn't changed, Treyarchs servers suck compared to Infinity Ward, i only got Black Ops 2 cause of Zombies. But there is so many different games to play online now, that Treyarch needs so drop the multiplayer, talk to some of the people who made the hundreds of custom zombie mod maps from World at War and bring some people form these forums and make a Grand Theft Auto kinda free roam zombies. as you progress with the story you unlock more of the map, there will still be jug and speed reload, among 30+other perks, but its like a city they will have vending machines everywhere and just like GTA. but it still a working progress. let me know what you think?

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                    Re: OFFICIAL IDEAS for add ons and new maps for ZOMBIES in the future.

                    Nice I say .. I would just add.. Bring back the VR-11, I mean that thing was awesome..and funny as hell.. Bring back that drop you got from the Pentagon Thief that made P.A.P like what 500 points.. that was cool.. and a new drop.. " HAPPY HOUR " all perks machines 1,000 points for 30 seconds...

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                      Re: OFFICIAL IDEAS for add ons and new maps for ZOMBIES in the future.

                      Well, I think everyone agrees that a second pack-a-punch is in good order, but it should cost a LOT of money, like twenty thousand, otherwise it would make things too easy. Someone said we should be able to choose our attachments... I agree with that. The feature of putting your weapon back in the pack-a-punch for a random attachment is nice, but you don't get to choose. It would be ideal to create loadouts for your pack-a-punched weapons, similar to multiplayer, before the game. Once you pack-a-punch, your weapon would automatically come out with the desired attachment(s).


                      To expand further on this idea, I also think it would be good to bring rewards into the Zombies game mode, again, similar to Multiplayer. You could get rewards for all types of actions or repeated actions, like getting 'so many' kills with a certain class of weapon, like the AR, or a particular type of weapon, like the PDW for instance. How about rewards for headshot kills, knife kills, grenade kills, or for revives? These rewards could include camo for purchased wall or box weapons or equipment, special custom camo for pack-a-punched weapons, custom images for your dot sights, starting the game with a better gun, getting higher ammo stock for your guns and equipment, getting multiple attachments for your pack-a-punched weapons, and maybe even custom ranks.


                      To elaborate on custom ranks: They could add a feature that comes with more ranks that are given to each person displaying what kind of player you are. That means if you perform actions repeatedly, like always using a certain class of weapon, like the sniper rifles, pistols, or assault rifles, or if you revive teammates a lot, you will have a special rank showing that you are a sniper, pistolier, or medic. I think this would be awesome because it gives people a little more identity and uniqueness as a zombie player. You wouldn't be just another guy with shotgun-rank, or what have you.


                      I'd also like to see different types of zombies. In general the zombies are all pretty much the same. Now they have made some of the zombies slower than others, which does make running trains slightly more difficult, but what I'm talking about are zombies that are truly different. For example, in Shangri-La they had two new types of zombies: the 'flamer' and the 'screecher', as I call them. Don't get technical with me, lol. These zombies were undoubtedly different from the rest, and made playing harder and more interesting, especially on a tight map like Shangri-La. If they could make more of these types of zombies I think it would pump a little more life-blood back into the game.


                      On a slightly different note, it would also be interesting to see monkeys, minions [although I call them frogs], and dogs, altogether at once, either with the regular zombies or during the intermediate rounds. This too would be a refreshing new twist to the normal and endless waves of classic zombies we all know.


                      There's also the issue with perks, or shall I say lack thereof. What do I mean by this? Look at Multiplayer. There is a lot more perks on Multi than there is on Zombies. Why? I think there's still a lot of room left for ideal and yet simple perks. 'Who's Who' can be useful, but not all the perks have to be so grandiose if you catch my meaning. For example, what if we had a perk that allowed us to knife faster and switch guns faster, similar to the Fast Hands perk from Multiplayer? Or what if we had a perk that gave us higher ammo stock for our weapons? Or maybe they could add a perk that makes explosive weapons and equipment stronger. They could've added a perk on Green Run that made you immune to fire and lava, but I guess the thought never crossed their minds. Just saying, there's room to explore a little more minutely with the perks, especially with maps like Die Rise and TranZit that have a ton of room to 'house' them.



                      Anyway, the only other things I want to bring up are the box weapons and weapons in general. Why do we have to have the same freaking weapons on every single map? Now, I will admit, they are getting better lately. They put two never-before-seen weapons on Zombies into the box on Nuketown, and they did put three new wall weapons on the Die Rise, one of them a sniper rifle surprisingly - the first wall-sniper since Nacht Der Untoten! Surprising right? Well, I for one think this is long overdue. Up until Moon since Kino, we had the same box weapons. And now, with the exception of Nuketown [because Die Rise did not retain the M27 and LSAT], and Die Rise, having only three new wall guns, we have had the same box weapons. I can't help but wonder if they intend to make any actual changes to the box weapons throughout all the dlc they'll be throwing our way.


                      There's enough guns from the Multiplayer and campaign that they could make some interesting gun-swaps. There's the SWAT-556, the FAL OSW, SCAR-H, KSG Shotgun, MK 48, QBB LSW, Ballista, XPR-50, MP7, Vector K10, MSMC, Skorpion EVO, Tac-45, SMAW Rocket Launcher, Crossbow, Death Machine, Titus-6, and the Storm PSR. These last two weapons would be absolutely fantastic for Zombies mode, especially the Storm PSR. There's plenty of guns to add into the box to switch things up. Why they don't switch out old weapons with new weapons in the box is beyond me.


                      It wouldn't even be a bad idea to put in weapons from previous zombie maps. I would love to play with the WWII weapons again on Black Ops II maps, and even some of the Black Ops 1 weapons would be cool to play with again, like the L96A1, AUG, or HK21. I just want to see more variety. I got sick of seeing the same guns in the box on Black Ops 1 throughout all the maps, and I hope things aren't the same this time around.


                      That's pretty much it.

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