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    New Perma-Perk? (knife)

      So, i was playing today on die rise and got a new perma-perk but dont know what it is. I had the bowie knife and had only been knifing zombies for a few rounds (i only had the pistol). at one point, i knifed a zombie and got the perma-perk graphic (green smoke) but dont know what this one is. Anyone confirmed this one or know what is does? I am certain i didnt do anything else to get this one besides knife a zombie. thanks.

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          If there was a PU for knving I assure you I would have found it by now.

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            Yeah im pretty sure there is a knife perma perk it happened to me before and I had the standard knife, it took my perma jug off me so there must be one

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              Well, I heard that there is a perma-perk for knifing in tranzit where if you kill zombies with a knife enough you get the green smoke.  From then on, the knifing does 150% damage, or 1.5x more damage. Maybe it is the same thing with Die rise (great leap foward).  I can not comfirm this because I don't have Die rise, but maybe you should compare the damages to see if that is the case.

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                Yeah i had this a few times even on tranzit when the game came out. I have no idea what it does.

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                  Firstly you can have all the perma perks at once. I've had quick revive for like 20 games, earn steel boards about 5 times a game, dead shot every other round, perma jugg when needed, cash back I've only earned once and never lost, red insta kills when I don't feel like 20+ grenade kills a time. think that's all of them I know of though.


                  would love to know any extra ones I've missed....


                  how many time do you need to take fall damage to earn that? Does getting downed from a jump still count towards earning it? And surely it carries over as long as you make one large drop per round? Maybe even just the slide once per round?


                  Heard of the bowie knife one before, but as I always use knuckles from 4 onwards I've never earned it myself.


                  Will try get it soon when I go on, guessing its one knife kill per round to keep it aswell.


                  Know for a fact there's no galva one though as the first time I saw this the first thing I dis was test on galvas, making it to round 26 before buying a gun! I even PAP my starting pistol and didn't take it so I had no weapon besides galvas!


                  Hope this helps and thanks for any help on my questions in advance.

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                      ok, first of all,it's phd flopper perma perk. how to get it is you need to 6 dolphin dives without dying. it needs to be a dolphin dive to get it. to lose it youll need a 90 fall damage without dolphin diving ( standing ).

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                          They are actually discussing persistent upgrades from March 2013, so that was well before Buried dropped. The fall damage perk they were referring to was the one on Die Rise that many people believed was obtainable. There is a few videos that backed up the claims, but it now seems that it probably did not exist, or if it did then it was removed.


                          As for the PHD persistent upgrade... you do not have to dolphin dive to obtain it. Just dropping from large heights will get you it after several drops. It can only be lost from dropping from a height that can obtain damage if not by dolphin diving.

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                          What players are trying to say is you can not carry all specific perma perks at once, you can not have knife perk and headshot perk at the same time because... well you need head shots to obtain one and you will need knife kills to get the other so you will lose one of them trying to get the other, there is also M&S perk or explosives so you see what im trying to say right... you can only have one of these reflecting on your playstyle...