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    The Twilight Zone II

      we come upon a scene, a view of a bank of computers in a room.  a tangle of wires is seen coming out of this, and they stop short of a port in the wall with internet written above this.  a screen is on one of the towers and it is marked as "SoyBot."  continuously flashing on the screen is the words, "input error, does not compute" 

           a whine of motors high in pitch can be heard coming from all the computer towers, as if they are working in overload mode.  a skeleton is holding the wires in one hand, as if reaching to plug the wires into the wall port, the other hand is clutching its chest as though groping for something.  next to the skeleton is a sign written in blood.  on the sign plainly seen by all, is written one single word as if a warning. 

           the word that is written is, "EviL"