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        10. Re: A Much More Likely Emblem System

        Thank you. I hope now that at the very least, the "kills to downs" theory will be silenced, especially since playing a lot of Turned has not dropped my rank.

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          11. Re: A Much More Accurate "Ranking" System

          Thank you. It's really appreciated.

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            12. Re: A Much More Accurate "Ranking" System

            A solid twenty-two days of gameplay, or you've played the game Zombies over any twenty-two games? And also, what is your emblem status? The more games you play, the harder it becomes to "rank" up or down, as the numbers become bigger.

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              13. Re: A Much More Accurate "Ranking" System

              Thank you.
              With regards to your not deranking, I had the same situation on Die Rise as I learnt the map. It was the first time I'd ever struggled with a map and it took me a lot of games to get far at all. I still wasn't deranked though, and by round seven you have killed just over one-hundred zombies (on average) which is what I believe to be the threshold for the knife. Another person actually made a post of how many zombies per round appear, and despite it being incomplete I can account (for the most part) that they are correct. It states you'll have killed (without nukes) 123 zombies (reference here: http://community.callofduty.com/thread/200539438)

              Or maybe it isn't simple, either one seems likely right now.

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                14. Re: A Much More Accurate "Ranking" System

                Thank you. I'm glad I've been able to entertain and inform (hopefully).

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                  15. Re: A Much More Accurate "Ranking" System

                  From what I can tell, there seem to be two possibilities:

                  DeathBringer-Zen and wickedserk could be right, and your rank is glitched (though not purposefully). I have seen situations with others who have glitched "ranks" on the forums, where they are also stuck on low ranks.

                  The other is maybe I am incorrect, at least to an extent.

                  I have a second account that I have not played Zombies on, this weekend I will play it a little on said account and perhaps report back on how my stats and rank changed/did not change.

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                    16. Re: A Much More Accurate "Ranking" System

                    Thank you for the testimony. I had a similar situation with the knife. When I lost my rank in the Nuketown incident I went to bed after the public match, woke up the next day, then played until round forty, earning me something along the lines of two-thousand five-hundred kills and my knife emblem back, from memory.

                    If anyone was interested as to why I died there: the Zombie Shield was hitting zombies at the end of the round but did not kill them. If anyone from Treyarch reads this, would it be possible to look into fixing this issue? Thanks.

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                      17. Re: A Much More Accurate "Ranking" System

                      well i dont understand it though if you got a PS3 can you help me level up to knife on die rise

                      no mic required


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                        18. Re: A Much More Accurate "Ranking" System

                        How I believe the system works is by comparing the number of kills to the number of games that you have played is. You divide the kills by the games played to achieve that number. You cannot count your games played unless you keep track of them by yourself. The higher the ratio of kills to games played that you have, then the better the emblem. Example: You may have one-thousand kills. However, to achieve those one-thousand kills, you have played twenty games. After dividing those kills by the games played, you will have the result of fifty. I think this would put you at the plain skull emblem (level three) as it is below one-hundred, yet on/above fifty. However, if you keep playing games and get higher and higher amounts of kills per game, your emblem will eventually increase. I hope this clarified it somewhat.

                        I can try, however I'm currently a student in my final year of education of school, so I'm usually busy.

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                          19. Re: A Much More Accurate "Ranking" System (It's Not Kills to Downs)

                          Very nice post man...well done very informative.


                          I made a post with some changes according to yours//to have a  more complete view on the whole System-Emblem-Ratio thing. I hop my post will explain a little why there are so many differences in Ratio/points regarding to emblems.... whether its K/D or K/G (kills to games as you describe).




                          What do you think? ,, and keep up the good work!

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