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        10. Re: Probation

        I never ever quit games..


        Last night since the dlc and previous hot fix.


        I've been dropped from a crap ton of games and last night got put on a 5 min probation... It's not right... They should be able to tell if I quit or lagged out.


        I love this game orherwise though.


        I just think that's retarded..

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          11. Re: Probation

          It doesnt spawn them in range of sentry guns. Im not ashamed to admit Ive figured this out with trial and error.

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            12. Re: Probation



            You seem to leave about a few times as I do.  Maybe to anser a Game Invite, otherwise I stick to the match until it plays out.  Sometimes I am the last person on my side!


            I get the friendly fire probation often due to me trying to get my trigger in the calculation early.  I try to jump to another game (can't sit out of a match during Double XP weekend!) and then when the game invite comes from my original group I join them.....yes....leaving the interim match.


            Not getting the Hard Probation but very infrequently.


            And any action towards those dashboarding/leaving due to KDR effects will have colateral damage to the rest of us.  I just look forward to the next game, as soon as the timer goes to zero and I get to play!

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              13. Re: Probation

              Probation sucks. I just finished a game we back out to pick up someone and when we tried to go back in I was on probation!!!!! For what? I finished the damn game. The proabation is retarted. Maybe I will switch to PS3 the dont have it

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                14. Re: Probation

                Completely untrue, 3 in a short period is all it takes <40 minutes to an hour I believe>

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                  15. Re: Probation

                  I happen to agree with you, though I think to stop even more people from quitting they should increase the time penalty from 5 minutes to 10-15 minutes... At least do this for league play, where it matter mores.


                  I too have been dropped due to updates and things of that sort and put on probation because of it, but that happens very rarely. Rage quitters on the other hand is very common and personally like to see it stopped.

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                    16. Re: Probation

                    PS3 does have it...

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                      17. Re: Probation

                      i never ragequit in black ops 2 and still i got probation.... thats bullshit! my internet turns of from time to time, and i can't controll it... why should i get punished for that? also.. why does the game put me into lobbys where the enemy team allredy have theire scorestreaks in the air? do they think i want my stats to be completly destroyed just because of someone else can't play the game... i hate when people ragequit, and therefore i never do it my self, and still the game thinks i ragequit when my internet switch of.. im the one who don't ragequit at all... punish those who are actually ragequitting... also.. when the host ragequit in a game.. why does the game say i got 0.0 KD/r that match.. why does the stats don't count to my own stats just because the host ragequits?

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                        18. Re: Probation

                        Connection loss means the same for the rest of of the lobby as dashboarding.

                        The consequence is that you got probation and that is right, why should other people suffer under YOUR problem? Buy yourself a new router for about 30 or 50 € and the problem is gone.

                        It´s not that you have to buy routers every year but if you want to play serious you need acceptable equipment for it.

                        By the way there is a trick for the 24 hour disconnect: just turn off the router when you go to work / school, the next 24 hour reconnect will happen at this time, so your problem is gone...

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                          19. Re: Probation

                          Probation is a joke.  Oh wow 5 minutes.  I still do it.  If they take it any further watch there sales tank.  Look its called quit whining.  If i get stuck with shitty people, or people who back out right before the match starts im not playing that match.  Simple as that and if it means I have to take a 5 minute break then by all means I will.  Oh and a way around it, if you get put in the middle of the match, just dont accept your class and let them kick you.  The one flaw in there whole online BS is starting people in the middle of a match.  I get it, people quit when they are losing, fine then let them quit and let that team eventually forfeit.  Not all matches will be like that.  First off it wil speed up matches and allow people to get more games in.  Secondly it will create less people quitting.  I have always said they need a matchmaking system based off stats.  Or do it like MADDEN.  Make quitting a statistic and allow people to select the quitting percentage they want to play with, that way those people who do quit will never get many matches because of that stat.  I will always quit when im stuck in a match where dudes are just sitting there or if I am stuck with a 11 year old kid that has no idea what he is doing.  There is so many other ways to go other then probation.  You people are just too lazy to do it.  You went with the easiest solution and I guarantee it really hasnt solved anything.  Because like i said i still dashboard and ill take my 5 minutes every time.

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