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    What happened to “Good Game”?


      What happened to “Good Game”?


      It used to be (way back in the day during the Modern Warfare, World at War, and MW2 era) that when you got into a lobby with your team you could have some fun dialogue with the opposing team. You could kid around and joke a little with the other team before the match started. Then when the match was over you might have a couple of folks on the losing team that were a little upset, venting about the match, but not getting carried away with it. You might have a rematch against them or a tiebreaker, but all in all, everyone was competing and having fun and at the end of it all everyone would say “Good Game” to each other and go to the next lobby or match.


      Now days it’s a bunch of ME, ME, ME’s (these are the players that don’t play for a team win but rather for their stats), or the Spawn Trappers that play to build their kill stats versus going for the win, or my personal favorite the Deflector (this is the guy you hear in your headset when you kill him who calls you a camper even though you were in a full sprint when you killed him, or lag switcher because he was on the crappy side of the connection when he died, or a cheater because you killed him and your team won).


      What went wrong? Why has it evolved into such an almost “hate-fest” in the lobbies? I’m not talking about the typical; my team is going to kick your teams’ @ss. I’m talking about the teams now days that get into a lobby and just start throwing racial slurs, calling you every name in the book, all before the first round starts. Then when you start beating them they change from all the smack talking to accusing you of being a cheater. Or if they win it’s an “in your face you suck rant”.  I don’t get offended by it but it’s disturbing to me to see how good sportsmanship declined so rapidly. It’s disturbing that people would play a video game to get pissed off at other people rather than to have fun with it. 


      I play Call of Duty because it’s a great way to stay in touch with Army buddies and old friends located all over the states. We can hop online, chat it up, and have fun together even though we may be thousands of miles apart. We’re all adults who still say “Good Game” at the end of every match.


      I’m really just curious to see if anyone who has played COD for a while noticed the same trend?


      Thank you for your time.