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    Dual Band Scope


      Almost every day, there is a new post about the Target Finder being over-powered or some complaints of some kind. Legitimately, if you are a camper, these are your worse nightmare because it can give your position away because there is a diamond surrounding you. Personally, I don't feel the beep is a big deal because unless I am not looking at my TV, I see you anyways.


      So, if you have a problem with the Target Finder, think it's overpowered, should be nerfed or it's only for noobs to use, why don't you complain about the dual band scope?


      In case you never used it, it adds a green tint to the background, and if you are not cold blooded, you are a bright orange color.


      Now, you players who hate the TF, before you get your panties in a bunch, let me tell you, the Dual Band Scope is better than the TF for finding you. For example, on Carrier, if you are running behind a plane, if the enemy that is using the TF, they might see a Diamond behind the plane and wait for you to pop into the open. With the Dual-Band scope, I am going to see your foot under the plane, as plain as day and I shoot that, killing you, particularly on Hardcore games.


      Also, with the Dual-Band scope, I can add Variable Zoom scope so now I got an ACOG scope that works better than the Target Finder and works like a sniper scope.


      This isn't to argue about whether the Target Finder is over powered or what not, nor is it to argue about the Dual Band Scope either. But if something like the Target Finder upsets you, why doesn't this?


      I actually use this setup quite often on Hardcore with a LMG on Carrier and a few other maps. It's a lot of fun and I love getting the final kill cam with it and funny enough, I never hear anyone say anything about it like they do with the TF. What am I missing? What don't I understand about this community?

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