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    Next Spidey game ideas

      Hey. This blog is about The ideas from Spidey Fans like you for The next Spider-Man game! Share your ideas,storyplots,gameplay elements,suits,& what Beenox should do for more spidey games. SO START SHARING IDEAS

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          Here's the best idea; no more Spider-Man games. Reasons as follow:


          1. Critique is poor, only games to get proper reviews are the first PS1 game and the console ports of Spider-Man 2 movie game, and not in general, only by Spider-Man fans

          2. Bad games (Web of Shadows) get better acceptance than better games (Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro)

          3. I see fans demand another Spider-Man 2 (movie game), the closest thing we got (maybe we'll ever get) is Spider-Man 3, but for some reason Spider-Man 2 is revered and Spider-Man 3 is in the waste bin

          4. Oh yeah, look at No.3, focus on it, let it repeat itself

          5. Spider-Man 3 -while does receive some udnerstandable points of criticism, and some disappointment is there, I know I had my share- did more favors than not, I see people demand stuff a lot of them are seen in Spider-Man 3, it did more of what fans want than what disappointed, but when I point that out no one wants to see it

          6. Spider-Man games receive poor inaccurate reviews more than proper reviews

          7. Another Spider-Man 2 will never happen

          8. Shattered Dimensions is the best received Spider-Man game, and while it does have its ups, reviews sorely ignore its downs, like the same pattern over and over again, barely any variety in things to do

          9. So much critique is triggered by free roam/no free roam. How about appreciating the best of both worlds?


          If there is any reason I forgot, please, remind me, be my guest, just not "Spider-Man games suck" or "All of them are sub-par", cause that's inaccurate

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              Stop requesting a Spider-Man 2 game. It was, hands down a pretty bad game. You only praise it so hard because it was the first open-world Spider-Man game that had webs stick to buildings/objects. The swinging physics were absolutely unrealistic and the story was absolutely horrible and not worth playing a second time.

              Not to mention the boring side-missions.


              Spider-Man 3 improved the side-missions but even then they were boring as hell. Not going to start with the overall crappy engine the game used & bad execution (textures pop in 1cm infront of your player, horrible).

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                  I can't agree. In my opinion Spider-Man 2 is a great game. The side plots are excellently implemented into the main story. Especially the missions with Black Cat and Shocker are funny.


                  Also the swinging is much more realistic than in any other Spider-Man game. I find it much more challenging and fun although the swinging in Web Of Shadows is even better.


                  I agree that the side missions get boring after a while but they are far better than in Spider-Man 3. SM3 has no variety except for the special missions you could only complete once. And after that the only things you can do are car chases and fighting criminals.


                  For me there is a clear reason why so many people love Spider-Man 2 and I really hope Beenox will listen to these fans. But that's just my opinion.

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                    Ok, the reasons Spider-Man 2 receives praising:

                    1. Open world applies

                    2. Swinging is excellent, could be better in ways maybe. And the choices for swinging are great, I wish normal swinging returns

                    3. The line streches down due Spider-Man's weight, so that is something that counts for realism

                    4. Wall bounce

                    5. More than one borough to go to

                    6. Helicopter swinging is good

                    7. It started the smooth animation for Spider-Man in combat

                    8. Applied wall sprinting

                    9. All those arcade areas for training

                    10. Skip turtorial

                    11. Characters are fun

                    12. If I want a return to physics, the faster he falls, the greater the height he falls from, the more hurt on him

                    13. Swinging is good

                    14. All these side missions

                    15. Charged jump


                    17. It actually plays like Spider-Man in more ways than most games


                    Probably more


                    And Spider-Man 3 improved a lot, not only side missions, but other stuff as well, even for a game as rushed as at it was it was still good. The full product could be much better


                    Those two stand as good Spider-Man games, and I don't state this as mere opinion, they are good, they play the closest to what a great Spider-Man game should be like, loads of fan service and replayability

                    But this is the problem, if the best we got gets smeared so hard, why another Spider-Man game? What do people want exactly? Another one like the PS1 games? How exactly? Stealth? Quips? Impact webbing? Those two games have those and more (at least SM3 has stealth)

                    You want to fight? use webs? Those are in every Spider-Man game


                    Fans ask for stuff and get it,then many of them bash it. What are devs supposed to do? Make it play like Spider-Man as Batman games from Rocksteady play like Batman? They did that, Treyarch did that, but their work received BS complaints more than solid ones and believe their complaints


                    As far as things go, most fans don't deserve a Spider-Man game, stick to none comic based games instead of stating this and that you don't like

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                        Spider-Man's been around for 50 years and he's Marvel's poster boy, he's not going anywhere anytime soon in the video game world. Deal with it.

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                          Just wanted to put in a word here:


                          While it's great to defend features people like (as well as the hard working devs), and I agree that endlessly bashing a particular feature isn't productive, every fan has the right to speak their mind about what they liked and didn't like. That's how everyone gets feedback.


                          That said, debates about features usually don't provide much useful info, so let's try and keep the thread on-target: ideas fans would like to see in future Spidey games.


                          So for everyone: please say what you want to see and what you don't, but don't tear down anyone else's ideas when doing so. Try to keep things free of emotion -- makes feedback easier to parse out that way.

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                      For the next spidey game I should start by saying do not ignore the progress you've made with the Amazing Spiderman movie game, though not perfect that game has certain elements that need to carry over into future franchises while reworking and building upon others.


                      Old elements that should carry over from the recent Amazing Spiderman movie game into the next spidey game:


                      -"Web rush" mechanic

                      -Over the shoulder camera angle

                      -and most importantly a free-roaming city-------The ability to free-roam through an open world NYC is what needs to be at the core of the next game. A level-based linear style game such as Shattered Dimensions was a refreshing change of pace from the past 5 open world spiderman games, however Edge of Time proves that it won't carry the franchise forward as it is a step back from the open-world innovation made by the Spiderman 2 movie game. Being able to freely swing around NYC and get into all sorts of shenanigans (random city events) as the famed wall-crawler is what's going to keep people wanting to play long after they've completed any story or side quests.


                      New elements to add into the next spidey game:


                      -Random city events-------These should range from stopping a mugging, helping out in a police chase, saving injured citizens, thwarting a bank robbery, or running into any one of spiderman's arch villains who aren't powerful enought to serve a bigger role in the main plot but could work perfectly as a sub-boss (ex. shocker, beetle, vermin, etc.). The city events should be continually generated throughout the city to provide the player with so much replayability that they almost forget about completing the story/side missions.


                      -A free-flow combat system that transitions between ground, wall and air combat-------There is much similarity between the combat system in the recent Amazing Spiderman game and the Batman Arkham series. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that however further spiderman games should not try to copy batman's combat system by adding in things such as quickfire web attacks or wrestling based special moves. There are things in the free-flow combat system that only batman can do and things that only spiderman can do. The combat system in Spiderman Web of Shadows is a great example of the type of combat that only spiderman can do. Unlike batman, spiderman is able to fight on the ground, in the air and on the sides of buildings. This method of fighting would perfectly utilize the potential of a free-flow combat system. You should also consider removing the counter-attack command and replacing it with a dodge manuever. While playing the Amazing spiderman game I found that dodging away from enemies and attacking from afar was much more effective than waiting for a counter-attack signal. (Also re-use from the Amazing Spiderman movie game the ability to pick up objects in the environment and throw them at enemies)


                      -Strategy based boss fights------The boss fights in all of the spidey games (with the exception of Shattered Dimensions) were a simple method of " follow the 3-attack pattern then hit em' when their vulnerable". Boss fights should be much more unpredictable than that and should really make the player think in much more creative ways. Players should have a myriad of options (which could be accessed through the first-person view of the web rush) to choose from that will help them defeat the boss. However each option can only be used once, since bosses shouldn't be stupid enough to fall for the same thing twice let alone three times in a row. For example say you're in a boss fight with Rhino, the mission will start with Rhino's health bar at the top of the screen and the objective is to decrease his health down to zero. In order to do this you have the option to A)Let him charge at you then dodge out of the way while he crashes into a wall, B) Perform a web strike but dodge over him when he tries to counter-attack and hit him from behind, C)Web up his arms and legs until he can't move and then attack him,  D)Throw an explosive barrel at him, E) While he's charging at you flip onto his back and drive him into objects that'll decrease his health. Some options will be more effective than others and it'll be up to the player to decide which options they feel are best to use.


                      -Comic book/Cel-Shaded Graphics-----The spiderman games look at their best when embracing the comic book esque art style. Spiderman Shattered Dimensions and Ultimate Spiderman (last-gen) are prime examples of this.



                      -Story------Many of the Spiderman games are primarily based on the "Amazing" (616) Universe and when Beenox released Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time I thought it was great that they were exploring the other spiderman universes such as 2099 and noir. Seeing as how gamers have already played within the universe of the amazing spiderman in all the open world titles, it would be very interesting if the next spidey game was set in one of the other universes. Those universes would include 2099, Noir, 1602, Mangaverse, Spiderman India, 2211, Spiderman Unlimited and many more. Or the developers could decide to create their own spiderman universe specifically for the game allowing them an unprecedented amount of creator freedom. What do you guys think, should they stick with the Amazing Universe we all know and love? Choose any of the other Spiderman Universes? Or give the player something new altogether and create their own Universe?



                      -Downloadable content----The Amazing Spiderman game just released some dlc containing new playable characters such as Rhino, Lizard, and even Stan Lee. This is a great idea and could work really well for any future spiderman title if players could take on alternate characters from the spiderman universe such as Green Goblin, Venom, Anti-Venom, Spider-Woman, etc. The only thing about it is that the alternate character packs released for the Amazing Spiderman became extremely repetitive after only a short while. There's no need to go out of your way to create an entirely new campaign for an entirely new character but if you could only as much as create an alternate character skin with slightly different combat and movement styles from spidey then the dlc pack would be a success. Free-roaming across the city as Rhino or Lizard in the Amazing Spiderman game would of been great to players.


                      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------

                      Of all the items on this list I'd say the most important is the free-roam environment with random city events, the replayability of the next spidey title is going to be solely dependent on this (it also happens to be the biggest request fans have for the Amazing Spiderman game)


                      Good luck,Beenox I can't wait to hear what your next spiderman game actually is!


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                        Alright, here we go:



                        You should really go back to webs that attach to buildings for several reasons:

                        - Almost everyone is crying for it and I know of a lot of people that didnt buy it due to the current swinging

                        - It instantly adds a lot of variety to the swinging (atm it looks the same regardless of position, with webs attaching to buildings/objects it will add a lot of variety because the weblines change in size and position, they arent just placed 2m above your head)

                        - I want to feel the force of the web swinging (that the webline stretches and gets pulled apart when you reach the lowest point etc, I want to see the body reacting to the force):

                        LIKE THIS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1W8SJLEUyRo&feature=player_detailpage#t=144s

                        This would add a whole new layer of realism to the game!



                        Not much to moan about here, the only thing I would improve is:

                        - Get rid of the 1-handed web-zip (or make it rare). This is the thing I hate the most, it looks totally unrealistic and he hardly does a 1-handed web-zip in the movie. Spider-Man usually has 2 weblines to launch himself

                        - Allow web-rushing infront of you further up a wall. This is pretty annoying now that you cant just web-rush 50m above you on the same wall. You have to either choose a different wall or jump away from the wall. In Spider-Man 3 you could wall-jump (it sucks, dont add that one). Allow us to select a point above us on a wall and let Spider-Man use 2 webs to launch himself there just like in the movie at the Oscorp tower near the end.

                        I also thought about how cool it would be to create a web-rush chain, it would work like this:

                        - Hold RB/R1 to open the web-rush vision

                        - move your pointer to where you want to start

                        - press e.g. A(360/X(Ps3) to place a small SM figure with a 1 above the head

                        - move the pointer to the next destination and press again to place one with a 2

                        You could place e.g. up to 5 destinations that get chained together once you release RB/R1 and Spider-Man jumps/web-rushes from point to point. Upgrades could allow you to chain more points together or to increase the distance between the different points (limit it so that the next point cant be that far away at first?)



                        I know what you guys tried to achieve with the current side-mission system in TASM. You wanted them to not be that repetitive by giving them the "look and feel" of a normal mission/quest. It was nice while it lasted and a good try but it honestly caused more anger than joy:

                        Things I didn't like about the system:

                        - It literally pulled you out of the game and put you into a loading screen both on start and end of the sidemission.

                        - I missed the crimes happening next to me. I mean I could go to a car chase and just see a cop car parking there. It just didnt feel realistic that I do first have to start the mission in order for the car chase to appear/take place

                        - They have a limited amount of missions... this is probably the K.O. part of the system that fully ruined it for me. I finished the story pretty fast (I'm always like that with Spider-Man games) and had pretty much nothing to do afterwards. I'm no big fan of collectibles (but I enjoyed the comics!) so the game got boring fast (I also kind of hate replaying story missions, they do not replace the random crimes for me).


                        This really should get a full revamp in the sequel. Get back to the old-school side-missions that start automatically (they could run for a limited time in the background and disappear automatically if you dont go there) and have a lot of variety (for some atleast).

                        Ideas for crimes/side-missions:

                        - Fights (gangs fighting, robbers beating up a citizen, etc... )

                        - Shootouts/deadlocks (bank robbery, gang shootout with police involved, hostage situations?)

                        - Car chases (criminals trying to get away with something, drunk driving, etc... )

                        - Photography (let Spider-Man take pictures for the reporter and Peter should get random school quests where he takes pictures of parades or w/e for the school newspaper?)

                        - Meetings (lets wait what ASM2 brings, maybe they introduce Harry and a few other people in there Peter could become friends with and have meetings with them at a cinema or whatever)

                        - Gwen missions (see below)

                        - Random boss encounters? (what about villains that broke free? Shouldnt be too common but it could be pretty funny to fight them)


                        Gwen Stacy

                        You should really focus on making her a bigger part of the game. Dont just let her stand in the apartment repeating the same phrases over and over again. IMHO she should live with her mother and brother in her apartment and you should be able to visit her at certain times. She could fix your suit if it's broken and go out with you (MJ thrill rides, anyone?). You could take her to a diner or the cinema just for the sake of interacting with her.

                        Other ideas:

                        - She works at Oscorps? Give us the option to pick her up from time to time and take her home (requires a certain time of day)

                        - Pick her up in the evening at her apartment to take her out to a diner


                        Peter Parker

                        Yes, please get rid of the 1st person Peter Parker mode. Let us see Peter, let us play as Peter. Most devs dont seem to realize that playing as Peter Parker is part of being Spider-Man. If you guys lock us into the suit 24/7 the game gets boring a lot faster because: Being Spider-Man is also being a normal guy with every day struggles. If we wear the suit constantly it feels less like being Spider-Man and instantly damages the connection we have with the video game. I want to walk around as Peter and take pictures anonymously without people cheering/looking up to me.

                        You could add a few story missions that involve the high school. You could go there as Peter in order to complete it.


                        Open world/The city

                        You did a great job with the city but you totally turned the open world useless by having almost every single story mission take place in an indoor level. It would've been so cool to chase the rhino through the streets of Manhatten and stop him from causing damage. The open world felt more like some kind of interactive loading screen/pause screen where you could stop muggings and get to the next level. It was in almost no way connected to the missions because every single mission took place indoors. Now dont get me wrong, I liked the indoor levels too (even though they mostly consisted of vent crawling and beating up guards to get to the next room) but you should really consider implementing the massive open world into a few story missions.


                        Now to the other thing I didnt like, the Oscorp Tower. I think I know why it looks the way it looks now, you probably didnt have time to change it to the movie version because I heard Sony took quite long to finalize the design. But the current oscorp Tower literally looks like a PS2 building without any reflection in the windows and it is totally missing the amazing construction work around the tower. I really expect you to add a 1:1 or a similar model of the tower in the sequel.



                        Is it just me or were there only a handful of eastereggs? You guys should've drowned the game in eastereggs. I literelly expected some movie easteregg on the top of the Oscorp Tower (lizard claw marks or the rest of the Antenna that broke!). You had so many opportunities to add eastereggs but didnt. I hope we see a lot of ASM2 references in the sequel!


                        The suit/Spider-Man

                        The suit is amazing. The only things I dont like:

                        - The size of Spider-Man. In the movie he is a lot smaller than the lizard (the lizard is also way too small in the game, needs to be buffed a lot) and overall more teen-size style. This should be looked into and probably changed in the sequel

                        - The colours. I really liked the movie suit but you somehow failed the game suit due to the colors. At night the blue looks black instead of blue and overall it doesnt have the deep colors from the movie

                        The web shooters should also be changed a bit:

                        - Use the sounds from the movie (if possible). I really liked the sound that plays when he shoots a web in the movie

                        - Add the steam to the web shooters and possibly have it appear once you stop shooting web! Would be awesome

                        - Rework the webs overall, they are too big in the game and too white instead of the nice transparent look (Spider-Man 2 had transparent web)


                        I have more ideas but I got to go now, going to probably edit this post later.





                        I really like the fighting but there was one thing missing: real dodging. I mean Spider-Man can easily dodge an incoming bullet but this feature is completely missing in the game. When I see a red warning spider sense signal it tells me to use LB/L1 or jump away (which is fine in boss fights), but it would really add to the experience if bullets were dodgeable. Also the fighting system needs a lot more variety and acrobatic moves. I want to see Spider-Man make use of his surrounding area (walk up a wall and jump to evade an attack etc.)



                        I actually liked the games story but I would prefer if you could go back to the movie story way. I always liked that about the other SM movie games, I could directly relate them to the movie and experience the movie once again. And there really is no point in writing a blockbuster like story if it all never happened in the sequel (ASM game story never happened in the movie story, so you could literally go design the story however you want IMO as long as it fullfils a few requirements set by Sony).


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                            I like the idea of being able to chain together "web rush" manuevers. Maybe in the next spidey game there could be a speed-o-meter in the HUD that shows how fast the player is going and the trick would be to perform all of spidey's acrobatic moves in order to build it up (web swinging, web zipping, wall running, pole swinging, etc.). Once you've built up the speed-o-meter to maximum you could then trigger "rush mode" where spiderman would slow down time while moving effortlessly across NYC at breakneck speeds.

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                                You actually *can* chain together webrushes in the current game -- just tap the button (don't hold) at any time during an existing webrush. The procedural animation system will course-correct to your new location. It's a bit tricky ( you need to account for your surroundings to keep a streak going ), but very rewarding once mastered.


                                If you've already tried this out, let us know what you think.

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                                    I did already try this out and I love it, though in the next game what I hope is that the web rush mechanic puts a real focus on speed. No matter how high I fell from or how far spidey vaulted through the air your speed was mostly the same. That's why I suggest you implement a special bar in the hud (the speed-o-meter) that increases depending on how well you chain together different web rush manuevers (wall running, pole swinging, etc.) By varying up the maneuvers you add more speed to the speed-o-meter rather than doing the exact same maneuver over and over. Once the speed-o-meter is filled the player can trigger "rush mode" where they can slow down time and pull off even more of spiderman's crazy acrobatics.


                                    I hope I made sense with all of this, let me know if I did or not.

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                                  This is a great list: point by point and nicely articulated!

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                                  I'd like to see the swing kick return, it's a great feature

                                  In game guest star(s) appearance and interaction, with no role for him/her/them in the story

                                  Swimming, and if you swim carrying someone, task should not fail

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                                    I already posted this on another thread here but it's worth posting again

                                    I have an idea for a spiderman game and I'm not sure how well it would work. Not that I have the resources or influence to make it happen. It could be just about the most awesome thing ever, or just fail miserably. Ok here's the concept I'll start with basic game mechanics. It would be first person, again not sure if this would work, think mirrors edge with super powers. It would be in an open world environment, you would have all of Spidermans powers (eventually). The world would include manhattan and various other parts of the city such as queens. Basically the game would follow the first year of Peter Parkers life as Spiderman. You would begin before your powers were gained, the day you get bitten. You would live Spidermans origin story. You wake up late and have to rush to school. You arrive just in time to be bullied by Flash a bit before classes begin. Then you realize that you have your feild trip today. You forgot to pack a lunch. During the trip you're bitten by the spider. You go home feeling ill and fall asleep. When you wake up again though you technically have your powers you haven't learned that yet. The game spends a "Day" making you realize what they are and how you can use them. I'm not going to write an entire play by play of the story but it's the same basic tale. Uncle Ben dies, you choose to become spiderman. You build webshooters and "design" your costume. Now here's where it gets interesting. I can see the game from this point going one of two ways. One, the people developing the game have writers come up with a different story for each day of the year, some being super villan free days, some story archs that take up to a few weeks to complete. It doesn't all have to be Spidy stuff either. You live all of Peter Parkers life, not just when he's wearing the mask, that's important you are Peter Parker AKA Spiderman not the other way around. Anyway, second way it could go is that a number of iconic Spidy villans are picked and each is assigned a team. Each team creates a multitude of storys involving their given characters. At first Spiderman handles low level crimes like robbery and car theifs. When you start to become more noticable Villans begin to appear. Lower level ones first, like shocker. As you get better you move onto the bigger baddies like Goblin and Doc Ock. I personally like the second option. In conclusion, the most important idea behind this concept is that you are living Peters life, and the game universe is deeply thought out and created. Buildings are enterable, not all of them but the important ones. Aunt Mays house, Midtown high, the Osborns, and a few shops. Personally I would play this game non-stop. If any Beenox or current Spidy right holders like tis idea please feel free to be inspired.

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                                      They should have a great new story with ALL of Spidey's villians in it and they are planning to take him down by taking his loved ones hostage.

                                      We should also have the game teach the gamer about WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILTY. The game should also have Spidey doing his greatest feats like supporting the Daily Bugle and etc.


                                      Have a part when Spider-Man actually gets super angry and starts beating the mess out of people and then have him use more argressive techniques.


                                      Show his true power:


                                      • Lifting up a train,
                                      • Supporting the Daily Bugle,
                                      • Freeing Himself from Meral and Debris,
                                      • Lift up a bus and tank with ease
                                      • Supporting a Helicopter and Stopping a speeding car with his hands


                                      • They should let us be able to dodge anything and we shouldnt have to "retreat" just to dodge bullets and iguna barf
                                      • Change his speed in the game other than having a certain pace
                                      • We should be able to slide through things and do flips without the use of web rush

                                      These are things that spidey can do and that should put similar things like these in to the next spidey game.


                                      The civilians models are blurry and doesnt seem as real as characters like gwen and conners. Another problem I had was when you told them to get to a safe house, they would just take a pic of you and start cheering. It would be nice if you could actually hold a convo with the civilians in the game.

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                                        So... does anyone think we'll be getting a sequel to the Amazing Spider-Man Game? If so, do you think it will simply continue to the story of the first or follows the movies plot/universe more closely (aka the first game never happened and we get back to games similar in style to Spider-Man 2 & 3 which I would prefer tbh).

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                                          They should do like the new Batman Game and have the bad guys be able to counter you aswell because that would add more competitiveness to the games. And more exciting in my opinion.

                                          And if you could add more upgrades and add some to web rush so that we could do more moves

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                                            Here's my idea for a spiderman game, which I mentioned a bit a while back. Feeling that words weren't enough to get across my idea I decided to visualize the concept on my deviantart account.

                                            Check it out here:

                                            http://icedrawn-edge.deviantart.com/art/Spider-Man-2100-Character-Sheet-Finalize d-374098130


                                            http://icedrawn-edge.deviantart.com/art/Sinister-Six-2100-Character-Sheet-Finali zed-376193668

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                                              why don't they make a video game about spider-girl, the daughter of spider-man of mc2 (aka may parker) http://marvel.com/characters/bio/1009609/spider-girl_may_parker