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    Overkill Challenge bug

      Hello Ive been recently trying to unlock all of the challenge cards in the Wildcard portion of the Prestige challenges and Overkill is not being completed.  It states I have to get a kill using both primarys weapons in 1 life. I have done so a few times and it hasn't registered.  When I first began looking at the challenge I noticed I had gotten credit for 2 previously.  I had not used Overkill up to this point the whole time I have been playing unless it was a pre loadout i had used before then that would make sense for the 2 notches on the challenge already done.  I have been using the SWAT and Vector I was also using another Wildcard Perk 2 Greed. I dont know if that helps or not but thought I would mention it.  Im on PS3  online id RPTestament

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          Re: Overkill Challenge bug

          Same here.  Noticed when I reached overkill challenge 2 - 67 then stop registering both primary and secondary.  Please let me know what I'm doing wrong.  I have two attachments in my primary and 1 attachment in my secondary.  Trying to unlock all achievements on my chicom and scorpion.  Answer is greatly appreciated.


          Xbox 360 console


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