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    Over 750 care packages and not one with DOGS ? Only 1 Swarm ?

      I find it very strange that I have earned over 750 care packages and never received one with DOGS. I am also running Engineer and have switched most care packages I have never earned Dogs. I did receive 1 SWARM but that was it. I was playing with a friend the other day and he received 2 DOGS ( on separate games ) but in the same day and hasn't even earned half the care packages I have.


      1 - does any one know what the probability is for receiving DOGS? Better yet does anyone have a list of all the Probabilities for care packages? I remember there was one for BO1 but I haven't seen one for BO2


      2 - do you guys think because I am running Engineer it might be affecting my chances of getting DOGS? Or maybe better care packages? Maybe by running Engineer the system punishes my odds some how?