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    Riot Shield Tweak

      I think the riot shield needs a tweak done to it but this is not a buff or a nerf reall. Just a change in how it works and is meant to be used. The idea of the tweak is that either after a set period of time a palced riot shield will unlock and fall over, forcing the player to pick it back up and reset place it again. The other possible adjusment would be to give a damage limit before falling over. That after it takes a certain amount of damage it drops and has to be picked up and reset.


      A possilbe addition to either one of these tweaks is to make it where once it falls over it cannot be reset for that life time; that it can only be carried from that point on until death. So a player has to think about when they set it and how long it has been set.


      This would make it more for limited engagments and less for camping it would still be useful for periods of time but not a simple set and head glitch emplacement like it can be used in its current form for extended periods of time like currently used by many players.


      No this is not a rant becaue I have died to it too many times, just a change that would make the game flow better when the riot shield was being used as a temp defense and not a perm defense until the player died.

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          That's obviously a nerf, and from what I understand in certain game modes the shield can be destroyed. Once they are destroyed it doesn't even appear that you can pick them back up.


          Campers have a place in the game whether anyone believes it or not and we need a LOT LESS intervention from people trying to force others to play with their playstyle.


          I get so tired of people saying to take out sniper rifles, random OP weapon, and etc. so that everyone plays the same way as me.


          There is a way to counter majority playstyles and assault shield is the least of my worries.

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            As a shield user, I don't feel like this change is needed.  I understand that it can be used as a portable head-glitch, but that's about the only thing it has going for it.  I've been head-glitched by a shield on a handful of occasions, and I've never felt like it was OP.  It's not like they are able to shoot through a hole in the shield.

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              Yea the headglitch thing can be annoying, but usually what I'll do is just aim at the top of the shield and wait for them to pop, almost always a guaranteed headshot. Yes, this is usually after I already died to them, but whatever. So few people do it on a regular basis and once it happens once you're aware of it and can usually counter it, so I don't really mind too much.

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                  I used the shield to level my pistols to diamond.  There was nothing OP about the shield.

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                    LOL I have a shield/LMG class just for this purpose and it only took a couple of times of that happening for me to switch to the side pop out when someone is preaimed at me lol. Good times though lol.

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                        if anything the riot shield is underpowered but i agree that 3arc was on some serious drugs when they created it so you can set it on the floor.

                        the portable headglitch has ended my streaks way to many times.


                        and camping isnt a style that should exist.

                        its like hey why show skill in a gunfight when i can just sit in a corner waiting and being completely useless to the entire team:D


                        demolition i see people running to an random corner and camp there while i get out there getting the bombs planted(same for domination and CTF)

                        camping has to go but i dont see a problem in defensive play.

                        set yourself up so you can cover the objective and hold down high trafic area.