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    New thought  - - - -  -Killcams and lag


      Now forgive my thought processes due to a stroke a few weeks ago, at least I cant now type pretty good. So forgive me if this dont make sense.


      One of the new regulars on this forum put up a good detailed video of the timing , etc of the killcam in the game. Too bad he disappeared.


      But he said stuff like the killcam has a certain amount of time before you get killed when the killcam begins and ends , etc.


      Now due to the fact the killcam does usually come up for at least half a second before most good players cancel it....


      Does some of the regulars here think the "rewinding of the killcam" causes some of this game to lag ? Change that I mean actual Xbox game lag and nt things like latency etc.


      I am assuming since BF3 shows the "present players killcam" that this causes little lag in the game compared to the 2.5 second the game has to rewind in COD.

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          I have battlefield 3 and play quite a bit but never see a killcam, only see the position of the guy who killed me in 3rd person.

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            I don't think so. There've been killcams for a while now so I wouldn't say that it's much of an issue. I think the overall level of the average person's internet is lower than it may have been some years ago. I went back and played MW2 a while ago and had the same connection issues that I had in MW3 and that game ran nearly flawless when it was fully populated.


            I think there is a wider range of connections now as well as less of a middle ground than there was before which creates such a disparity from game to game.

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              Last night i decided to jump on core DOM, being a HC player and wanting to get used to the scoring system as well as flag layouts for some maps. I noticed imediately that there was soo much more lag in core VS HC. Im not talking about length of timw to kill either, i mean honest to goodness lag. People shooting across my screen, teleporting, unable to move at time. I went to a HC game to see if it was my connection needing to be reset, and it played like butter. Thinking it was just a bad host so jumped back into core DOM. I must have went through 7 or so rooms usually playing it all the way before finding another. 2 were so bad i couldnt do it so i quit those lobbies. In one instance i saw a guy teleport towards the little qhite covered and sectioned walk way by B flag, laying down using a sniper i turned to fire at him from the grass next to the open window room over looking DOM flag. I could see his GT. All at once he was gone. I figured damn lag he went right through that walkway before i could even raise scope and fire. Next thing i know he jumps out the window and gets a free headshot. Like i said i could see his GT it was the same guy.


              Disgusted i quit for the night. It honestly made me just give up for a night. Thinking back on it now, it become so clear that it was the connections i ever had. It wasnt that way in HC? So why is it in core? This could well be whats happening.


              P.S. Sorry to hear about that man. I hope you get to feeling well soon.

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                  I call B.S on this one. I play core and I rarely see people teleporting. When I do its cause of a bad host or its one player with a terrible connection. I sometimes play with a guy that skips or teleports but its his terrible  connection.

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                      I dont know what you want me to tell you dude. Im not one for BSing people, and i can honestly say it what was happening on ky screen last night. Why or how i dont know. Though from perspective this theory could explain it. Is that me saying "aha! Thats what it was!" no it isnt. What it is me saying is i have expierenced interesting this in core that i have never expierenced in HC. Im sorry that upsets you so much guy...

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                    Changed some of post to "Does some of the regulars here think the "rewinding of the killcam" causes some of this game to lag ? Change that I mean actual Xbox game lag and nt things like latency etc."


                    to keep out the haters

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                        Best made plans...haters gonna hate lol

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                          I think I know what you mean here. Lag type 1 (Xbox): screen jitter, teleporting, ie visable lag. Lag type 2 (latency): the one which makes you feel like your behind the play or if lucky ahead.

                          Those who have read my posts in the past know that I converted to HC after 7 prestiges in Core (played Core almost exclusively in past Cods) - so I reckon I can give good feedback in regards to the differences in HC/Core. There is no doubt in my mind that HC has less lag, both types. But, sticking to your brief Starbuck Lag type 1 is caused by bad host or self inflicted (your own connection isn't passing data effectively). It's clearly exhasabated when extra data occurs - for instance when killstreaks are called in jittery screen occurs; it follows in my logic that Killcams have ability to induce lag - the game's thinking  . There is a lot less "thinking" going on in HC and thus it plays smoother.

                          Similarly to Killcams, Theatre has effects. From experience - in BO1 when I disabled Theatre less lag occurred, not much mind you, but enough for me to smh at BO2 not having the disable function.

                          Obviously when connectivity is high ( yours, host, and related to others) Lag type 1 disappears.

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                          may i wish you a speedy recovery with your stroke, i know they can have terrible consequences and are very difficult to spot especially minor ones.

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                            I think you are onto something and have often pondered this matter. Good thread. Btw It made perfect sense to me. S'pose our brains are wired the same


                            Also, wish you a speedy recovery. One good thing, you get to post more, which means I get to read more of your stuff over a red. Both of which I enjoy immensely