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        Warriors Disassembled #226

        Carnage rushes back into the room, a wicked smile plastered onto his face.

        Carnage: OOH I can’t wait any longer! I won’t wait any longer! I’m like a kid on Christmas Morning! Time to open my presents! Red,Blonde, or Black…Red, Blonde…or Black….Hmm….Oooh I can’t decide!

        The girls feel the tendrils loosening from their mouths.

        Gwen: Why are you always after us? Why do you want us?

        Carnage: I don’t really know. I see you and I have to have to have to HAVE to have you! It’s like I’m incomplete without you. You call to me…you make me feel, well…my friend here feel whole! Now, her

        He points to Laura

        Carnage: She just got in the way!

        He goes toward Laura and strokes her cheek with his finger, cutting her face.

        Carnage: I’m happy for that though!

        Carnage turns to MJ

        Carnage: And I feel some sort of attachment to you, too! I just…can’t describe it! Enough talk though! Time for my favorite part! If you feel the need, be sure to….

        Scream! Ha Ha Ha!

        The girls feel the tendrils tightening around them and expanding to cover them. They scream in terror as the red goo envelops them completely.

        Carnage: Oooooh the screams! It’s like music to my ears! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Mmmm….. Tasty! He he he HA HA HA HA! I’d say your goodbyes now! You won’t have another chance. Hm Hm Hm Ha!

        Suddenly, Cletus hears a monstrous voice inside his head.

        Carnage: Yeessssss…..Ms. Stacy! We have been searching for you! We need you…to become whole again

        Cletus: Huh?

        Carnage: She isssssss the sssssecccccrrrettt too ussss getting mooorre pooooowwwwer!

        Cletus: Sweet, then! I just want to be able to KILL everyone! What about the other two?

        Less important! But still, they will make a fine snack!

        Carnage feels something embed into his back

        Carnage: Hmm? What the-


        Carnage is sent flying into the wall. He turns around

        Carnage: YOU AGAIN?

        Prowler leaps at Carnage, holding a steel pipe over his head. Carnage recovers and smacks him away, sending him flying into the distance.

        Carnage: What an idiot!

        Carnage grabs him in midair and slams him into the walls multiple times forming large holes and dents.

        Carnage: How should I kill you? Decapitation? Disembowelment? Some other form of killing I looked up online a few minutes ago? Maybe I should feed on you too? Hmm…..

        Carnage continues to pummel Prowler, tossing him around like a ragdoll.

        Carnage: Decisions, Decisions. I don’t know. You’ve really become a nuisance and you deserve a slow, painful death. Yet, you look like you could be quite a delicious morsel! I’ve never tried this on a guy before though. Don’t know how it will work….


        Night Thrasher shoves his electrical staff into Carnage’s back, shocking him. This also causes the symbiotic cages surrounding the girls to begin to weaken and open up.

        Carnage recovers and kicks Night Thrasher away.

        Night Thrasher dodges a bunch of symbiotic daggers flung at him by carnage and shoots a taser-like weapon out of his gauntlets.

        Carnage, ripping off the Taser: That stung! I’m gonna tear out your eyeballs for that!

        Night Thrasher swings his fist at Carnage, landing a good hit in. Carnage retaliates by enlarging his fist and decking Dwayne as hard as he could, sending him flying away.

        Carnage: I’LL KILL YOU A-


        A red blur knocks Carnage through the wall. The red blur turns out to be a teenage boy with white hair, dressed in a red trenchcoat and brown pants. He also has a very large sword on his back. He gets up and takes a minute to stare at the scene. 3 girls held up by their ankles and arms in some sort of red rope, all unconscious. He sees to his sides a man in purple on the ground breathing heavily and some guy in a suit of armor getting up off the ground.

        ???: Now THIS looks like my kind of party! Hello, ladies…

        The teenager whistles at the three girls in a form of a cat call.

        Dante: the name’s Dante.

        Just as Dante turns to leave

        Carnage: I’ll kill you for that!

        Dante: Well someone is taking his little kinky party a little too seriously! And what’s with that outfit? You need to dress with a little more

        Dante pulls out two pistols from inside his trenchcoat

        Dante: Style!

        Carnage leaps at Dante, who kicks him, flips over him and then smacks him in the back of the head with one of his pistols. With this blow stunning Carnage, Dante then grabs him by the neck and spins him like a top. Dante then sends Carnage flying out of the power plant and into the air.

        Dante: Oops. That wasn’t NEARLY stylish enough. Oh well…better go get that paycheck!

        Night Thrasher: Hm, you have some skill, Mr. Dante.

        Dante: Just call me Dante, dude! If you are done with your little kink party then I’d get those ladies down. They look like they’ve had enough.

        Night Thrasher: Kink…party?

        Dante: Forget it. Not my place to get involved in people’s personal lives. Anyway, if ya need any demonic creatures taken care of, I’ll do it. But I don’t work for free. Peace!

        Dante throws a business card onto the ground.

        A very loud guttural screech is heard outside the power plant.

        Dante: Oops, duty calls. See ya!

        He runs out of the power plant through the huge hole in the wall he made.

        Night Thrasher runs over to the girls. He quickly but gently cuts them down from their bonds

        Night Thrasher: Gwen, MJ, Laura! Wake up!

        -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------

        Nick Fury stands solemnly and alone at the top of the Helicarrier, looking over the horizon. He sighs in sadness and touches his earpiece.

        Fury: Any news from Barton or Maya on Spider-man and Shadowcat? Nothing?

        Fury clicks off the device

        Fury: This is my fault. They were too young….I pushed them too hard. Made a team of kids take on problems bigger than them. I think it might be time to disband the Warriors….. They are way too young to be doing this type of thing.

        Fury beeps his earpiece again

        Fury: Bring the Warriors to the base.

        -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------

        A teenager with slicked back hair and a blue trenchcoat walks along the streets of New York holding a hilted blade in one of his hands. He stops and closes his eyes.

        ???: My brother is near. He will try to stop me from what I have to do. I need more power!

        ???: Vergil!

        Vergil looks back to see who called his name.

        Vergil: Hmm? Who are you?

        A long-haired man dressed in a pure white ninja gi with a long, double-sided blade on his back stands in an attack position.

        Hien: My name is Hien! And you cannot live any longer, Son of Sparda!

        Vergil: Foolish man, do you not know the power of a Son of Sparda?

        Hien: You’re father banished my master, the kind peaceful ruler of Earth. The one who kept the world from destroying itself through war!

        Vergil: You are terribly misinformed, Hien. However, you are in my way and I will destroy you!

        Hien: You underestimate me! My skill level is more than a match for yours!

        The two men unsheathe their swords and rush at each other.

        Vergil teleports behind Hien, and then slashes his sword at him. Hien blocks the shot with his own blade and kicks Vergil back before back flipping and slashing at him in midair. Vergil blocks with his blade and rushes forward at Hien, faster than the eye could see. As Vergil sheathes the blade, several slashes are heard cutting through the air from where he rushed by. Hien breaks apart of his blade apart and throws it at Vergil, who catches the blade in midair by the hilt. Vergil stops and studies the blade.

        Vergil: Peculiar sword. I must admit, you have some skill, but your style seems to be riddled with gimmicks.

        Hien: GIMMICKS?

        Hien rushes forward with the other half of his blade.

        Hien, angrily: I am a wielder of a Cypher! The most powerful blade in existence! I am the strongest Strider there is!

        Vergil blocks the strike with his own blade, tossing the other piece of the Cypher on the ground: A Strider? I thought they were myths. Of course, some people believe me to be a myth as well.

        Hien: Your father ruined this world! But my master is returning. This world is consumed with death and destruction. My master will bring this world to ORDER!

        Hien flips backwards and grabs the other part of the Cypher. He lands in a crouch.

        Hien: I will show you my POWER!

        Hien roars in anger as he rushes forward, his skin and suit turning darker .

        Vergil attempts to block the attack but Hien teleports and strikes from behind. Vergil leaps back and stands.

        Vergil: You hide your true strength until now? Why do you hesitate to embrace your hidden power?

        Vergil changes form himself, turning into a demonic looking creature. The two swordsmen rush at each other in the air and strike, both moving faster than the eye could track. After a long and brutal sword fight Hien falls to the ground, his dark form fading back to white.

        Vergil returns to his human form.

        Vergil: I ask again. Why do you hide your strength? Why are you afraid to embrace your power?

        Hien teleports away

        Vergil: The Striders are real. This revelation might prove to be a useful one. Are the Striders followers of the Lord of Chaos? The Strider was misinformed greatly. Yet, this fight has cost me precious time and strength. I do know Dante will be coming, and I must prepare for his arrival.

        To Be Continued


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          Almost a month will no new USM or TBR?

          Something is coming for both of them. Involved in a collaboration with two people right now. Also...college. Look for some new stuff soon

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            I started reading this fanfic & it's awesome

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              Thank you, kind sir.

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                Thanks, he worked hard on it. I just took over after a while.

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