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    Has gameplay on Black Ops 2 slowed down?


      While playing COD:BO2 this past week, I have been getting my butt handed to me on a silver platter overall. Since this game came out, I always felt BO2 has been one of the more faster paced COD games. A lot more people were running around and with the spawns the way they are, staying in one spot tended to get the enemy to spawn behind you to easily tear you apart.


      I have seen plenty of threads and comments saying BO2 doesn't require too much brains to play. In fact, a lot of players complain that the developers only paid attention to the run-n-gunners and gave campers the shaft. I felt this was true until this week.


      To me, the game seems to be slowing down. I'm running into more run-n-gunners are not running around like chickens with their heads cut off and I am running into more strategic campers. I am now running around maps, having to check every corner now while also watching out for some guy to jump out of a 2nd floor room to spray me down.


      My theory is that the community is getting smarter (in terms of gameplay) and has started to adapt to playstyles more and playing more strategic. This is not to say you won't just have a nutty game where everyone is running every where with C4, grenades and LMGs and SMGs while shotgunners are jumpin' around and whatnots. You know what I mean.


      Do you feel the game is also slowing down? Also, what kind of strategies are you using more these days? Like I said, I am getting handed my butt a lot. Any tips would be great. I play HCKC mostly and I am wondering if that is playing into my thoughts also.


      (This is not an anti-playstyle thread and I respect all ways of playing as long as it is not against Treyarch's rules)

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          I feel like I am after slowing down my gameplay to what it used to be in my smg days.

          I am now using my LMG's and AR's to get them diamond.

          About 10 minutes ago I got my VSAT, K9 and Swarm on hijacked using the LSW LMG.

          I capped home flag, then B, fell back and played slow. I let them come to me, as I know is going to happen. Up the ladder to spawn trap, only for me to have a claymore there and they are dead.

          In the front door only for me to be there with my LMG and they are dead. I also use scavenger so I can resupply my claymores etc.

          Trust me, playing defensive works, most the time. Because there will always be rushers.

          Yes they will call you a camper, but I really couldn't care less. It keeps my team from getting spawn trapped and shot in the back etc.

          But overall I don't notice massive slowing down in gameplay, but I myself have slowed my game down

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              Exactly this, I am seeing more players like you. When I play more defensively, I do great but don't grab as many tags but I love winning so much that I keep running out for tags and get nailed. It seems to me players are playing smarter.


              Thanks for your input.

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                  See I play alot of dom. I absolutely suck at KC lol.

                  When I play KC i run for tags and get shot. I'm useless lol. I don't have a clue of spawns and get shot in the back etc lol.

                  But I played a game of KC on yemen with some forum members a little while back. I ended up getting my K9 out and got sniped one off swarm. But that game I slowed myself down. I didn't get every tag when I got a kill, because it wasn't safe to do so.

                  So I waited to collect a tag until I thought it was safe to do so. Other times I used to play it and just run for the tag. I'm admitting, I was horrible at playing it lol. If not bottom on my team I wouldn't be far off it.

                  But I would say that it is after slowing down(i mean the gameplay in general) a little bit over the last few weeks, but you still will get the games where it is all out in your face battle lol

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                  LMAO! Shhhhhhh, don't let them know about the claymore above the engine room ladder! I love doing that. I started off with the AR's so my playstyle has never been running through the middle spraying. I find it comical that so many "campers everywhere" threads were coming out towards the beginning of the game and now it's not spammed anymore. Funny how people's views change when they actually step into the shoes of defensive play and see how effective it can be!


                  Personally, you have more time to think through your strategy when playing defensive so you make less mistakes.

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                      LOL. I just better hope I don't come up against anyone that reads this forum theen lol.

                      But yep, that claymore gets me kills you wouldn't believe. I went 38-0 on that hijacked game just an hour ago from playing defensive. If I equipped the smg and ran around more I would have died alot lol.

                      So I do actually think people are smarting up a bit, playing more cautious and defensive.

                      When I first started using my LMG, and playing defensive I was like " this should be fun, i'm gonna be crap " .

                      Then the game started and I was like " wow, this LMG is ripping through the rushers "

                      I have nothing against rushers or campers at all, it don't bother me either way but it is amazing how they rip through people when playing defensive lol

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                          I used a token on the claymore on my second prestige and man, couple that with Scavenger and you make MANY people rage! lol Except when you run into that one person using engineer and the PDA, then it's back to watching your back.


                          I have nothing against rushers either, in fact, I would like more targets, I mean rushers out there.

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                      I'm finding less people are running UAVs, I don't see them as much as I use to. The last few weeks of November to the first few weeks of December I was shooting down 10+ UAVs a game in DOM. Now I don't ever run Ghost because its not as important.


                      Also, more people are using odd ball setups like LMGs and Snipers. While they can be mobile its not nearly as quick as the SMG/Shotgun phase people were into in the beginning.


                      So I do think the game has slowed down, however, I don't think its slowed down all the much. I still get in matches where I'm spawning on a different side of the map every few dozen seconds. I'm also seeing more people place TIs and just spawnkilling now that they've figured out how the spawn systems work

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                        Definitly the game has / is slowing down, players are more strategic and less chaotic. The way this game should have been.

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                          It's funny that you mention this because last night for the first time I played a CTF game that ended in double OT with neither side ever capping even one flag for the whole match.  Both teams had a minimum of 4 guys watching the flags the whole time.  I was one of the very few even attempting to get a flag but by the time that I would have the first four guys cleared out, they would start respawning and eventually take me down before I could get away.  This obviously is an extreme example but there is a lot more slow play going on in BO2 nowadays as a rule.  Likely because people are long since done with maxing out their SMGs and have finally started to learn how to use the ARs and LMGs.  As a result they are finding out that there really are advantages to these other classes.  I would expect this trend to continue.

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                              I think so too, its almost turning into a new game and I am having to reteach myself strategies that I normally use. I am also seeing more HCKC games going to time limit because there is just no way to get all the tags with the way everyone is playing but I am also seeing higher kill counts. Are you noticing that also on CTF?

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                                  I'd say overall there is a trend towards higher kills in the objective gamemodes.  It's not largely different from before but for instance it's not such a rarity for me to see a couple of guys going 60 or 70 kills in DOM now whereas those numbers where extreme rarities in the early days.  At least in my lobbies anyway   You've still got your guys out there that are playing balls to the wall but they are struggling to go positive more often than not from what I see.  I ran into a group on Carrier that were going full on speed and CQC classes.  They rushed my team which was more geared for distance fighting and quite frankly overwhelmed us at first because we weren't expecting such an aggressive attack.  But once we realized what they were doing, we quickly turned things around on them and kept them triple capped for the better part of the match because for all their speed, they couldn't get close enough to us to effectively use it.  My team walked away with some pretty good kds and they were left somewhere around 0.5 or less.

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                                I kind of agree and kind of disagree. If you're playing in a public match with/against a party then I think gameplay slows waaaay down.


                                For example: I mostly play Dom. If I'm playing with/against a party then I can garuntee you there's at least one guy in that party who's EXTREMELY insistent on a particular strategy. That will usually result in everyone in that party playing a certain way (usually sitting on 'B' and not going for the triple-cap).


                                That turns a game of Dom into a much different animal than a truly random public match, with people running around doing whatever the hell they want. In some ways it's easier (less map for you to deal with) in other ways harder (the other team knows where you are alll the time).


                                I haven't noticed a slow-down in the truly random, public lobbies though.