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      So if you havnt heard, this is most likely going to be the next call of duty, as we have heard. Please leave some comments below telling me what you want to see from this next upcomming call of duty game. Sure its just the next cod, but we all know we will get it anyways. Also, leave some comments on what you would want to see from the next treyarch game, (new consoles).


      They must already be working on it so im not going to give my opinion on Call of Duty Ghosts. I will give some of my opinions on how the entire game should work tho.


      1: i would like campaign and Co-op to effect the multiplayer side of things a bit more.. like in battle field for example, playing through different difficulties and co-op missions will unlock you more weapons and variety in multiplayer.


      2: basically more guns (100+) to constantly be unlocking.


      3: constant new kill streaks and score streaks, and objective streaks. (no support stealth bombers and emps)


      4: i would like the sam turret to return, i would like a 3-5 kill/score streak to be implemented for the team, so they can restock on ammo, this would give between 50-100 score per re stock.( works once with all players on the same team). Also the harriers were awesome aswell.


      5: NO MORE QUICK SCOPING. Time and time again i run into someone that peeks around a corner and kills me instantly because they have better lag comp then i do. A heavy sniper rifle should have low mobility and should not be able to out gun an AR or a SMG.


      6: Enough with the bull crap bullet spread with these light machine guns, and basically every other gun out there when you spray. If it was up to me( which it isnt, dont flame me) I would take crosshairs out of the game since bullets seem to fly in all directions when shooting a weapon. Bullet spraying should generaly stay in the same local area, and with human trial and error, the sprayed weapon will eventually even its self out.


      7: Call of duty, since call of duty 4 modern warfare has been based around perks and i think thats getting out of hand now. I feel so limited to the existing mechanics when i basically need a perk to say i have more ammo or more run or even smaller crosshairs.


      8: In stead of having perks, make it all about the weapon and the soldier. The more you play with that weapon and soldier type, the better your soldier gets. This takes place of the prestige and the perks. for 1000 kills with said weapons, you unlock quicker reload, and upon 10000 kills with that weapon, you unlock the quickest way to reload your gun. This works with everything replacing all perks. Jump up 1000 boxes/crates/obsticales, you unlock a faster soldier, get over 10000 and you eventually unlock the quickest way to get around. Spray with your weapon (1000 kills) your permanent accuracy gets better and so on with 10000.


      9: The game gets very old with prestiging and useing the same weapons over and over. It becomes so purposeless after getting to master prestige in a month of 2 double xp weekends. Aquireing new kill streaks/score streaks and things to support your team should always be fresh. This should come with the game, not dlc. Camo for weapons should also be harder to get and should actually take a long time to get.


      10: Take away tactical insertions, simple as that, all i see are people cheating for camos, which is pathetick considering it takes away the entire purpose of the game.


      11: i would like to be able to run for more then 3 seconds with at least a AR or smg or shotgun. My thumb is pretty much broken from pressing down the anolog stick. In my opinion the run should last wayy longer then the games at the moment are representing it.


      12: chained kill streaks could go either way for me, sure no 1 likes camping but i beleive theres room for chained kill streaks and score streaks. This idea would go to the devs, considering they change it every year anyways.


      13: Take away care packages. They have ruined call of duty since modern warfare 2. Its not fair at all that chance has something to do with winning or loseing. Getting a 4-5 kill streak and useing engineer to even re roll it is super over powered. Replace this with "ammo crate" This support streak can chain your score allowing you to get closer to your next.


      14: Hardline should go, it doesnt affect the player, but more about the streaks. Streaks should always require the same amount to get them. People probably dont like choosing between ghost/hardline and flakjacket/hardline.Ghost should be taken away and added to the soldiers natural progression. If ghost is going to work the way it does in black ops 2, then its better off a part of the soldier.


      15: The LAG needs to go.... dedicated servers would in general solve this terrible issue.


      16: Spawn killing and bad spawns need to go aswell. In general make larger maps or atleast a small base area the enemy can not go into... i know it sounds like battle field... but thats because battle field got alot of this stuff right.


      if necessary i will make updates on this thread and edits through out, also i will add more if i see fit.


      How i would like game modes to work



      • If ghosts or the 11th cod has score streaks again: i would like TDM to work like this: saving a teammate from death (getting shot at) rewards the savior with 200 score. Assists for tdm should stay the same at +50. As (surridge1990) said in the comments tdm should be who gets the most kills with in 10 minutes... it would be a great improvment to tdm and i think that it would make the mode a whole lot more fun.
      • Defending a captured flag in domination should give 150 score instead of 125. That way it gives people more incentive to get people off of their flag. 125 just isnt enough and for it to even count you would need 4 defender kills to get that 1 extra 100 score.
      • Capture kills should stay the same at 200 along with capture the flag.
      • Demolition worked out pretty nice giving 200 for planting the bomb and 300 for the person who let the bomb explode. Getting someone off the bomb (person planting it) gets 175 currently and why not just push that up to 200 score?
      • Im a little stumped when it comes to free for all, but maybe you guys can give me suggestions on how you could get more then 100 score per kill?
      • Kill confirmed at first made me happy because retreving the tag actually counted towards your streak as if it was a kill. But then i noticed it should be changed since you only get 50 for the kill and 100 for the tag and teammates would steal your tags making your total kill only worth 75. IT should in my eyes be an even 75-75. The kill is worth 75, the player who got the tag should get 75 and the person who got the kill should get 75 aswell. so in all the player should be getting 150 for the kill if a team mate got the tag.
      • I dont play sabotage at all since the timer is rediculous but if you want me to suggest something, put it in the comments.
      • Headquarters works fairly good for the most part with the 200 per capture kill, but i beleive that for every kill you get defending the hq should offer 150 instead since most of your teammates will be dead for the duration of it being recaped.
      • Hardpoint should be random and not specific areas in order. + 200 for the first person in it is incentive so thats ok. But for every kill in the hard point should also offer 150 score. I dont know why but i feel that its alot better when it comes to these rediculously high score streaks.


      Thats all for now, hope you enjoy these ideas and ill add more if i come up with anything new.


      AND ofcourse if you liked these ideas, be sure to leave a (like) below.

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          1. Re: CALL OF DUTY "GHOSTS" Ideas

          Yes, enough with the magical perks! I like your idea of having your soldier earn perks but don't make them magical! Get rid of the prestige system, time for something new. Get rid of streaks, make this game about guns.

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            2. Re: CALL OF DUTY "GHOSTS" Ideas

            CoD soldiers defiately need more PT. How did these guys get through basic training? Their legs cramp up after sprinting three meters. What kind of soldier is that?

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              3. Re: CALL OF DUTY "GHOSTS" Ideas

              Some good ideas in there, a bunch of them seem to be BF3 idea's but even still they would work well in this game.  the quick scopping is a huge issue hopefully that is fixed.

              I do like the idea of playing with one set (ie solider or weapon etc) and you level it up. That would be a good addition but I would be suprised to see that in there!

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                4. Re: CALL OF DUTY "GHOSTS" Ideas

                1. No. (personnaly play sp) but you can't force people to play other gamemodes to get progress in other gamemode)

                2. No. There are a few stats that work within the balance factor.

                More guns means:

                - underpowerd guns

                - overpowerd guns

                - guns with same stats only other skin

                3. Less kill/score streaks. And they should be more support based.

                4. yes

                5. yes

                6. crosshairs out oke.

                7. less perks yes

                8. No. why boosters

                9. Most people can do all the weapons until master prestige. Most people will not even get there.

                I got 7 weapons gold and prestige 6.

                10. yes

                11. yes

                12. no chaining. Only your kills and objective xp should count.

                13. love the cp.






                Add a speargun

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                  5. Re: CALL OF DUTY "GHOSTS" Ideas

                  So I would like way more customization....like custom camos and custom soldier dudes and more weapon attatchments. And the cod campaign sucks!!!!!!!! So I hope they totally remake the campaign gameplay. Like make it all about stealth. Sorta like the metal gear style campaign would be sick.


                  And as for survival mode. I hope they make similar to zombies where it has its own maps, characters and story. I would like dat. And mw3 mp maps were trash. Thy we're basically all cities:p so I hope they make the maps more special.

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                    6. Re: CALL OF DUTY "GHOSTS" Ideas

                    So I would like way more customization....like custom camos and custom soldier dudes and more weapon attatchments. And the cod campaign sucks!!!!!!!! So I hope they totally remake the campaign gameplay. Like make it all about stealth. Sorta like the metal gear style campaign would be sick.


                    And as for survival mode. I hope they make similar to zombies where it has its own maps, characters and story. I would like dat. And mw3 mp maps were trash. Thy we're basically all cities:p so I hope they make the maps more special.

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                      7. Re: CALL OF DUTY "GHOSTS" Ideas

                      I'm starting early with my complaints: CODG is the worse COD EVER!! It's worse than BOPS2 and has more lag!!!! Fix the lag comp.Glad to get that off my chest.

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                        8. Re: CALL OF DUTY "GHOSTS" Ideas

                        First off, before you read my enormous suggestion list, think about this.. don't you like a pretty gun?? or at least being unique and different in the lobby while having a functional gun? well that's why this list is so extensive.. weapons from nearly every popular gun manufactuer and of every style (Also i forgot "Machine pistol" list because some machine pistols got lost in the standard pistol list and the SMG list).. who care's right.. <- Oh yeah and lethals and tacticals


                        few more things, real perks need to come back, call of duty is call of duty.. perks and all, keep it that way..


                        to solve other random problems add special restricted game modes like FFA w/ no killstreaks and S&D snipers only or demolition w/ absolutely no tac insert ever..


                        I like the gun ranking idea though.. but very MoH if you ask me


                        @dtuchounk: duplicate gun stats under a different cloak is just about real as it get's, people like myself like personalization, we like a certain gun even though the other gun is exactly the same..


                        so speaking of better customization I agree @Thejoekerr, we need character customization, attachments need to dramatically change weapon appearance, camos must be extensive, maybe for a small fee you can upload your own camos.. and take a page out of the Treyarch playbook and add even more weapons to camouflage like lethals and maybe you can apply diff camos from the gun to attachments to add a collage style to your gun, and one last thing you could like, choose what type of knife you want to use, maybe you want to use a hatchet, or a standard combat knife, or a machete..






                        Assault Rifles:










                        Galil SAR






                        SA58 or Ak-5c or FAL ACE

                        Mk17 Scar-H


                        Mk14 EBR

                        Sig 550 (551,552,553,556)

                        Daewoo K11

                        ZM LR-300






                        XM8 (M8A1)










                        M27 IAR

                        L86 LSW


                        PKP Pecheneg


                        AUG HBAR


                        Stoner 96





                        Daewoo K12











                        KRISS Vector


                        AS "Val"

                        Magpul PDR


                        CZSCORPION EVO III

                        OFB MSMC

                        SITES Spectre M4


                        B&T APC

                        Daewoo K7

                        COLT 9mm









                        FN Herstal Ballista

                        Barrett M98B

                        M39 EBR

                        Cheytac M200 "Intervention"

                        Armalite AR-50

                        Dragunov SVU

                        Barret M107

                        Remington M40A5

                        Accuracy International L118A1/L96A1

                        Remington MSR

                        Remington RSASS

                        McMillan TAC-50



                        Accuracy International AS50

                        B&T APR 338

                        Knights SR-25

                        Serbu BFG-50A







                        Armsel Striker





                        Mossberg 500

                        Remington 870 MCS







                        SRM M1216

                        UTAS UTS-15

                        Serbu SUPER-SHORTY





                        Smith&Wesson Model 26 (44 Magnum)

                        Colt .357 "Python"

                        Daewoo DP-51

                        SIG-Sauer SIG Pro


                        Intratec TEC-9

                        Kel-Tec PMR-30

                        Colt M1911


                        IzhMech MP-446

                        FN Herstal Five-seveN

                        Glock 18

                        FN Herstal FNP-45

                        H&K Mk23 Mod.0

                        H&K Tac.45

                        Walther P99

                        IMI Desert Eagle

                        Beretta 93R

                        Beretta M9








                        ATK XM25

                        ATK AT4

                        M72A6 LAW

                        SAAB Carl Gustaf M3 MAAWS

                        9K38 Igla/SA-24 Grinch

                        FIM-92 Stinger

                        M320 GLM

                        SMAW II

                        FGM-148 Javelin

                        Type 01 LMAT


                        [EDIT] I Must make a note that many of these weapons are newest..


                        Most are the latest and most advanced variants for instance the versions of the FAL, GALIL, DRAGUNOV, and M14


                        some guns are LSW, LMG, "Heavy" variants of AR's


                        same goes w/ some SMG's


                        and finally some are prototype weapons such as the XM8, HAMR, and the Daewoo K12

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                          9. Re: CALL OF DUTY "GHOSTS" Ideas

                          Such a big list and not even the best lmg so far in the cod series the RPD.


                          Personally there is no need for a lot of guns. People will stick to one or two anyway's.

                          As kill/score streak rewards


                          So they should be like in BO2 score based. And only kill score, assist score and objective score should count.

                          And then there should be less




                          sentry gun/sam site

                          Airstrike 3 area's slightly larger area's / mortar strike 5 area's smaller area's. (both for example 750 damage)

                          Hovering heli / hovering harrier

                          Napalm strike. Less damage longer duration / carpet bombing more damage short duration. (in total napalm does same damage as the carpet bombing

                          2 types of  "gunships" 1 quick firing less damage 1 slow firing more damage (same damage can be done in same time)

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