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      I got an idea for a GAMEMODE.



      DEAD SILENCE: it is 2v2. Teams are either CDC vs CIA or CONVICTS vs GUARDS


      OBJECTIVE: Get to a certain point in the map without attracting to much zombies. All zombies are in the sleeping phase as if hit by an EMP. Both teams have different goal points to get to. You have no weapon and must survive the way through and try to wake the least around of,zombies.. At the end whoever has the least zombies chasing them or least deaths is the winner.



      POWER UPS:


      Silence: Whatever team picks it up can sprint and move with no sound for 20 seconds. They will alert no zombies.


      Bell: whover picks it up gains a teddy with a bell attached to it. If thrown at an opponent all zombies around him will awaken and chase him while the bell rings. When the bell stops they will fall back asleep. If thrown at the ground all zombies will awaken near the bell  and chase everyone until the bell stops.


      Shockwave: Once gotten all zombies disappear and reappear in a new location.






      Their are traps all over that can lock opponents in rooms and cause loud noises


      Spooky ambient music plays throughout just like mob of the dead but more current and louder.


      Sometimes Samantha's lullaby will play at a very low tone and slow tempo. Same with Where are we going?


      You play on full maps. All doors open.


      Slow and steady wins the race!