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      Does anyone wish for the old style of Ghost to return?


      I think due to UAV spam and the fact ghost only benefits Run and Gunners it serious has damaged clasess that are slower such as LMGs, Snipers and people who don't like Running and Gunning.


      I went back to MW3 today and I had so much fun without having to run and gun. I use a sniper and had fun because when I heard "Enemy UAV above" I continue sitting picking off the enemy. I used an LMG class and wasn't being outgunned by SMG users at long ranges.


      Seriously, I wasn't camping, I was playing the game how I want to play it.


      Anyone who gets this game have every single right to play how they want to play as long as it doesn't break the TOS.


      Ghost has ruined my most love style of play which is sniping and being a mobile sniper isn't always fun because sometimes to be at a range advantage and get a good sight on where the enemy are spawnning you can't run around.




      Because I'm sick of playing like a run and gunner and I'm sick of showing up on radar when I choose not to run.





      I'm sick of this game. Diversirty is gone from Black Ops 2.


      Everything in this game is designed for Run and Gun.

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          This what the developers wanted a RnG game noone forces you to play. Ghost was change for the exact reason you stated you like hiding with Lmg. Noobs like you cry uav spam this is the easiest call of duty to shoot down a uav. I snipe when I hear enemy uav I take out my black hat & within secs boom destroyed back to sniping undetected

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              You start by saying I'm crying. This is exactly what's wrong with this community. We just mindlessly insult each other to show we disagree.


              I am merely pointing out that previous CoDs were very sucessful such as MW2, WAW, COD4, they all had the UAV jamming perk and it worked well. It was balanced. BhO1 ghost was balanced and MW3 was either balanced/unbalanced depending on the way you view it but honestly it wasn't game breaking.

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              FHJ and SMAW take out UAVs and light machine guns with FMJ work wonders. I feel the only way people will stop complaining about ghost/UAVs either way is to take out UAVs altogether

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                If I had designed the game I would have left ghost as it was, and added that you were hidden from Orbital Vsats.  But, I would have added a new perk that enables ghost users to appear on the mini map.

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                  No it isn't, you think TF, betties and shock charges, trophy systems, riot shields for worm squirs, etc. are designed for rushing.

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                    You dont have to run to stay off radar, just move. If i have to post up for a bit, i'll just strafe around on the spot. Some noobs...

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                      lmgs and snipers don't need more help

                      you can still camp in the back of the map, but i'm sorry that you actually need to use a fraction of what's called situational awareness
                      assassin pro was probably the most imbalanced perk from any cod ever made, it was virtually mandatory considering how useful it was compared to everything else

                      you're joking if you're still getting outgunned by smg's with an lmg at range, it shouldn't happen and is entirely your own fault if it does

                      on the contrary, the mp7 in mw3 is still completely dominant even at range

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                        I have to agree with OP.  I really dislike that I have to moving around in order for Ghost to work when enemy has a UAV up.  If I'm flanking towards the enemy with Ghost and I have to take cover behind something to get a better advantage when shooting, or maybe there is jut way too many enemies to take out at once, why should I pop up on radar just because I stopped moving?  With Ghost, it feels like I'm forced to play a run-and-gun style.  Instead of taking cover, waiting untilI have a better chance at a gun fight when there aren't as many enemies around, I'm forced to either double back and risk getting shot from behind or continue to keep moving and hope I am either not noticed to I can take them out. 


                        As for those saying just shoot down the UAV or whatever, I do that but the problem is I don't always have FHJ rockets or Black Hats available-depending on class I'm using or if I've used them all. 


                        Honestly, in this game, Ghost is not the class people camp with.  There are so many other better classes to camp with in this game and tools to use when you camp that you don't need Ghost. 


                        I do like the fact that the seperated they benefits of Ghost from BO1 into different perks.  BO1 Ghost did so many things that made it powerful: No seen on radar (except on VSAT), not detected by Sentry Guns or Choppers, no red diamonds from Chopper Gunners, no name above head, and no red reticles when aiming at you.  Keep that as is in BO2.  Force us to use the pick 10 system, but the having to move around to stay hidden is just lame.  If anything, force us to pop up on radar if we stay in one area too long, not the instant we stop moving.